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Ultimate Public Speaking

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What is a Ultimate Public Speaker?
  • Public Speaking courses will normally take you to an OK level of being a speaker, what we mean by this? They teach you on how to talk to an audience, great, how to move around the stage, how to use your body language well, how to use your tonality and emotions to engage and attract your audience.
  • We take you to the next level! What is this?
  • We will bring YOUR essence on stage! Not an easy thing to do at times but definitely our speciality.
  • If you want to become an outstanding speaker you will need YOU on stage.
  • Your essence, the only irreplaceable thing about yourself.
  • Does it mean you have to be an experienced or trained speaker? NO
  • You can be in any speaking level to do this course because you will learn about yourself and you will also see other's growth on the day. Is such a beautiful place to be!
  • Come along, speak on the spot without preparation and still sound confidently as if you had prepared. Skills that everyone on this planet should have!

There will be exercises where we will guide you to speak with no rules, no time to prepare and still come up with something admiring! We will have the opportunity to practice so that you can see your improvement instantly after receiving direct constructive feedback.

It will lead you to improve any social interactions, speak naturally and elegantly, to be more creative at work, in school, with your friends, in a board meeting and more.


  • Become an outstanding speaker now and for the future
  • Learn the basics of public speaking: body language, tone of voice, eye contact
  • Learn to look and sound confident while presenting
  • How to tell stories to keep the audience interested
  • Eliminate stressful fear of speaking in public
  • Be more creative, fun and natural
  • Managing sudden, unexpected and uncomfortable questions in a meeting, presentations or talks (take off full stop here)
  • Deal with blank moments in your head
  • Conquer awkward silence
  • Express yourself authentically anytime, all the time

People say that regular practice of Impromptu Speaking will help you to communicate freely. "Being able to Impromptu chat about a creative work/idea/skill is a critical opportunity-generating ability which often makes a big difference in getting artwork included in exhibitions (and sold), landing book deals, picking up freelance work (e.g graphic artists)... The list goes on.” Thomas K.

Let's perform! It's fun!
"Being two years in Toastmasters (A worldwide public speaking club) and training 1000s of people through The Happy World Company to become more confident I have realised that spontaneous speaking is still one of the biggest challenges. I am organising this workshop where everyone can practice. So come onboard to have an amazing evening and speak, speak, speak while people listen to you with admiration! Never stop challenging yourself!” Nerea Carryon

See you very soon speakers!
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Coming very soon...

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