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Tualatin Valley Music Expedition!

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Tualatin, OR

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Hey, it’s Morgan, founder of the Zeitgeist Academy. There is nothing more delightful than experiencing alive musical event with our neighbors and friends! But what if that music is a little unfamiliar?

I have found that a little bit of education can go a long way in helping people appreciate music in their communities! And there is no better to start than the beautiful place we call home: the Tualatin River Valley.

You and your neighbors are invited to join me on a colorful, raucous expedition celebrating the vibrancy right here in our own community! From musical theater to German harvest music, we will absorb the spectacle and joy of co-creating the musical experience with the performers!

As much as a live audience enjoys a performance, performers also feed on the audience’s energy! Let’s spice up our Summer’s end and support our local artists with dancing, costumes, revelry, and some musical facts you won’t be able to WAIT to tell your friends about.

Here’s the lineup!

August: Broadway Rose Theater Company (Tigard): Gypsy!

In addition to being a musical staple in Tigard, the Broadway Rose is known for giving back to the community. The organization supports children’s programs, local businesses, and volunteer organizations.

This musical takes us through the titillating story of Gypsy Rose Lee! We will dive into her curious journey from mediocre child performer who doesn’t know her own age...to striptease queen! We will also learn some juicy historical connections that make this particular show interesting, and discover how the brilliantly composed music supports each character!

September: Oktoberfest (Mt. Angel)!

This annual extraveganza offers a rich tapestry of culture, music, and celebration! From mesmerizing church music to raunchy drinking songs, Oktoberfest is a staple of September in the Valley. If you’ve gone before, you might be wondering: what are those costumes all about? Why are accordions everywhere?

This month we will delight in the revelry and debauchery that is Oktoberfest. We will learn how those Bavarian dancers can catapult themselves so high, how to appreciate the accordion in a way you never thought you could, and the fascinating history of alp horns! And of course the evening wouldn’t be complete without sampling some local beverages...because music (especially accordion music!) sounds better with a beer!

October: Tualatin Symphony (Tualatin): Mendelssohn's Reformation Symphony

The Tualatin Symphony is the city’s best kept secret! This volunteer-run organization plays classical favorites and highlights new music written by local composers.

In honor of the 500th anniversary of the revolutionary Lutheran Reformation, the Symphony is performing Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony! You will learn all the juicy gossip around the composition of this Symphony, some delightful musical hooks you can listen for, and the story of how one of history’s most esteemed composers got the musical shaft! To top off the evening we welcome a guest appearance by Symphony board member and local composer, Arthur Breur!


Registration includes:

  • One exciting, hour-long class each month (adult beverages included!)
  • An amazing community of fun, inspired concert buddies
  • Inspiring community conversations in the Zeitgeist with Morgan Facebook group
  • Subscriptions to exciting supplementary information about the event throughout the month
  • A webinar recording of the material covered in class

Registration cost:

Full 3 month journey: $90

Drop-in rate: $45 per class

Class dates:

  • August 8
  • September 14
  • October 12

Class Location: The Marquis Clubhouse, Tualatin.

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Tualatin, OR

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