Trigger Conversations Jan-March 2018 Flexi-Pass

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Work Life Hammersmith, Kings House

174 Hammersmith Road


W6 7JP

United Kingdom

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Trigger Conversations - Jan-March 2018 Flexi-Pass

Just £36.65* for unlimited Trigger Conversations events in Jan-March 2018**

Yes. You read that correctly. It is an ultimate bargain. If you attend more than 2 Trigger events then you’re already saving…

That’s over £66.45 off! (You can check out the maths below*** if you’re interested)

That's enough to buy yourself a NutriBullet, and some fruit to make them! Smoothies...mmmm.

Includes an unparalleled feeling of happiness and the smugness of knowing you've bagged a bargain.

We're limiting this is 15 people. So, don't wait!


* Weird figure, right? It comes to exactly £40 with Eventbrite fees.

** You must book places for each individual event using your personal code (which will be emailed to you). This pass is restricted to the original conversation and connections events. It does not include Trigger Training and socials (you'll hear about these later...)

***Early bird tickets @ £12.50 for 5 Trigger conversations (the original) events plus Trigger returnees discounted tickets @ 13.50 for 3 Trigger Connections events = £62.50 +£40.50 = £103

£103 - £36.50 = £66.50

Why would you want to attend multiple events?

1. Reconnect with the Trigger Community. Get to know a bunch of really quite interesting humans. We're thinkers, feelings, open-minded, nerds, curious and interested in other's stories and ideas. Get to know us! You never know who you'll meet and what it could lead to. Remember, you can only connect the dots backwards...

2. Not your average conversations. Great conversations guarenteed at Trigger. And not just the normal ones. Expect to learn, discover something about yourself, others and the world, be inspired, feel nourished and have your thoughts provoked. It's food for the mind and soul.

3. 2018 resolutions - Commit to your social wellbeing. We're not saying that spending the evening in with Netflix won't bring you happiness - and we're not judging you for it - but we think you'll come away from Trigger feeling pretty awesome every time. Commit to prioritising something really positive in your life.

Still not convinced? See what people have to say about Trigger:

(Check out the other 60+ 5* reviews here. to peruse as well)

‘You spend a lot of time in conversations wanting to get to this point, and this is all about getting to the fun bit of the conversation… and it is facilitated so you get know something worthwhile about people right away and you want to share because people are here to share and people are here to listen.. it's a lot of fun…a lot of real, human experience packed into one evening.'

'Fantastic experience! A breath of fresh air and a great way to meet new people who are also interested in going beyond the superficial. If you're someone who is bored of standard social interaction this may well be the answer you have been looking for.'

'Brilliant event the other night :) I've been meaning to come for ages, glad I finally did! It's so important that we do what we can to build up our social fabric - a fabric that can seem tragically weak at times - and this is a great step towards it. The questions force one to avoid the superficial and the automatic, and instead connect on a deeper level - something that we could do well translate into our daily lives.'

‘It was great to just spend an evening having stimulating conversations and developing perspective. There was no agenda to the conversations (i.e. networking, speed dating) and that was really cool: to value a good conversation for simply that. Thank you!’

'Nuts. Totally random. Fun. Nice people. Do it!'

'Trigger Conversations has such immediate charm and sincerity that it only takes one interaction to feel like you're with friends and not a room of complete strangers. The event is dedicated to appreciating the thrill of conversation, but not just any conversation, conversation that people can remember and enjoy. I'm personally not a fan of small talk, or job talk, or any of that monotonous, boring spiel. So, at Trigger, I get to set aside all that and enjoy the real, human words for an evening - and become inspired to continue the effect with strangers outside of the events.'

'Trigger is super awesome!!! Like, incredible, splediferous, fantastic, so great - I could not find enough positive words to describe the events, honestly! The concept is fun, and well put together. The events are a spectacular mix of thought provoking conversation with some of the most interesting people you could ever be put in a room with... the vibe: energetic, empowering and inspirational! I can never get enough of connecting with interesting people in a really genuine way.'

'I loved the idea of Trigger from the get-go! For every human interested in other humans, which should be all of us, Trigger really prompts a timely reminder for all of us to scratch below the surface and use our conversations as a tool for real human connection, curiosity, and adventurousness (i.e. it's real and it's awesome)! A fun, curious, playful, at times even salacious, and ultimately utterly hilarious night in the company of great people, this is what collective humanity should be about!'

'The 'menu' format of the evening is clever and fun, and the questions really do teach you something about yourself in regard to what you are happy to share with a stranger. I recommend these events to everyone, no matter whether you're an introvert or an extrovert. The entire event is very comfortable and allows you to step out of your comfort zone without feeling uncomfortable because everyone there is in the same boat, chatting to a stranger. It is an excellent concept, very well executed by the lovely hosts, and is a fantastic and original way to spend an evening.'

Want to know more about TRIGGER Conversations?

Life is too big just for small talk. TRIGGER is on a mission to improve the world’s conversations.

We want to bring back the lost art of conversation and connection in a digital world. Our vision is for a world where people are inspired and empowered to come together to have meaningful, stimulating and liberating conversations that build social fabric and are good for the soul.

What we do

We bring people together to make real connections through authentic conversations in a safe environment.

Real connections. New ideas. Inspirational conversations.

Join us for an experience.

So far, Trigger has:

- Brought together 600 people over 24 events.

- Initiated over 1800 meaningful conversations.

- Made a lot of people happy! (check out 60+ 5* reviews on Facebook)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TriggerConversations/

Website: https://www.triggerconversations.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TRIGGERConvos

Terms and Conditions:

By buying a ticket, you consent to being filmed, recorded and photographed at the event as a member of the audience and to footage and photographs of you being used by Trigger Conversations in any medium for the promotion and marketing of Trigger Conversations.

Copyright © 2017 Trigger Conversations. All rights reserved.

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Date and Time


Work Life Hammersmith, Kings House

174 Hammersmith Road


W6 7JP

United Kingdom

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