Twin Oaks 50th Anniversary
Twin Oaks 50th Anniversary

Twin Oaks 50th Anniversary

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This is going to be a big, complicated event with lots of complex parts. If everyone stays informed and works together it’s going to be one of the most awesome events any of us have ever been part of. Please read this in its entirety. Let us know if you have any questions.

Why are we being so uptight about all this?

How many people could be in the Courtyard, or ZK, before it got uncomfortably crowded? Assuming people are spread out all over the community, we think we have a daytime capacity of 600 people. There are approximately 850 ex-members. We’ve already gotten requests to come from about 200, and then there’s other guests. We realize there’s only so much we can do to contain things, but we’re trying to be reasonably controlling so that the drift towards chaos isn’t too great.

Costs and Donation Request

There are a lot of things we’re going to have to spend money on, both to make sure the logistics and facilities run smoothly and have fun activities. Food will probably be the biggest expense. You can see our rough budget by clicking the link below. Given the number of guests we expect to have, and the total cost, we estimate it may cost the community approximately $35 per person per day. When you register, please make whatever donation you are able. We’d appreciate it if you could donate $35 per day or more. You are welcome to come even if you can’t donate anything at all (however the online system does require that you pay at least $1.) We want you here!


Helping Out, Before, During, and After

This will probably be the biggest event Twin oaks has ever hosted. There’s no way the current members could manage it alone. There are a number of ways you can do your part. When you register you’ll be able to indicate your interest in before and after support.


  • Online: There are a number of logistical tasks that are online based and could be done by someone not at Twin Oaks, coordinating accommodations or ride sharing for example.
  • At Twin Oaks: Want to spend a couple weeks or months here before the event helping put it together? We could use a few people who are going to be less distracted than members.


  • Everyone who comes is going to help out. Please expect to pitch in during the event as needed. Sign up for workshifts. If you see something that needs doing, and you can do it (if not, let someone know), then do it. Recruit friends, make it fun. Kat Kinkade says, many hands make light work.


  • There’s going to be a fair bit of clean up after the event. We’d like to have some people stick around to help.


The All Request Dance Band is putting together a 50 song set (one song from each year Twin Oaks has been around). We’ve got tentative yes’s from Devon and Danny Schmidt to come play for us. Pam is organizing a project based on StoryCorp. A slideshow is in the works. You can be sure the corn hole boards will be set up. There’s going to be lots of fun and interesting things happening. If you’d like to help organize something, please let us know on the registration form or send us an email.

Your Guests

First off, no pets, except registered service animals.

You can bring 1 – 2 adult guests. Adult children (16 or older for these purposes) count towards your adult guest limit. Any children of yours or your guests under 16 can just come. This is intended for partners/spouses, immediately family, or others who are extremely close to you, not your random friend from college who wants to check out the commune. Please give names of everyone in your group when you register and notify us if plans change. Guest spots are not transferable.


When you register, you’ll be able to indicate which options you’re interested in.


  • This will be at the conference site and is limited to 250 people. First come, first serve.


  • We’re reserving Aurora for people with limited mobility. If you’d like to stay in Aurora and have mobility issues, check the box on the registration page and let us know what your condition is.

Sophia House

  • This is the retreat center about 1 mile from Twin Oaks. It has 2 dorm rooms, 16 beds each. They are bunk beds. We’ll be prioritizing the lower bunks for people with limited mobility.

Local lodgers

  • We’ll be compiling info about hotels, motels, B&Bs, etc. on the website. We’ll probably do that during the Winter, so check back then. You’re of course welcome to make your own arrangements.

Local ex-members

  • If you are a local ex-member and would be willing to put up other ex-members (under whatever conditions work for you) please let us know. If you’re non-local and would like to stay with an ex-member let us know. We’ll send out more info about this after people respond.

Parking Passes

Our parking capacity is about 200 cars. To make sure we don’t have more cars than we can handle (think blocked roads and the Sheriff being called by unhappy neighbors) we’ll be giving out parking passes. Priority goes to those with limited mobility. You’ll be able to request a pass when you register.

Travel and Shuttles

We will try to help organize ride sharing. For people coming to local mass transit, we will try to organize pick ups. We will also try to organize shuttles from local lodgers. Notice the use of the word TRY in each of those sentences. We’ll let you know what we can offer as time passes. Until then, it’s probably safe to assume you are on your own for travel.

Email, Website, and Facebook

As we get closer to the event, we’ll be sending out more info emails, and we’ll start posting info on the website and Facebook more regularly. It’s going to be sparse for a while, but expect things to pick up around March. Until then, don’t worry about it if you haven’t heard from us in a while.

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