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Ultimate Business Summit 2018-En

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Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre

88 Bangna Trad Road

Khwaeng Bang Na, BANGKOK 10260


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Refund Policy

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The Secrets Multi-Millionaire Business Owners Share With Each Other Behind Closed Doors!

Discover How You Can Think Like An Industry Champion…

And Make It To The Very Top Of Your Marketplace –
From Two Men Who Have Done It ALL Before!

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

It’s a secret only business insiders know …

The VERY BEST money-making ideas are exchanged behind closed doors.

Over a private meal.

In each other’s houses or hotel rooms.

There, top entrepreneurs gather …

Wine glass in hand …

Food and drink flow, and so do the secrets of what truly works.

There, they exchange tips … reveal to each other the “behind the scenes” methods to truly getting ahead.

That’s where you REALLY want to be.

But the sad truth is unless you are invited …

You will never get a chance to learn any of these “insider” tips …

But all that is going to change – for one special time only.

30 Years Ago, A Unlikely Friendship Was Born Between Two Young Men

30+ years ago, two young men met by chance in Hawaii.

They both applied to be salesmen for Xerox, and both were new.

One was an ex-Marine pilot looking to make money.

Another was looking to use sales to boost his self-confidence.

Somehow, these 2 hit it off …

Became buddies …

Motivated each other to rise above and become sales superstars in the company.

Eventually, both left Xerox.

One started his business, teaching people worldwide how to sell like champions while mastering the voice of doubt and fear in their minds …

Another created a multi-million dollar company, educating the world on financial literacy.

Amidst everything, both stayed firm friends even though they didn’t have the time to meet as frequently as before.

They found time to call each other …

Trade war stories …

Exchange tips and reminders on how to move ahead …

Both men became even more successful.

Achieving virtually everything they could in their respective industries.

Changing millions of lives …

Taking countless businesses to the next level.

They Achieved It All … Yet One Thing Remained Missing!

Today, Robert Kiyosaki is 71.

Blair Singer, 67.

Both men wildly successful.


Wealthy in every way.

Yet, both of them will admit its not been an easy journey.

They have come a long way from their Xerox days 30+ years ago …

But deep down, both felt a burning desire to do ONE more thing before they called it a day …

One more thing before they felt complete.

That final piece was sharing EVERYTHING they knew … alongside each other … on stage … in the most raw, uncensored, straight-from-the-heart fashion

For The First Time Ever, Nothing Is Off Limits!

For the first time ever, these 2 mega-successful entrepreneurs AND good friends are going to sit side-by-side on stage …

And share the raw, honest, unfiltered truth to making it in business.

Nothing is off limits.

Everything from how to:

  • Build a world famous brand and become a household name
  • NOT go bankrupt while starting your business …
  • Avoid the traps people set for you when you become rich and successful
  • Leverage the media so you accelerate your business growth
  • NEVER lose sight of who you truly are, especially when the money starts flowing in
  • Concentrate your time and efforts and money when starting out …
  • Think straight and make smart decisions when the stress is on
  • Side-step all the common money-draining mistakes business people always make
  • Market and sell fearlessly … no matter what industry you are in, how much experience you have or how crappy the economy is

… and more.

Robert and Blair want to share it all.

  • Painful stories you’ve never heard before …
  • Mistakes you will never hear from their podcast/blog/Youtube videos …
  • Successes you have never read about in their books before.

NEVER Before … And Probably NEVER Again!

Robert and Blair have never done this.

Throughout their 30+ years of knowing each other, they have talked about it …

Now, they are actually doing it.

Truth be told – this might also be the LAST time they do it.

Both men are not young.

They have families.

They are also crazy busy with plenty of business commitments.

Yet they each committed to align their schedules to be there for each other …

So they could fulfill this burning desire they had.

To be on stage alongside each other …

For one time …

And share it all.

This is a piece of history which may likely never happen again.

All Cameras And Recording Devices Will Be Turned Off For This Event!

We are never going to release any recordings from this event.


Because Robert and Blair are pouring their heart out and sharing intimate details …

There will be no recording at this event.

Either you are there, or you miss it forever.

Just so we are on the same page …

This is NOT a pitch fest

You get nothing but Blair and Robert on stage for hours and hours and hours every day …

No interruptions.

We have an emcee to kick-start things in the morning … then its all Blair and Robert … and we end off the day with a sharing session from a true-blue expert we invited in.

That’s it.

So you are making maximum value for your time and attention.

This is NOT a rehash of Robert or Blair’s past material.

You might have heard Robert speak on stage for 90 mins once before …

Or listened to Blair on a podcast …

Maybe you own some of their books …

Even have spent some training time with either of them …

Forget that.

This is stuff on a whole new level.

Tips they only reveal to their most inner of inner circle.

This material has never gone outside of their tightly-managed insider network before …

Things you’ve never heard before like:

  • Mistakes they have made which cost them personally up to millions and caused heartbreak
  • Secrets they use on a daily basis to gain an unfair advantage over the competition
  • How to truly START and manage a multi-million organisation with plenty of employees from the ground up…
  • What it takes to scale a business AND a brand till its world famous
  • Where the world of business is headed … from people in high places that pull the strings and know what is going on
  • How to juggle success, money, family and more without losing your grip on it all …
  • Finding the motivation to KEEP GOING ON even after you have made it to the top … and how to side-step the common disasters of health, bad decisions, relationships that cost so many entrepreneurs their money and peace of mind

… and so much more.

This Event Is Not For Everyone

Pay attention here …

Do not come if you can’t handle the raw truth of what it takes to succeed in the world of business.

There are no theories here. No nice-sounding concepts that fall apart at the first use.

Only proven methods that make millions and can withstand the stress and pressures of real-world business.

Do not come if you are a business theorist or dabbler who has no intention of actually starting a real business

If you want to stay average and “get by” … save your money and stay home in your comfort zone.

Do not come if you have no desire to make millions and become the #1 in your industry.

There may be stories that shock you. Heck, there might be some curse-words thrown around too.

If those bother you, don’t come.

But If You Desire Success The Same Way You Desire Air, Come Because This Is What You’ve Waited Your Whole Life For!

But do whatever to attend if you …

  • Have a burning desire to fulfill your true potential and become an overwhelming success
  • Can SEE yourself at the very top of your industry and marketplace
  • Are a truth-seeker who wants to really know what it takes to make it in business

  • Reject sugar-coated, bs advice from “gurus” who have never actually done it before

Ultimately, this event is for people that truly – at the core of their being – want to win.

It doesn’t matter how far you have to travel.

Winners will find a way.

It doesn’t matter what the investment will be.

Winners will find the money.

When you have the will, you will ALWAYS and ALWAYS find a way.

If this is you, we invite you to come.

You are precisely who will benefit THE MOST from this event.

They Are Giving You Everything, Be There To Receive!

Robert and Blair are flying half-way across the world to give you their heart and soul.

Robert and Blair are flying half-way across the world to give you their heart and soul.

The best lessons of their 30+ years in business.

Holding nothing back …

Revealing it all.

Raw, live, uncensored.

A promise they made to each other … fulfilled before your eyes for your eternal benefit.

Be there, receive all they have to give …

And you will find yourself dominating in your marketplace – just like them.

Do whatever it takes to be there.

This event will likely never happen again.

With Love,

Ultimate Success Partners

Date and Time


Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre

88 Bangna Trad Road

Khwaeng Bang Na, BANGKOK 10260


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