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Maesto Studio

1547 6th Street

#Suite 100

Santa Monica, CA 90401

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Transform your Tuesdays into a self loving affair with JUMMEE.

Jump into the magical world of your inner child’s mind. Watch as the studio becomes a living canvas. As our bodies are the paint brush, lets create strokes of color, splashes of texture and expressions of emotion through movement, breath, and sound.

Dance through this living art installation and connect with your community weaving together a collective living, breathing, laughing, sweating, sighing work of art.

What appears as a spontaneous, improvisational, collective performance is actually a carefully choreographed symphony of instruments. Meditation, chi-gong, and kundalini breath work play in harmony with elements of Gestalt Awareness, Quantum Emotional Release and Pelvic-Heart integration.

Experience a masterfully curated composition of Eastern wisdom and Western modality.

Everyone can PLAY. JUMMEE is extremely adaptable. The Method has no grades or levels. Our variety of flow allow us to meet a diverse spectrum of needs and desires in the community. Any age, anytime, anywhere.

Are you ready to escape ordinary and PLAY EXTRAORDINARY?

Life is NOW! Get your Vitality and PASSION now!

JUMMEE focuses on liberating, expanding, and activating our core through a synchronous combination of breath, sound, and movement. It's orgasmic, fresh, and effective. This method will get you into your body the quickest way. Anyone can do it, all through play.

Our Vitality Triangle™ is the medium in which we connect to our core center, which produces blissful energy helping us to feel our best to achieve an ORGASMIC LIFE=BLISS! Using this Triangle of breath, sound, and movement together as one, we release stuck emotion in our core gives us our vitality back!

This technique allows us to open the floodgates to explore, express, and experience the body as a playground.
There are many ways to play such as laughter, jumping, rolling, crawling, sighing, tapping, twisting you name it.

Vitality is our natural state. We don’t have to get it from external sources. It comes from within on command.

The main vitality zapper is not just stress, it’s holding on to stress. When we are not able to express emotion, that energy stays inside. When we don't express, stress, chronic pain, disease, and suffering becomes reality. We can achieve anything we want if we are free from the stress we all endure on a daily basis. Liberate yourself!

We have been tested, experienced and are growing into a new location. Starting Thursday February 1st, we are offering a free trial class at 7PM. We are confident this will change your life and would love for you to do so.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Gestalt Check in + Jummee + Breathwork + Sound Bath + Zen Meditation

+ Gestalt check-ins create relational awareness for transparent and safe communication for each her.

+ Play unleashed with Jummee: Sound, breath, movement to get into our emotion stimulating vitality

+ Breathwork to activate your Chi (kundalini) energy and let it flow through your body in order to release blocks

+ Shamanic Sound bath to relax your mind, body, and spirit, releasing daily stress

+ Zen meditation to cultivate mindful presence and mind body awareness

Why not, life is now! Check us out and RSVP for free classes.

Founder of Jummee, Vitality Coatch, Facilitator, Healer
Jummee is full spectrum. Bold yet gentle, fearless tender-hearted woman, she has never stopped searching.

As a progressive community builder she has created unity between diverse aspects by encapsulating rich cultural knowledge of Eastern religion and philosophy with a broad education in Western healing modalities. She has broken down seriousness, workaholicism, and cultural expectation through heart-centered vision and deep desire to expand herself, thrive, and love herself fully.

As a self-proclaimed lifetime student, Jummee has continued to evolve herself by studying with world-class teachers in breathwork, Gestalt awareness, Esalen Massage, Feldenkrais Method, Anatomy Training, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Contact Improv, Zen Meditation, Yoga, Dahn Energy Yoga, and tantric breathwork.

Her mission is to create experiences that share her vision with others and catalyze conscious compassionate communities. Currently, she is exploring the power of play to enliven the inner child and nurture our potential.

Bring your smile, friends, loved ones, and leave the ego at home. We want to explore shared human potential and create a conscious community of compassionate individuals beyond dogma, race, sex, and culture.

Wear comfortable clothing and please bring your yoga mat, blanket, or meditation cushion if you have one.

