Tropicalizing Kyoto - The Grounding of Global Protocols to the Local Level

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Central Park Zoo, Workshop Area North

East 64th Street

New York, NY 10021

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Let's talk about the obstacles and opportunities for tropical forests and small holders, otherwise excluded from the climate marketplace. Hear from MX, UK, and the UNFCCC.


-Dan Bradbury, World Land Trust, Director of Communications and Development (panel moderator)

-"Pati" Martha Ruiz Corzo, Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda, Director

-Dr. Martin Frick, Senior Director Policy and Programme Coordination at UNFCCC

-Eduardo Murat Hinojosa, Senator on leave, former President of the Commission on Environment, Nat. Res. and Climate Change (Mexico)

The wide gap between global climate protocols and the rural landowners of high biodiversity areas is where the carbon market fails. This session brings together a group of stakeholders that cross the international and local civil sectors as well as national and subnational government sectors at play in Mexico, diving deep into a concrete example of early climate action plans that have proven to protect the planet and the people who live there.

Financing for conservation is scarce in the center of Mexico, provoking the innovation to develop a subnational climate protocol in close partnership State Government and the federal government to overcome the obstacles. Leveraging sub-national financing is the opportunity to break the inertia of global protocols and mobilize fresh funding. The regenerative tools being transferred to rural producers set in motion an energetic response from rural society to provide the services of water and carbon dioxide capture in their soils and forests. By re-orienting public policies on a state and federal level, the contributions of the primary sector have the capacity to increase ambition for the NDCs to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Meet these leaders in nature conservation, financing, and public policy who will describe the new challenges and how each one is pushing for the tools to mitigate and adapt to climate change at pace with the crisis. There are many lessons to be learned from their stories.

After the discussion there will be a screening of the documentary film "Protecting the Heart of Mexico," showcasing a local grassroots movement in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve that partners with the World Land Trust (UK).

The short film is a passionate portrait of a mother and son fighting to protect this corner of Mother Earth who take society and governments to task to achieve conservation, civil participation, adaptation and climate change mitigation. Duration: 23 minutes.

To learn more, visit: and take action for climate by offsetting your footprint at:

Speaker Bios

Dan Bradbury, WLT

After spending many years working in Marketing teams as a Graphics and Packaging manager Dan joined the WLT team in January 2013 as Head of Digital Communications, where had the opportunity use key transferrable skills relating to brand awareness through digital and social networks to support his passion for the natural world. Dan’s role has evolved and he is now the Director of Communications and Development where he steers and co-ordinates a range of activities to ensure integration with all elements of the Trust’s work relating to communications and fundraising, including individual and corporate support and campaign management with an emphasis on delivering a vibrant, coherent and consistent message to increase income and awareness of World Land Trusts work.

Martha “Pati” Ruiz Corzo, GESG

6 years ago, Martha "Pati" Ruiz Corzo co-founded Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda IAP in 1987 with local citizens to raise awareness about the biodiversity, the threats and the grassroots movement to build a regenerative future the region. In 1997, she was appointed federal director of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve by President Zedillo, serving until 2008 when she returned to the civil society organization located in Jalpan de Serra, Querétaro. The result has been the creation of a grassroots environmental movement that has transformed natural resource management practices of the local population and re-oriented public investment from government authorities through environmental education, solid waste management, regenerative practices in soils and forests, sustainable rural tourism, community microenterprise networks, and voluntary carbon offsets for the private sector and subnational climate action. Selected Awards: 2001 Schwab Foundation; 1996 Ashoka; 2002 Rolex Associate Laureate; 2012 National Geographic Buffet Award for Conservation Leadership & Nat Geo World Legacy Award 2017; UNWTO Innovative Tourism 2018; UNEnvironment Champion of the Earth 2013.

Dr. Martin Frick, PhD, UNFCCC, Senior Director Policy and Program Coordination

Martin Frick oversees as Senior Director UNFCCC’s work supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement and climate action. He previously served as director for climate change at UNFAO. He was the German representative for human rights and humanitarian affairs at the UN General Assembly and served as the European Union’s lead negotiator in the establishment of the UN Human Rights Council. As Ambassador to the international organizations based in Germany, he helped building up the UN’s sustainability hub in Bonn. He holds a PhD in law and was a guest lecturer at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

The Filmmakers

Kristin Gates

Kristin Gates is an expedition filmmaker, field archaeologist, inspirational speaker, and writer. She is best known for trekking solo across Alaska's Arctic on a 1,000-mile route through the Brooks Range that she mapped out herself. Since then Kristin has worked to protect the Arctic and other important areas under threat. She utilizes documentary film projects to tell stories that pertain to environmental and human rights issues.

Jeremy Là Zelle

Jeremy Là Zelle is a leading adventure and expedition photographer and filmmaker. His documentary work has led him to the Arctic, the Himalayas, remote regions of Africa and South America, and beyond. He continually travels the world producing exciting and informative documentaries for TV Networks, Nations, NGOs, Charities, and Social Enterprises who truly make a positive impact on their communities. Jeremy has written, directed, and produced for National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, and for incredible nations such as the Kingdom of Bhutan, Kingdom of Eswatini, Ethiopia, Peru, and many more. Above all, Jeremy dedicates his heart and talents into documenting the work of top scientists and educators across the planet who are changing the world for the better. “As a filmmaker, I strongly believe that documenting and showcasing the stories of these incredible individuals with global audiences will ultimately translate to inspired youth, a better understanding of our collective history, and ultimately the preservation of our natural environment.” – Jeremy Là Zelle

Join us for this special event as a part of Nature's Climate Hub during Climate Week NYC!

Date and Time


Central Park Zoo, Workshop Area North

East 64th Street

New York, NY 10021

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