Ultimate 'Vision Board' Party

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1463 Pryor Rd SW

1463 Pryor Road Southwest

Atlanta, GA 30315

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This is our second event for this year, and the first one was absolutely amazing!

The positive energy in the room was so very refreshing!

I am so grateful for the positive comments I received and especially happy that everyone had FUN and FELT SO GOOD afterwards.

Take a look at what some of our participants had to say.

Great morning Suzanne, Just wanted to update you......Well, the big surprise .........it came true.....it was a great ending to a month full of celebrating all that is me and I couldn't be more grateful. So thank you for sparking the fire that caused the flame. I will remember you always....xoxo, TJ

Before the event, I was feeling fearful but afterwards I felt lighter. The special ‘vision board’ technique was soothing to my soul. Marlena G.

This was a unique ‘vision board’ experience for me. I had a terrible headache before the event and afterwards I felt amazing! We need to have a follow-up. The energy was phenomenal! I also manifested my special surprise. Kristi W.

The most exciting part was understanding a vision board differently. Before the event, I felt anxious, but afterwards I felt happy, excited, and ready to manifest. The speaker was awesome and knowledgeable. The best thing I learned was how to create the right way. Tracy W.

I was blessed three times at the ‘vision board’. V. J.

Join us for this super POWERFUL way to create and design your 'vision board' using a special and unique technique.

The Ultimate 'Vision Board' Party is...

truly a one-of-a-kind experience and like no other 'vision board' party you have ever attended

Get ready for lots of FUN, HIGH VIBE EXPERIENCES that will put you in the receiving mode.

We are doing so much more than just creating a vision board. You create a vision board to help you manifest, so that's what we are doing here. We are showing you how and giving you some powerfeul tools, tips, and techniques you can use to get your heart's desires.

You have dreams, wishes, and goals to fulfill, and you deserve it. YOU ARE WORTHY!

  • Give permission for your beautiful and prosperous reality to come forth so you can really enjoy your life. Let the old dissolve away and replace it with something better and greater.


Just decide right NOW, that YOU really, really want it.

What makes this workshop different….priceless, life-changing techniques for success in manifesting your dreams and desires…backed by studies and research

What you learn will put you on the road to making profound changes in your life.

“Create the highest, grandest vision for your life, because you become what you believe.” ~Oprah

Join us! Register NOW! Limited Seats


Not only will you create an amazing and unique “vision board’, but you will also have access to some amazing tools during this one-of-a-kind experience.

Here is what YOU can look forward to...

*A SUPER POWERFUL, step-by-step process for creating your ‘vision board’ --- This is our ‘secret sauce’, vision board recipe….You will get the studies and scientific research to prove it.

*A spiral-bound Manifest Your Vision Journal

*The Chariot Experience

*The Million Dollar Activator

*The Most Important List You Could Ever Write

*Learning the Magnetic Attraction Steps....Your life is a reflection of you. These steps will give you a better chance at increasing your manifestation powers.

*Discovering an Affirmation Formula that is almost magical...Affirmations work so much better when you make these simple tweaks

*Something fun you can do when you experience a negative person...This is important because negative people can affect your energy and your manifesting ability.

*Learn how to use a great manifesting "tool" you already have at your disposal

*The FIRST and LAST thing you need to do when creating your 'vision board'

*Find out how to use 2 items in your house to help you manifest

*The real reason why some people have not received results from their other vision boards----- Once you know this, it will be a game-changer for you, and you will be able to use it in other areas of your life.

*4 key techniques for creating your Mindset Reboots because your mind is everything and it’s where it all starts. Find out how to make your mind more powerful, stronger, and a better manifestor.

*Why the letter I is so important. You need to know this one. In fact, it’s a requirement.

SPECIAL SURPRISE...Someone will get a MONEY BLESSING. Register NOW so that YOU will have a chance.

*How to stop the three things that may get in the way of you getting what you want

*What you can do to seal the deal in your mind, cement it, and make it stick so that you get what you want.

*Why the numbers 65 and 80 are SO important

*Do this one thing get your brain prepared and on board for this experience. It works like a charm.

*How to stop the BIG THREE from stealing your power. We’ll show you an easy and simple technique to stop it.

*Learn about the important role your hand plays in this process.

*Discover the one thing you should focus on more than anything else when you create your ‘vision board’.

*How to align these three things and you could see your dreams come true quicker than you thought

*The one thing that really blocks success and discover a FUN way to make it work for you.

*Trick your brain to help you get what you want. Did you know that your brain really does not want you or your life to change? Staying in your comfort zone will keep you stuck right where you are. You will discover how to bypass the critical part of your brain. And……It’s so easy!

*The number 1 habit that will keep you going even if times get tough

*Fun brain hacks you can use immediately

*Why you need to get rid of the CCZ (if you have it). Find out why and how.

The Dollar BlessingPlease bring 1 crisp, brand new, One Dollar Bill. You will do something special with it, and YOU WILL BE BLESSED.

The ticket is not refundable, but you may transfer it to someone else.

Suzanne Harris is a Purpose & Empowerment Coach who helps women discover their life’s purpose with confidence and courage so they can be fulfilled, happy, and successful. Suzanne uses powerful and life-changing principles from her signature programs, Discover YOU: Your PURPOSE, PASSION, & POWER and the Ultimate Unlimited YOU System where she combines positive psychology and research-based practices in neuroscience to achieve life-long success.

Suzanne’s past endeavors include a store, Boutik Afrika, a home-based business, HomeAFRICA, co-founder of a women’s group, Women Blessed & Highly Favored and various pursuits in network marketing.

Today, Suzanne is passionately pursuing her life’s purpose as founder and CEO of Empower Worldwide, a company with a vision to educate, empower, and enhance the lives of women by offering self-development courses, workshops, live events, materials, and products. She is also the forthcoming author of Empower Yourself: 7 ‘Secrets’ for Success, Happiness, & Well-being.

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Date and Time


1463 Pryor Rd SW

1463 Pryor Road Southwest

Atlanta, GA 30315

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