Bring water and stay hydrated during the event. Importantly bring the joy you want to embody.

-Metered street parking is available and a parking structure near by. Class starts at 7pm, please plan for extra parking time.
-Parking Structure located at 1431 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401. 90min free, 2.5hr $1.25, each extra 30min $1.85.

*Please be early as parking may take time. Be aware disruptions after class starts can affect another's experience.


“I’m much more relaxed and aware of my body. I feel cleansed. What an awesome experience!”
–Eric Tong

“I chose to go to Jummee Method Class to find a sanctuary in which to heal, energize, and share space with a like-minded community. Unsure of what I would find or what to expect, I found that and much more. Upon walking through Jummee’s doors I was greeted by beautiful people and open arms. I was showered throughout the night with high vibrations, magical sounds, delicious cacao, and healing energy. … We shared, moved, meditated, sound-healed, jammed, connected. I would most definitely recommend checking out one of Jummee’s workshops and experiencing the magic for yourself.”
– Vanessa Coletto

“As someone who considers himself to be generally grounded and spiritual, my recent move across the country and the adjustments that came with it has gradually thrown my mental balance off and I found myself growing more and more impatient and frustrated with the demanding new outside world in which I found myself. My inner machine was operating, but I was losing touch of the processes happening under the surface and rarely took a moment to check in on what’s going on inside. Word of mouth brought me to Jummee’s group practice, and immediately I knew I found a special group of people seeking the same things that I was.

We spent the evening going through a variety of exercises – breathing, moving, sitting, laying down, making weird faces, stretching, focusing – all following Jummee’s wise and quirky guidance. It was fun, it was tough, it was funny and it was profound. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was truly bonding with myself and others around me. … The evening ended with a relaxing sound bath and we all went outside to drink cacao and chat by the bonfire.

The next day I already noticed a change in my attitude towards myself and the world around me. Jummee’s method really challenges you to go inside and explore the relationship between your physical and emotional bodies. I took the exercises and new perspective from that night and carried it with me in the next days and weeks. It was amazing what this practice did for me in such little time, and I’ve gone back three more times since. Each time peeling one more layer of discomfort and learning to be more loving, relaxed open and authentic. I’d recommend Jummee’s practice to anyone who wants to get to know themselves on a deeper level, challenge themselves to open up and be expressive and have lots of fun with the process itself! I am so grateful to have become a part of this community.”
– Ofer Zmora

“Jummee Method calsses has become a crucial element in my journey to find balance and a higher degree of love, self love, and peace in my day-to-day life. Jummee and her team provide beautiful space and a guided meditation, which is incredibly heart opening and encourages profound reflection.

When I first started working with Jummee, I had just moved across the country and was experiencing waves of doubt and self-criticism, building walls of protection that only hindered my growth and separated me from the people I was meeting. After undergoing so much change, I was quick to try to control things in my life, rather than going with the flow and accepting things as they are. I felt boxed in and I needed to let go of whatever was holding me back from feeling free.

The Jummee Method has been truly powerful. It combines variations of meditation, sound healing and breath work in a candle-lit space with hints of relaxing aromatherapy. Every week I feel more relaxed, in tune with myself, confident with myself, happy, and most importantly OPEN. Open to give and receive love; open to change: open to accept what comes my way.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am for Full Spectrum Retreat. For the heart opening and all the silliness. Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is holding onto something, anything, a little too tight.”
– Sarah Balter

“…a transcending experience…great community…amazing…”
– Jenna DeNight

“Before I felt tense and guarded, after I felt relaxed. I think this is an experience one must be open to…you need an intention.”
– Anthony Biz

“…the sound bath, the combination of the breathing exercises, sounds, and positioning transitioned perfectly to transport me. Before I was in pain physically and blocked mentally, after I felt easy, centered, cleared, and balanced. This is the perfect method to get in tune with your ENTIRE body!”
– Katherine Gonzalez

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Date and Time


Maesto Studio

1547 6th Street

#Suite 100

Santa Monica, CA 90401

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