Transforming Our Internalized Misogyny: Mindfulness for Women

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Focus on how women are conditioned to internalize the misogynist views inherent in patriarchy & come to believe they're less worthy than men

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In the wake of the #MeToo movement and the rising outcry against the inequality and mistreatment of women around the world. this seminar will focus on how women are conditioned to internalize the misogynist views inherent in patriarchy, and come to believe they are less worthy than men. This conditioning creates deep painful habits of self-doubt, chronic anxiety, depression, and loss of power. Based on successful research and a class I've been teaching for 20 years, mindfulness can heal and transform the conditioned self, cultivating the ability to live with the freedom, confidence and natural power of abiding in authentic self. At this precarious time of such world-wide polarization, we sorely need the wisdom and strength of women's intelligence to come forward as an equal partner in leading the way to sustainability, peace and freedom.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify and increase personal awareness of how disempowering patterns live in our minds and behaviours.

• Realize these patterns are not our fault, and though not healthy, they are normal.

• Understand how mindful can be applied to transform these patterns.


Mare Chapman, M.A. offers mindfulness-based psychotherapy and teaches classes, leads retreats, and trains mental health professional in mindfulness. With 40 years of clinical experience and 30 years practicing mindfulness, she's devoted to understanding the cultural conditioning that trains women to disconnect from their authenticity and how mindfulness can transform these habits. Her book, "Unshakeable Confidence, the Freedom to Be Our Authentic selves: Mindfulness for Women", is based on the class she's been teaching for 20 years.


Michele Milan MA has spent 20 years in leadership development designing and delivering leadership and governance programs for governments, corporations and organizations around the world.

If you are unable to attend live, a recorded version of the training will be emailed to all those who register. Full details on accessing the training will be sent to you upon registration.


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