Transparent, Open, and Reproducible Research

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Transparent, Open, and Reproducible Research

Dr. Sean Grant: “Transparent, Open, and Reproducible Research”

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The Henry Madden Library invites you to join us for the second of two guest presentations on Open Science. There is growing interest in transparency, openness, and reproducibility among scientists conducting human subjects research. Open science provides opportunities to align scientific practice with scientific ideals, accelerate scientific discovery, and broaden access to scientific knowledge. Open science also addresses key challenges to the credibility of scientific output, such as irreproducibility of results, selective non-reporting (publication bias, outcome reporting bias), and other detrimental research practices. This webinar will provide an introduction to open science as transparent and reproducible research. It will begin by introducing the opportunities and challenges motivating the wider open science movement. It will then provide an overview of core open science practices that researchers can adopt. Lastly, it will overview actions other key stakeholders in the scientific ecosystem can take to support open science. This webinar is recommended for graduate research students, postdoctoral scholars, university faculty, and other scientific professionals with influence over the research lifecycle and incentives in the scientific ecosystem.

Dr. Sean Grant is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences at the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. His work aims to advance the credibility of intervention research and its utility for supporting evidence-based policy and practice. He conducts applied research across the behavioral, social, and health sciences, with a primary focus on behavioral health. Particularly active in the movement toward open science, Dr. Grant is an inaugural recipient of the Leamer-Rosenthal Prize for Emerging Researchers in Open Social Science and received a presentation award at the MetaScience 2019 Symposium. He completed his doctorate in social intervention as a Clarendon Scholar at the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University of Oxford.