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Unleash the Power of You - Your Life Will Never Be the Same

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1844 Forest Ave

1844 Forest Avenue

Portland, ME 04103

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Unlock the Power Within You - Two Day Live Event

You can unlock the power within and transform your entire life. Presented by an amazing speaker and transformational wizard, Kevin Fournier! He is better known as the "wizzard"

An Extraordinary Life Requires Extraordinary Power

Have you ever wanted more from your life? Massive business success? Exploding sales? Passionate relationships? A new relationship? Become a better parent? Tons of energy, and a new passion for life? And, the power to create an extraordinary life? Would you like to transform your entire life?

You don't have to settle for less than you deserve and desire. And you don’t have to suffer anymore!

Success means having the power to create the life you deserve and desire. Becoming successful is not an accident! Success is NOT a matter of experience, education, intelligence, or luck. Many people struggle for years to be successful only to end up old, broke and alone. They never learn the tools and strategies of how to become successful. No one taught them how to use the power within.

Most people don’t even know they have this power. Most don’t know how to use their power. Almost no one knows how powerful they really are. People who know how to use their power are the most rich and powerful people on the planet. People like Oprah, Will Smith, and Dalai Lama.

People who don’t have control of their power seem to struggle all of their life. Most people are not happy and are not making the amount of money they want. Most people don't have the business/career, money, health, energy, relationships they want. Many people have bad habits that they are powerless to control. Like eating, smoking, drinking, gambling and more. Too many people suffer from real problems which they can't solve and don’t think anyone could ever help them solve.

The biggest difference between someone who’s homeless and the richest, most powerful people is how these people use their personal power. You have the power within you. You just haven’t learned to use it yet.

Where do you find this power? You can transform it all and become more powerful than you can possibly imagine right now. You have yet to discover how powerful you are.


People who go to my events have realized massive shift in all aspect of their life. They have realized a dramatic increase in their happiness, confidence, performance and power. They begin to succeed like never before with less stress and frustration. Some have become 10X more successful than before. When you learn how to use these powerful transformational tools, you unleash the power to succeed even beyond your current expectations.

This event is about Real Transformation! Information alone will not change your life. You need real transformational tools, so you can easily and effortlessly transform your life. You will learn the most powerful strategies for reinventing everything in your life, so you can create the life of your dreams.

Your Entire Life Can Sky Rocket Like Never Before!

If you keep doing the same things, you'll keep getting the same results! For things to change, you need to learn a new technology that will allow you to transform it all. Most people don't have the life they want because they don't know how. Because everyone has the same basic neurology, anyone can learn how to be one of the most successful people on the planet.

You Will Have a Life Transforming Experience!

Kevin's events are like no others! They are extremely powerful, positive, and energetic. There will be music, dancing, and fun. You'll meet like-minded positive people who are also on the path to creating an extraordinary life. You'll play games and do exercises that help you learn these transformational techniques even deeper. You are going to have the time of your life while transforming your life.

When you go to this event, this is what you'll get out of it

Unleash the Power of You:

Take total control over your entire life. We can let the world control us or we can assert our power and take control. When you take control of your destiny, you will find yourself in a more amazing place than you ever expected. You can become an unstoppable powerful force who can create the life of your dreams!

The Power to Transform Your Life:

Information alone won't change your life. This event is packed full of amazing and proven techniques. So, you have total control of your mind and thinking, and the power to succeed like never before. I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how to use your power and transform your life! If I can do it, you can do it!

Renew Your Passion:

Remember a time when you were totally passionate? Get excited about your life again! Jump out of bed excited about the prospect of a new day? Have more energy than you ever had before? Re-ignite your passion for life again!

Become the Person You've Always Wanted

Imagine what you would be like if you become the person you've always wanted to become? You can become that person! Totally confident, absolutely positive, massively successful, and more. You can totally reinvent yourself. You can become the person who can have the life of your dreams.

Become Unstoppable:

You have the power to have anything you want. When you have totally control of your power, you can have it all. The Business, Career, Relationships, Energy & Passion. Nothing will stop you from the life you truly deserve and desire.

Proven Success Strategies:

To get the life you want, you must learn the strategies of the most successful people on the planet. I'll teach you exactly what you need to do to create the life of your dreams. Life is too short to settle for a life you don't absolutely love!

100% Money Back Guarantee:

I am here to help! Many have said “I don’t think that it will work for me” If you are human, these techniques will work for you. But, if for some reason, you life is not totally transformed, I’ll be more than happy to give you your money back.

Don’t Miss Out!

Don't miss out on the life you truly deserve and desire. This event has limited seating and may sell out! There has never been an event like this in Maine before and most likely never will again. Don’t miss out on the one event that could totally transform your life!

Who is Kevin Fournier?

Kevin Fournier, better known as the "wizzard" because of the miracle transformation he's inspired in others.

Kevin didn’t start out with this power. He had to learn how to use my power and he discovered a life-transforming technology that totally changed his entire life! And Now, almost everyone that he’s worked with has realized miracle life transformations.

Kevin earned a degree in psychology. He knew it's a person's psychology, above all else, that makes the difference in the quality and destination of a person's life. Once he realized that REAL life transformation is possible. He went back and got 8 more certifications in Life Transforming Psychology.

Kevin's events are fun and interactive. You'll participated in your transformation. It's a active process. There will be music, dancing and a spirit of positivity. You'll be having a ton of fun while you transform your life.

Kevin's Degrees and Certifications

Bachelor's of Art - Psychology

Masters Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Masters of Hypnosis

Masters Mental Emotional Release

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Certified Life Coach

Certified Robbins-Madonis Coaching

Speaking Empire Training

Masters NLP Trainer

Life is too short to settle for less than you truly deserve and desire.

Don’t Settle for Less! Take Back Your Life NOW!

Transform Your Life So You Can Create the Life You Absolutely Love.

Don’t miss out on this once in a life-time Opportunity.

When You Go to This Event, Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again!!!

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Date and Time


1844 Forest Ave

1844 Forest Avenue

Portland, ME 04103

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