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UF/IFAS Water Ambassador Program 2018 dates

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Are you interested in protecting our waterways?

Are you interested in what you can do to make a difference?

Martin County and UF/IFAS Sea Grant Extension have partnered to offer the Water Ambassador training program to help you change your practices and to educate your friends and neighbors to meet this goal. This unique training program creates knowledgeable and motivated volunteers ready to make a difference.

What is the Martin County Water Ambassador training program?

The Martin County Water Ambassador training is a one day education program that unites and empowers residents and volunteers who have an interest in protecting local waterways and giving back to their communities.

The program provides a way for motivated individuals to connect personal decisions with information about lagoon -friendly practices.

Event dates/location, 8:30 - 3:00

  • Saturday, May 19th - Port Salerno Civic Center, 4710 SE Anchor Ave
  • Monday, June 4th - The Elliott Museum, 825 NE Ocean Boulevard

Program Structure

Including orientation, program participants will attend a six hour course that combines group discussions, presentations by local experts, and resource materials for an interactive and informative program. Participants will be provided with educational materials and lunch. Participants will learn about:

  • Florida’s drainage history
  • Nine principals of Florida- Friendly landscaping
  • Estuary friendly living
  • How -Why to reduce stormwater in runoff from your property
  • Martin County Fertilizer Ordinance

Martin County Water Ambassador - Your Commitment

As a Water Ambassador graduate, you take on the role of educator and activist within your community. Water Ambassadors work in the following areas to advance the message of reducing pollutants in runoff and encourage residents to answer the call to help protect our local waterways!

*Please be advised that we are now charging a $5 fee for all attendees. Over the past year we have had classes at maximum capacity but we have only had a 50% attendance rate at those meeting dates. This allows us to accurately provide the number of lunches needed for the program date and results in fiscal responsibility for the County. We apologize for this inconvenience but hope you understand the fiscal merits of such. Please contact us if you want to participate but are unable/unwilling to pay the $5 fee.

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