Unbound: Freedom in Christ Seminar - Dayton June 25, 2022

Unbound: Freedom in Christ Seminar - Dayton June 25, 2022

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Our Lady of Good Hope Parish Center

6 S. Third Street

Miamisburg, OH 45342

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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed

Even though registration is closed, you can still come to the seminar just bring your own lunch.

Find the freedom God intends for you!

About this event


Attend Unbound if you...

  • Are struggling to be free of fear, anger, sadness, unforgiveness, feelings of rejection, guilt, shame or other spiritual burdens
  • Find yourself trapped in the same area of sin time after time
  • Feel frustrated in your spiritual growth
  • Feel bound by negative patterns of thinking
  • Feel hopeless in finding freedom
  • Long to help someone without hope
  • Are a pastor or counselor who desires a greater understanding of Satan’s underhanded strategies in people’s lives
  • Want to learn and serve in Unbound ministry

About the Seminar

The Unbound: Freedom in Christ Seminar will present 5 keys to greater freedom in your life - Repentance & Faith, Forgiveness, Renunciation, Authority and The Father’s Blessing.  It is presented by the Dayton Unbound Team with some live talks and some talks on DVD by Neal Lozano, the creator of the Unbound Model and founder of Heart of the Father Ministries.  Prayer opportunities will also be provided throughout the day.


Pray to the Holy Spirit about a donation to make to cover the cost of food, materials and use of space. The seminar is not free, but everyone can afford it.

Seminar Schedule

  • 8:00 Sign-In / Coffee & Pastry
  • 8:15 Welcome / Praise & Song
  • 8:45 Deliverance is a Good Word
  • 9:15 Repentance and Faith: The First Key
  • 9:45 Short Break / Witness
  • 10:15 Renunciation and Authority: The Third and Fourth Keys
  • 11:00 Prayer Teams
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 1:00 Praise & Song / Witness
  • 1:15 The Power of Forgiveness: The Second Key
  • 2:00 The Father’s Blessing: The Fifth Key
  • 2:45 Prayer Teams
  • 3:45 Staying Free and Going Deeper
  • 4:15 Closing

At 4:30 there will be a limited number of personal prayer sessions offered by the Dayton Unbound Ministry Team.

Ministry Team Applications

Interested in being part of the team for the seminar as an intercessor or prayer leader? Please contact Chris by sending an email to unbounddayton@gmail.com and he will get you more information.


Email unbounddayton@gmail.com or call (937) 530-3151

Help Us Spread the Word

Please forward information about the seminar to a friend, a prayer group or church.

Use the link to the PDF poster below to print and share with others.

PDF Poster

What Unbound Participants Are Saying

“I am leaving with an absolutely new level of freedom. I had something in my heart for almost thirty years. It made me fearful, uncertain, and jealous. Now I am free.”

“The team was great; they showed me love, respect, and encouragement. I couldn't thank them enough, especially the leader. I've been freed from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.”

“Before attending the conference, I was at rock bottom again in my life and had told my husband I was filing for divorce. I carried around so much junk in my heart that I wanted to free my husband of my horrible choices. At the conference my burden was lifted, I was FREED of the junk I thought I had to carry forever as a reminder of my choices. Not only my choices, but my parents' choices as well. I went home talking to God the whole way.”

“I was under constant self-condemnation for past confessed sins, and I felt worthless. Now I am free to bask in Jesus' love for me.”

“I was prayed over on Friday and felt a heavy load of sadness and pain just lift off my shoulders and heart. I experienced acceptance and peace and felt the love of Jesus.”

“The seminar was and is a turning point in my spiritual journey. All my life, I have found it so difficult to feel close to God as Father because of the cruel and unloving behavior of my earthly father. I was friends with Jesus, but have never felt that special love that I have heard all my life about and yearned for. Tears come to my eyes now whenever I speak to my heavenly Father. I don't know when where or how it happened, but gradually during the seminar, from your wonderful presentations, I began to experience that "yes" God does really love me, warts and all.”

“The time I was prayed over and ministered to lifted years of abuse and self-loathing off of my shoulders! Over the years I had many traumas that left me with no identity. Through the healing ministry on Saturday afternoon I was restored to full life. I thank God for the opportunity to be at the Unbound conference. All of the cords of abuse were severed, and I am left completely free.”

“I have received freedom. I no longer feel unworthy and will never doubt again. I belong to God the Father. He is truly my Daddy, and I know He will continue to do the good works in me that He has done tonight.”

“I had known the Lord in my youth but had walked away. Eventually I became bound by alcohol and my marriage was in shambles. I believed that by walking away from God I had committed an unforgivable sin and could never come back to the Lord. When my sister prayed with me, I was set free from alcohol addiction, without any withdrawal or desire to return and her life was radically changed. A year later, I felt the Lord wanted me to give up smoking as a preparation for Easter. I was able to quit immediately with no withdrawal! All my smoking friends ask me what program did I go on? My response: I am on the Jesus program.”

“I had had a difficult relationship with my father. One thing I heard often from him were the words: "You're not worth the powder to blow you to hell." The severity of the wound those words inflicted on my spirit was revealed through deliverance prayer. The prayer team leader helped me understand these words as a curse that Satan had exploited over the years to steal from me the abundant life the Lord intended. When this was brought into the light, I was able to forgive my father, renounce the curse he had spoken, and be set free from the associated spiritual bondage. The blessing I then received from the Lord was remarkable. With my heart overflowing, I knew that the Lord wanted me to share the blessing I had received. I left the session eager to tell my story to family and friends.”

“I feel happier and more loved by God today than I have for many years, especially after the blessing I received at the end of the conference.”