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United Kingdom

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Laughter yoga?

It feels good to laugh.

It feels better to make someone else laugh.

It feels good to laugh with others.

It feels better to laugh with family and friends

Laughing is a social thing. Generally, when someone else laughs, we laugh along with them and when we laugh with a group, it’s sometimes hard to control the laughter!

Research suggests that only 25% of the time we laugh is about comedy, jokes or indeed, anything funny.

So that leaves 75% of laughter due to being; Shy, nervous, embarrassed, not quite sure of a situation or even sad. This tell me that laughter is about stress release.

Laughter is a natural way for the body to shake negative or neutral energy into positive. It’s also meditative in a way that when you laugh all other thoughts disappear into the background.

We DO NOT Laugh because we are happy. We are happy because we laugh.

Laughter is Energising, Exciting, Enthusing and Delightful!

In 1995, a medical Doctor from India, Madan Kataria was writing a thesis titled “Laughter is the best medicine”. He got up one morning, went to his local park and stated a Laughter club enthused by his research of the magical power of laughter.

Four attendees told jokes and funny stories to each other and after just a couple of weeks, he had 50 people there and a couple more 100.

Soon though, the jokes and funny stories dried up, or became rude and offensive and someone said to Madan, “You have to stop this”.

Madan agreed that the format was wrong, he would go away that evening and chat to his wife Madhuri and come up with a plan to continue with The Laughter Club.

At that stage “Laughter Yoga” was born and today, over 7000 clubs exist in over 65 different countries.

Laughter yoga is not about jokes or comedy and in fact, you don’t even need a sense of humour!

It’s about Yogic breathing, fun, childlike playfulness, eye contact, laughter exercises and laughter meditation.

It is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between fake and real laughter.

Yogic breathing is where you breathe deep from the diaphragm, expelling stale air from the lungs and introducing fresh, oxygenated air which makes you feel refreshed, energised and brand new.

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj which translates to “union” of the mind, body and spirit”.

The reason that Dr. Kataria called this technique Laughter Yoga is due to the incorporation of the pranayama exercises (breathing techniques) to the laughter exercises. Pranayama has been used for over four thousand years for the benefit of the body, the mind, and the soul.

We all love to play like a child, even though we don’t do it enough, when we do, it feels great. Laughter yoga promotes play, fun and creativity.

The strength of eye contact is often wholly underestimated. Looking into one’s eyes is a glimpse into the soul of that person. Even a short moment of eye contact can invoke feelings of happiness, joy and intrigue.

There are hundreds of Laughter exercises which encourage the participants to “Laugh for no reason”. Once the laughter starts, it becomes real and contagious. Soon the whole group will be laughing unconditionally!

Laughter meditation has several variations. One such is where the group lie on the floor with their heads in the middle and their legs out to the side of the area to form a star shape. A couple of deep breaths are taken and then the laughter allowed to flow. And flow it does! After a few minutes, the laughter is slowed and then stopped. A guided relaxation exercise in the form of A Yoga Nidra completes the session helping to ground everyone and ease them back into their day.

Laughter Yoga is becoming more recognised and popular as a great energiser, moral and confidence booster. It's a great way to start a conference or seminar for companies and corporations, health and fitness centers, yoga studios, residential care homes, schools, colleges, universities, physically and mentally challenged and self help groups as well as festivals, fayres and many other events.

In fact, its a great activity in almost any situation.

About the course: This is a two day intensive training course

Day 1 : 26th October 2017 09:30 - 16:30

Day 2 : 27th October 2017 09:30 - 16:30

After successful completion of this course you will be qualified as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL), an

internationally recognised qualification.

You will receive a certificate certified by both Curly Steve Patterson and Dr. Madan Kataria.

The course includes:

+ Learning the physical, mental & emotional benefits of laughter.

+ How to laugh without humour and how to teach others to do so.

+ The history of Laughter Yoga.

+ Starting & running laughter clubs.

+ How to market your services.

+ Techniques for special groups (children, seniors and more).

+ Laughter boosting techniques.

+ How to laugh alone.

+ Much more........

Who needs it?

+ Anyone who is committed to spreading Laughter Yoga will benefit from this training.

It will be of special interest to:

+ Yoga and fitness teachers.

+ HR and management training professionals.

+ Health care professionals.

+ Teachers and sports coaches.

+ Psychologists and psychiatrists.

+ Entertainment professionals.

+ Senior care workers.

+ Marriage and family therapists.

+ Life coaches and alternative therapists.

+ Sales managers.

+ Travel & tourism professionals.

Course dates: Thursday and Friday 26th and 27th October 09:30 - 16:30

Venue: Ocean Lodge Hotel

Lunch, tea and coffee is included in the price. (Please notify us of any dietry requirements)

Accommodation available at % discount. Go to www.oceanlodgenewquay.co.uk and enter promotion code .

For any further information, plase contact us at info@laughtereventsandtraining.com

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Ocean Lodge

61-63 Tower Road



United Kingdom

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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