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Tulum Transformation & Yoga Retreat

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Tulum, Turtle Heart Villa

Same Street for Blue Sky Hotel & Casa Cenote

Francc 8 Tankah 3 Lt Fracc 2

Tulum, Qunitana Roo

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Redd Coaching Tulum Transformation & Yoga RETREAT

PURE - Positive Intention, Universal Energy, Repeat, Elevate

When - Tuesday June 7 - Sunday June 11, 2017

*** EARLY Bird Pricing ***$1650 versus $1850

Pay by March 31st, 2017 to obtain early bird pricing!! See details to register below.


Daily Yoga Class - Mixed Level for one hour

Meditation Training Level 1 -20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. This will be an ongoing/follow up class with Melissa for the next 7 weeks. This is a 2 month commitment.

Energy Healing - One session with Melissa on energy healing through a drum beat circle, journey and clearing of your blocked chakras.

Chakra Class- level 1 - Learning the meaning and colors of the 7 Chakra systems. How to open and clear your own Chakras.

Morning Journaling Routine - Record observations and the essence of your morning meditation. Get in the habit of processing your emotions through journaling.

Shamanic Astrology - Learn your pesonal soul path and personality profile with this one hour personalized Shamanic Astrology session. These sessions will be held in group format after dinner each night so you can learn the meaning of Shamanic Astrology, and how your chart compares to the rest of the participants in the group. You will choose one area of life for me to help you with: 1. Career/Life Purpose 2. Health/Healing 3. Partner/Mate 4. Kids/Parents/Relatives 5. Hobbies/Travel 6. Money 7. Spirituality

Adventure Day - The RUINS or Snorkel/Scuba Trip. You will have one morning where you will choose your adventure. Either the RUINS or the SNORKEL/SCUBA TRIPS. We start at 8 am, a driver will take you to the Tulum Ruins (for an afternoon of a guided or self tour of the Ruins, lunch and swim in the beautiful Caribbean water)************ , or a Snorkel /Scuba Trip where our driver will pick you up and take you to the Cenotes or Turtle watching snorkel or scuba. You many only choose the scuba adventure if you are a certified diver such as PADI or other recongized certified diver.

On Sunday we all get up early. The drive back to the Cancun Interanational airport is 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on traffic.

Benefits of the RETREAT

** extraordinary healing

** so much FUN

** connection to self

** stress relief and tools to take back home with you for stress relief

** a new feeling of empowerment

** decrease of body aches and pains

** time away from your normal routine

** community connection with new friends

** mystical experiences in meditation

** a new feeling of lightness in the body

** weight loss, body fat loss

** stop the aging process, you will look 10 years younger

** the ability to finally process deep emotional wounds in a safe environment

** meeting new friends

** private chef for dinner meals

The price is ALL INCLUSIVE and INCLUDES ALL COACHING and YOGA classes, it ALSO includes LODGING, 5 days and 4 nights of twin share and one triple share room. Please request with me, which you prefer.

ALSO, all meals are included. Breakfast is self serve, so are snacks, and we have a PRIVATE CHEF for dinners at night. (One night we will go into the town of Tulum for dinner , and you will pay for this on your own with cash please), all drive transfers and the day adventure trip IS INCLUDED in the PRICE.

It is the best idea to bring down cash to Tulum. You can bring American dollars or pesos. Either are totally fine.

You just have to get there! Airfare is separate.

We recommend direct flights from SFO to CUN (Cancun International Airport) on United.

Warm regards,

OM YA! Melissa Redd, Founder Redd Coaching & PURE Retreats


FROM TANYA: Melissa, the retreat exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a wonderful 5 days. My husband and I love you so much, and we feel so grateful to have you in our lives. Here are some specifics:

1. I felt like I was in a safe, inviting environment with people I could feel comfortable with. I felt encouraged to share my story, issues, etc., and inspired by others. I learned how important it is to nurture the spiritual side of myself.

2. I love the part of the ceremony when you went around the room and we shared what we were grateful for.

3. I enjoyed learning about the shokras (spelling Chakras) and how we are made up of 7 energy systems that are healthy/working or not healthy/not working. I want to learn more about how to detox and unblock my stuck chakras. Thank you Mel - Tanya

FROM MONICA: Hi Melissa, Thank you for the lovely retreat. The food was amazing. The yoga was a great workout and meditation was great too. The views were excellent. I was really surprized by the support I received. I didn*t want to burden anyone by being newly pregnant, but everyone was so supportive and I realized they had their own problems too to work through. - Monica

FROM CORINA: Lovely experience, thank you for your time and insight. I would of loved another day to just process and not do. - Corina

FROM CLAUDIA: Hi Mel, I rated my overall experience a 9 on a scale of 1-10! I loved doing yoga on the beach and the roof deck. The Astrology charts were so helpful. By learning the charts of the two men I was dating, I could clearly discern which one was a better match for me, my energy and my personality. Now that I am home, I let go of one man, and I am VERY happy with building a solid, conscious equal partnership with the other man. I am so excited. I also loved meeting new friends, quiet (me time) at the beach, and swimming the the warm, beautiful Caribbean ocean. I already miss Tulum and I am ready to go back. - Claudia

FROM BECCA: I love that this retreat was not just a girl*s weekend, but a healing opportunity. And boy, did I need that. Please remind all the participants that a retreat is an opportunity for self reflection, to try new experiences in new ways. Also, some of the people were judging during the Shamanic Astrology reviews, hum, gentle reminders to avoid judging and be open to learning would be helpful. Thank you Melissa for the healing work that you do in the world. - Becca

FROM JESSIE: What an amazing time at your RETREAT Melissa, and I don*t even do yoga, LOL. But, it felt so good. My favorite parts were; you picking me up in your convertable with the top down, yoga, the Shamanic Astrology private session, and horse back riding on the beach. I cannot wait for the next one. I absolutely will be willing to travel. - Jessie, Your favorite Scorpio

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Date and Time


Tulum, Turtle Heart Villa

Same Street for Blue Sky Hotel & Casa Cenote

Francc 8 Tankah 3 Lt Fracc 2

Tulum, Qunitana Roo

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