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Corner Branton Street and Paley Street

Kenmore Hills, qld 4069


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Take a break from your everyday life for deep, energetic re-callibration in a safe, fun and positive environment.

The workshop is a 100% experiential journey into the multi-dimensional to awaken your empowered, authentic self and change the story of your life.

  • Activate profound transformations in your inner psyche, as the sharing of each person’s unique story activates deep inner healing for everyone.

  • Participate in and soak up engaging discussions to stimulate and activate healing and the release of core issues.

Why your story matters

We are cyclic beings, in a constant state of change, evolution and growth. When you resist your cyclic nature, you resist life and feel stuck.

Many of us have learned to be who the world wants us to be and to hold in our stories and push them down. This creates disease, pain and illness. When we release the energetic charge of the stories the relief can be massive and life changing.

It's time to break free from the expectations of the world around us and align with our true nature.

How we do it

Together in a sacred space we will all embrace who we truly are including our uniqueness and weirdness.

We will pull down the walls and fears holding us back from a deep intimate relationship with ourselves and the people around us. Without intimacy which comes from unconditional love, you hold yourself back from inner joy and knowing your true self.

Are you ready to let go of who you once were – your job, relationships, and the masks you wear and embrace who you truly are?

Join us for an interactive, day long workshop to transform all of the things holding you back from your deep insights and mysteries.

  • Heal current and past life trauma holding you back from opening up to life's mysteries and ancient wisdom

  • Break free from fears and resistance

  • Awaken your inner divine guidance

  • Connect to your higher self and spiritual guides

  • Open to the flow of sacred wisdom

  • Transition away from the constricting, judgemental and competitive masculine energy dominance to bring harmony and balance back to your inner and external worlds.

Bring along your stories for healing, they are all our stories.

Come with all the aches, pains and burdens in your heart and soul and be willing to openly tell your story to transmute the energy to allow you to feel lighter, more alive, free and peaceful than ever before.

Don't feel uneasy if you feel uncomfortable sharing your story or if you don't know it or what to share, as we will all open our self-awareness together. You'll be amazed by what you find within you.

This workshop is about you and your healing journey, which in turn activates healing in the collective conscious. We all share deep trauma and pain, so by healing yours you help heal those around you.

How the day will unfold

Using sacred healing prayer and source frequencies we will all awaken to the possibility of deep healing and transformation. Laying the foundations of an enlivened existence.

Participate in..

  • Dreamwork meditation to connect with your intuition and spirit guides.

  • Activate your inner mystic and inner seeker to access insight and wisdom to transcend the mind.

  • Storytelling - gain a deeper understanding of your stories to release the energetic charge holding the stories pain and grief within you.

  • Experience accessing and channelling specific frequencies to enhance and speed up your healing journey.

This is not a teaching experience. It is your personal healing journey. Teachings can be 3 dimensional and can change quickly with the shifts in perception that are occuring in this time of rapid evolution. With a purely interactive 'experiential' workshop we are able to access your inner wisdom at your level of perception, as no two people perceive the same thing in the same way. This enables you to have rapid and massive transformations without limitations.

Workshop requirements

  • A willingness to listen, share and experience the seen and the unseen.

  • Respectful listening and discussions.

  • Bring your curious, open hearted and open minded, good humoured self.

How to get the most out of the workshop

  • Don’t drink alcohol at least 24 hours prior to the workshop

  • Don’t eat sugar or heavy foods at least 1 - 3 days prior to the workshop

  • Drink lots of water to allow negative, heavy energy to be released with ease

Clearing our the body and mind prior to a deep transformation allows your transition to be as smooth and as easy as possible. Even more importantly, it let's the inner you know that you are committed to loving and caring for yourself and making the most of this experience.

Change yourself and you change your life

Workshop reviews

The event was packed with information, I really didn’t understand my intuition and all the different forms this plays out in my life. It was an eye-opener to learn all that I did and get the tools that will assist my own awakening on this wonderful journey. I have signed up for the next course and I cannot wait to learn the next secrets that my mind so far does not know, but I’m learning that my heart already knows the way. You guys Rock and I’m grateful to be in this inner circle. GARY COOK

Let me first start off by saying that I wasn't sure what to expect out of attending the workshop, all I knew was that I NEEDED to be there. 3 weeks on, and man-o-man, everything has set in place and I feel like my intuition is on steroids. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in finding the key to unlocking the potential that exists within them to attend these workshops. Loved the sacred space and practical elements to this and am eternally grateful for being part of the first workshop with the amazingly talented Kemina and Ann-Marie. BELINDA O'CONNOR

Went to the first Intuition workshop last month with a friend having no idea what we were doing other than supercharging our intuition lol And WOW!!!! I walked away with a new awareness to my potential and tools to help me evolve my gifts, some of which I was unaware I was already using. The past month I definitely feel like life has evolved and I have evolved, as I put the tools to use and believe more in myself and what I can do. It was an amazing workshop that Ann-Marie and Kemina put on and I am forever grateful (and definitely looking forward to the future ones). Everyone has the potential to tap into so much more, so if you are curious or ready to tap in and learn more about your intuition and dreamwork, I highly highly recommend it. Leave your baggage at the door and go in with an open mind. MEGAN J

John meditating with Ann-marie

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Date and Time



Corner Branton Street and Paley Street

Kenmore Hills, qld 4069


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