Type Thursday London x UnderPinned – July 11

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The Ground Floor, 22 Gossamer Gardens, London, E2 9FN

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This is a quick note how to find the venue!

From Bethnal Green:
Take the exit to Cambridge Heath Road (East Side), Museum of Childhood, York Hall
Head north towards Cambridge Heath station. It's just a long straight road all the way to Cambridge heath.
You want to be on the left side of the road so cross over when you get a chance. You'll pass some furniture shops, a car wash and a garden cafe as you get closer to Cambridge Heath. Once you arrive here, take the crossing that goes in the same direction that you were travelling in. When crossed over, immediately turn left onto Hackney Road.
Walk down Hackney Road, go past the bike shop and stop when you get to Hackney Cafe. There is a little turning to the right immediately before the cafe, this is the entrance to Gossamer City Project, head on in and follow the numbers until you reach 22.
The Ground Floor awaits your arrival!

See you there.

Type Thursday London is thrilled to host a FREE July meet up with UnderPinned*, a new career accelerator hub in Hackney!

Please come with your designer friends and colleagues to this event – yes, we got drinks and snacks for you. Let's talk about logotype designs, hand lettering, calligraphy, typeface designs, print layouts that involve typesetting and UI/UX designs. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with like-minded enthusiasts of type and letters! Social hours bookend the centrepiece of our event, a group critique we refer to as TypeCrit.

Exciting July presenters
1. *Ged Palmer*
A fantastic letterer in Lodon and will share his projects with us

2. *Borys Kosmynka*
A enthusiastic Typeface design student from Reading University

3. *Paul Antonio*
A Legendary calligarpher will bring his passion for hand writting!

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*UnderPinned is the freelance platform to help you build, manage, and develop your career through content, tools,
and services.

1. What is Type Crit.?

Briefly: It’s a critique. Of letterforms. No grades. With drinks and time to make new friends.

Verbosely: Type Crit. is a group critique of up to four in-progress projects involving letterform design and/or usage. You can get, give, or simply listen to feedback—your pick! Discussion is moderated by a TypeThursday dialogue lead—we pride ourselves in fostering a friendly forum for constructive, thoughtful advice that’ll raise the baseline on your letterform game.

Sign up to present work for feedback here https://form.jotform.us/72275018077154

2. What’s the programme for the evening?
6 – 6.30pm: Social hour, one drink is included in your ticket.
7pm: Type Crit.. Group critiques of letterform design/usage.
8pm: More mixing ’n’ mingling...during Type Crit., you'll realise there are lots of smart people in the room you still need to meet.
8:30pm: Full stop.

3. What does it cost?
July is FREE for all.

4. Who should go?
Anyone over the age of 18 who loves letterforms. We always welcome a new (type)face.

5. Do I have to present?
Not at all! Some people come to network, some to learn and observe, and some to help give feedback. Your level of participation is up to you.

6. Why should I consider presenting at Type Crit.?
Type Crit. presenters get free admission to the event
You'll get free, friendly, fast feedback from fellow font fanatics
We shower presenters with love on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

7. What kinds of work can I show at Type Crit.?
- Logotype designs
- Hand lettering
- Calligraphy
- Typeface designs
- Print layouts that involve typesetting
- UI designs that need hierarchical sharpening
- Others (a new genre of type-related work and blow our minds!)

8. How do I submit work to Type Crit.?
We'll display your work using a projector hooked up to a laptop. And you're welcome to bring printouts along.

9. Are there ID or minimum age requirements?
Over 18's only please. We will ask for proof of identity.

10. How can I contact the organiser?
london@typethursday.org Email us with question.

11. What if I can't make it?
Please email us at london@typethursday.org as we have a very limited number of places available and we would like to be able to offer your seat to someone else.

12. Who will be there?
You'll mingle with designers, business people and educators who want to learn more about you.

TypeThursday London is proudly sponsored by:

How it works:
TypeThursday London is organised by a team of volunteers who all have lots of experience working with type:

Dialogue Lead: Anastasios Maragiannis, Academic Portfolio Leader, Principal Lecturer in Design, department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts, University of Greenwich.
Design Lead: Ruggero Gualdesi , art director
Design Team Volunteers: Deborah Iaria, Connor Angell, Miltos Bottis, Anna Torres, Kayley Hil.l
Type Jam Lead: Kayley Hill
Welcome Lead: Connor Angell graphic designer.
Communications Lead: Alex Whiteley, graphic designer.
Chapter Lead: Erica Choi, graphic designer
Event photo by Tomas Bajoriunas.

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The Ground Floor, 22 Gossamer Gardens, London, E2 9FN

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