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Transformational Leadership Training 2017

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Land Celebration - Gore, VA and Dancing Deer Farm - Templeton, CA

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NOTE: Food and accommodations for each of the units is not included in the Training tuition. (To view food and accommodation costs, please scroll down). **

What is Leadership?

Authentic leaders lead from their true self, and live from their deepest values. This shifts the motivation from power over others to power in service to others. True leaders know their purpose and live it with conviction. Living from a sense of purpose, passion, and presence inspires and motivates others to produce amazing results in their lives.

In our modern world, we are taught to value material goals, but we often negate the calling of the soul. The Celebration of Being Leadership Training combines ancient wisdom traditions with leading edge modern methodologies of psychology to provide you with a practical and comprehensive training for you to step into your full capacity as a leader in the field of personal transformation, so that you can make the biggest difference you can.

Over many years, we have been honored to witness hundreds of people opening to their unique power, presence, and authentic expression. The natural next step is to step into Leadership and begin sharing this with others.

Who is this Training for?

Men and Women who wish to step into leadership and facilitate others in their healing and transformation.

Men and Women seeking to integrate a deeper way of living and loving into their current professional practice or discipline. For example, counselors and therapists, life coaches, business consultants, specialty counselors, high school teachers, college professors and other educators.

Men and Women with a strong desire to bring Leadership to the communities in which they participate. For example, teaching our tools to gatherings of friends, business associates, networking groups, employees, fellow church members, charities, etc.

Men and Women passionate about creating communities that practice the Celebration of Being principles of Love and Presence.

If you are ready to step into leadership, this will be a powerful structure for you to train to work in the field of healing and transformation with others!

What you will receive:

  • Learn to trust your own inner guidance, heart centered awareness and intuition.
  • Gain confidence and skills in working with both individuals and groups.
  • Increase your tool belt; learn techniques for supporting people to heal and grow.
  • Be empowered to empower others in finding their purpose and living their true potential.

What we offer:

1. 10 Monthly 2 hour Group Teaching Calls

2. Three Training Workshop Modules:

Unwrap your Presence (Module I)

April 28 - May 6, 2017, Land Celebration, VA

Unwrap your Presence (Module II)

August 1-6, 2017, Land Celebration, VA

Offer Your Gifts (Module III)

November 30 - December 3, 2017, SLO, CA

NOTE: Food and accommodations for each of these units is not included in the Training tuition. **

3. 1 Coaching Session a month with Britta or Lee

4. A buddy to go through the process with, and to hold each other accountable for your success.

5. A strong support system to become the best Leader you can possible be.

6. The most deep, fun, hands-on Training you could possibly get!

** Food & Accommodation Costs (Spread out through the year so you don't pay them all at once. Payments are due prior to each Training Module).

  • Module I - $895

  • Module II - $745

  • Module III - $545


From the leadership program I gained the confidence to offer my true gifts as The gift was already inside me but I couldn't see it until I joined the program. In a safe place, I was able to see that I have a purpose in this world and I have the strength to fulfill that purpose. I am currently starting my own business centered around families. I could have never taken this risk without the leadership program. The work is deep and fulfilling. I am now living my dream and I believe you can too.

- Kim H., North Carolina

Since the leadership training, I have got so much clearer about my direction in my life. I have sold half my business and I have created a new mission: "I create a world where organizations have hearts, by encouraging leaders to open their hearts and opening my own" I have started writing my book, 'How to put the Heart back into Organizations'. I am also leading a monthly circle for men and women in London. None of this could I have done without the support of the Leadership Training

- Andrew T., London, UK

This training was really ideal for taking my ideas and notions of wanting to be a facilitator and birthing them into reality. It guided me step by step from not just the theory and understanding, which I felt I already had through many trainings, but in perfecting these skills to the level of feeling confident in leading them with others, and into the nitty gritty of actually doing it on a practical level. Having the visceral experience of facilitating the groups has been the most important factor, as well as developing close friendships with the circle of women who feel forever my sisters.The best thing is that after the training I no longer wonder or hope that I can be a good facilitator; I know for sure that I am capable of doing it well."

- Shena, Ca

"I didn't even know that I was searching for the spiritual and thoroughly divine space the Leadership Training program provides, but I can only thank the great divine plan for bringing this program and the work of Celebration of Being (and Rajyo and Britta) to my doorstep exactly at the moment that I was on my knees praying for the support, guidance and transcendence my soul longed for...this program is exactly what leaders need to become the holistic, fully present, fully awake facilitators they are capable of becoming to lead more and more people toward ultimate liberation. I truly believe that women's freedom will wash the world with a healing love that will undeniably bring the next frontiers of conscious human existence. The Leadership Program makes this a real possibility."

- Paula, Ca

*if your application is denied your deposit will be refunded to you.

Celebration of Being

Transformational Leadership Training

*Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 30 days (or more) prior to the start of Module I of the Training:
You will receive your payment back minus the deposit.
The $1200 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Cancellation 29 days (or less) prior to the start of Module I of the Training:
If you have paid in full, and you are not completing the training for any reason, you will not receive a refund. However your payment can be transferred to another Leadership Training within two years.

If you are on a monthly payment plan you are obliged to complete your full payment, regardless of whether or not you complete the Training. Your payment can be transferred to another Leadership Training within two years.

Once the Training has started:
Deposit and full Payment are non-refundable and non-transferable.
If you are on a monthly payment plan you are obliged to complete your full payment, regardless of whether or not you complete the Training.

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Land Celebration - Gore, VA and Dancing Deer Farm - Templeton, CA

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