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Ellis County Auto Repair

3643 U.S. 77

Waxahachie, TX 75165

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UnDaunted is an awesome outdoor event held in lot of Ellis County Auto. Find your teammates and come show what you have been training for with the greatest community on earth.

Divisions: 4 Person Co-ed (2 male, 2 Female) Rx and Scaled

RX Gold Division Payouts: 1st- $1000, 2nd - $500, 3rd - $250

Price: $275/Team
Entry Fee will get you a shirt and to compete in 3 WODs and a floater.

*If signed up after after April 7 a shirt cannot be guaranteed.

Spectator: $10

Wods: 3 WODs + Floater -- After first 2 workouts, teams will be placed in one of three classes within their respective divisions (Rx Gold, Rx Silver, Rx Bronze, same for scaled) There will be one more WOD + a floater to place sin top 5 of each class (gold, silver, or bronze). A final WOD will be held between top 5 to determine winner of each division class.

30ft Custom Rig

What division should you sign up for?

RX- Must be able to do ALL benchmark girls RX.

Scaled- Need to scale benchmark and/or main site workouts.

(There will not be any refunds and you may not switch divisions after registration. This makes it difficult to plan and keep the event on time)

Interested in a purchasing a booth or sponsoring our competition? Please email josh.bccf@gmail.com for more info.


WOD 1:

Male/Male; Female/Female

5 min - Find 1rm for Complex of 1 Hang Snatch + OHS

Rest 1 min-

5 min - Max Meter Row - Partner A rows, Partner B completes 75 Double Unders. Once DU are complete partners switch.

Teams may choose to start male pairing or female pairing on either wod. (ex: male/male begins on complex, while female/female begin on row). Hang snatch must begin from the upright deadlift position and bar may not travel below the knee cap. A power or squat version will both be excepted. After completing and showing complete control with slight pause at top of snatch the OHS may be started. Squat must have hip crease drop below top of the knee and continue to the standing position. Lift is not complete until the judge gives the signal of a completed rep. Score is total weight lifted between all four athletes. First pairing will start with an empty barbell. They have until the 5 min is up to complete their lifts and either empty the barbell or set up for next pairing. No work may be done during the one minute rest.

On row and double unders. One athlete will row for meters while other athlete performs 75 double unders (scaled: 200 singles). Once the double unders are complete the partners will switch positions. Score is total number of meters rowed between all four athletes.

This will count as two separate scores.


Male/Female, Male/Female

Partners A - Perform 3 Rounds of:

15 Synchronized Burpees

15 Back Squat @205/135 (not synchronized) (135/85)

Tag Partners B

Partners B - Perform 3 Rounds of:

15 C2B Synchronized (pullups)

15 Thrusters 135/85 (not synchronized)(95/55)

Thrusters and Back Squats will be performed by one athlete of teams choosing and may switch out at any point. Before barbell may be touched teammate must be standing on tagout matt. Person on tagout matt may not leave matt until partner reaches matt for tag.

*C2B and Burpees will be synchronized. C2B chest must touch at same time, Burpees chest on ground at same time and two foot take off from ground at same time.

Workout ends when both partners reach beginning matt.

CAP: 10 min

WOD #3


40 KBS #70/53 (53/35)

30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

20 SA KB OH Squat #70/53 (53/35)

Athlete “A” moves through the movements until trade out of partners is desired.

Athletes “B/C” hold static partner deadlift #365(275) and athlete “D” holds Static OH BB #105 (65). No rep of movements may be completed until both static holds are in locked out position. If at any point either of the static holds (deadlift touches ground, or OH hold comes down to top of head level) Athlete “A” must stop working. Athletes may switch positions as desired.

Location: Ellis County Auto

3643 US-77, Waxahachie, TX 75165

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Date and Time


Ellis County Auto Repair

3643 U.S. 77

Waxahachie, TX 75165

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