TWO LEFT FOOT - Team Building Salsa Class
TWO LEFT FOOT - Team Building Salsa Class

TWO LEFT FOOT - Team Building Salsa Class

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New Kingston Conference Centre

30 Dominica Drive

2nd Level New Kingston Business Centre

Kingston 5, Kingston


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Two Left Foot - The story, and a long story is below the dotted lines.

Every Friday at 7:00 pm, there is a Free Salsa Class at NK Deli.

Salsa dancing is a great way to end the work week and to start the week-end.

Get the office team together and participate in a Free Salsa Class at 7pm.
This is a great team building opportunity for employees to relieve stress and have fun with their co-workers.

After party, continues with Latin dancing and music.
Food & Drink by NK Deli.

Attitude: Team Building Spirit
Dress Code: Fashionably Latin

Pre-book groups to get a special food & beverage package.

Start planning your company's Xmas party. Why not a Salsa theme?
Contact our Event Planning department at NKCC 906-0858.

---The Dotted Line------------

The Story of Two Left Foot-------and how to build team spirit--------------------------

Once upon a time, a company was having major problems.

The company had lost its productive rhythm and was out of balance.

The staff no longer had panache or cared about their appearance.

The workplace and daily routine became .....just a work place and a daily routine.

What was happening ?

A consultant was called in.

The consultant's analysis was a 50 page document without a conclusion, without recommendations or a solution. The consultant waived his fee.

An industrial & organizational psychologist was called in. The psychologist waived his fee.

A Feng Shui expert from Hong Kong was flown in disguised as an Interior Decorator because of cultural and superstitious beliefs. The Feng Shui expert without a work permit, honorably refused to be compensated. He waived his fee.

But all three experts alluded to a general lack of..............but all three experts could not fill in the blanks.

The HR Manager was under tremendous stress. She wished she had studied medicine and fulfilled her dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

The company Christmas party last year was a flop.

Under stress, she went into an excessive shoe shopping binge.

Standing outside yet another shoe store, staring at the window display, she suddenly found out what the company's problem was.

Two Left Foot

She realized that the team lacked spirit and a team building exercise was urgently needed.

The team needed to learn to dance. To dance together. To learn something new.


The next morning the HR Manager attended an informative seminar at the New Kingston Conference Centre, located at 30 Dominica Drive.
Conveniently, she took the time to get several things done inside the New Kingston Business Centre, including meeting three friends, three very competitive friends for lunch at NK Deli..

While enjoying lunch at NK Deli everyone claimed that their choice from the menu was the best.
The yummy ham & cheese panini challenged the delicious grilled chicken wrap. While the wicked curried goat claimed hierarchy over the fall-off-the-bone oxtail with butter beans and spinners.
All a mouthful, and totally enjoyable meals.

"NK Deli is the best place for lunch in New Kingston" was the one thing on which the friends agreed.

Laughter and friends is a great way to reduce stress smiled the HR Manger and then she saw the NK Deli flyer......................


Company Team Building Afterwork Exercise
Get the team dancing.

Build Team Spirit
Learn how to Salsa.

It will be the buzz at the office on Monday morning.
Actually, all week!

Book for your company a "Salsa After Work Package"
call: 906-0858 or 754-8714

It is not too early to book your Companies Christmas Salsa Party at NKCC
Contact our Event Planning Department.

NK Deli hosts
Pregame Friday Salsa every Friday inside NKCC.
30 Dominica Drive. New Kingston
TIME: 7pm - Free Salsa Class
Cover Charge: $500 after 7:30pm

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Date and Time


New Kingston Conference Centre

30 Dominica Drive

2nd Level New Kingston Business Centre

Kingston 5, Kingston


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