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Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators 2018

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Island of Hawai'i


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Announcing the 2018 Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators.
It's our fourth year, and each one gets better than the last!!
This year it’s in Big Island, Hawaii!
7 days, 6 extraordinary teachers, and we are opening registration for just 20 attendees (Our first ticket has already sold) Every year we have sold out!!! RSVP now : https://201811tifefhi.eventbrite.com/

This is the greatest creative inspiration I have ever created. It's a culmination of my life's work thus far. I have spent eleven years now traveling the country learning and practicing these tools and now I want to share them with you.
So many of you have asked for the steps, for a training to be able to do what I do, well I'm going to offer you one better.... I'm going to offer you an intensive, a "Monique Boot Camp" if you will, with myself and some other extraordinary facilitators, to help you find out what's in the way of you being able to offer your greatest gift to the world to your clients, workshop attendees, partners, every aspect of your life, YOU! You are the gift!!

Let's start with the dates November 1-8, 2018

I have assembled some of the most incredible facilitators on the planet into one place;

This year’s lineup includes Lawrence Lanoff, Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Shawn Roop, Ashley Jenkins, AND WE JUST ADDED James Stevenson, and Cathy Vartuli

Cathy Vartuli will be offering : Positioning Your Marketing And Your Business To Inspire and Serve.

The conflict between making a living and making a difference can seem impossible to surmount. It often seems like you can sell, or follow your heart and your mission, but not both. And while you don't want to sell out, you need to pay your rent!
What if you could go a bit deeper and inspire and make a more profound difference, with a few small upgrades and a couple insights?
It is possible. Heart-centered marketing, copywriting, and promotion can actually serve your audience and educate them while they get clarity on what's right for them.
Cathy will share the skills and understanding (and help you reach your own clarity and truth around marketing and business) that helped her sell programs in over 70 countries and reach 1000's of people.
Imagine sitting down to write promotion with joy and eagerness in your heart, and having clients thank you for your Sales Pages! And eagerly stepping into your classroom. After this half day of interactive tuning, you'll have words to share that touch deeply while helping your business support you beautifully.

AND James will be offering maps to create a more integrated facilitation approach in any situation and how to realize what essential aspects of reality you are ignoring. He will be offering a deeper understanding of group dynamics and building a sensitivity to the nervous system in individuals and the group so you can consciously work with if for the optimum effect.

International experts in the disciplines of :
Authenticity and Vulnerability
Sacred Sexuality
Radical Self Acceptance
Personal Accountability
Energetic Mastery
Orgasmic Touch
Personal Rapport
Fearless Relating
Practitioner Financial Stability (business savvy to make money doing what you love)

It will be limited to 20 participants, an intimate group, that will eat together, sleep together, learn, expand, and transform together in a gorgeous private off-grid festival and retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii mere minutes from the beach.
I have crammed the juiciest, the most divine, the most potent things I have learned into these 7 days. This will push you. Wherever you are at in your practice, whether you are just getting started and could use a wider range of tools, or you have been facilitating for years and have reached a plateau, or you are going strong but in danger of settling into a comfort zone. This will invite you to new levels, to deeper depths. I am offering the steps that I took (concentrated), real world tools for practitioners who are ready to take their next step, fundamentals for advanced studies, including offering my top mistakes and the greatest gifts I got from them, so you won't have to make them!

You will also get access to a private facebook group for follow up and support to integrate the unique concepts you take away from the experience.
Intrigued yet?

RSVP : https://201811tifefhi.eventbrite.com/

I call it a Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators. It's $3247 for the first one to buy, then $3497 for the next 2 of you who join, it's only $3997 after that. There is a payment plan that works like this. $1,500 down (nonrefundable), $1,500 by June, and the final $1,000 by Sep 1st. Whether you go with the payment plan or pay it all up front you will want to get your tickets soon because …

I will be interviewing this years facilitators one by one until you have had a chance to meet them all. Each teacher is going to give their perspective on the three fundamental elements that this entire intensive is about.
Self Acceptance
Self Love
Self Accountability

This price includes a bed at the retreat center, food, all the incredible nightime activites, a beautiful land to explore, plus who wouldn't want to be in Hawaii in November?
A pre call from each of our presenters, and post follow up integration with a Facebook group where you can share ideas, questions, and we can all follow up with each other as you bring forth your extraordinary Facilitator skills into the world.
and sooooooooo much more!

The 7 days will include

How to do your own inner work on a consistent basis so that you are available to be the most impeccable conscientious present facilitator/practitioner you can be and ultimately how to find your own path of falling in love with yourself. Check in’s every morning, as I help you integrate the lessons from the day before, and introduce the new presenter and why I chose them to add to our adventure, how they shaped my life/practice.

The Fundamentals (Monique and Peter)
Tips, Skills, & a frank discussion on what it takes to stay sane when the road IS home.
How to Juggle relationships without having a "home base."
Navigate clients that wish more ongoing work, when you won't be back for another 6 months (Empowerment VS Enabling).
Get super clear on self-care requirements, and ask for you what you need ahead of time from your hosts/producers
Establish networking circles, create healthy win/wins with hosts/producers of your events in each city
And The big one...How to prioritize your time, delegate to others, take time off to sight see, yet create a sustainable financial system for ongoing classes, workshops and sessions.
Diversity, especially around race
Yoga..."booty yoga"
Ways to support life change, relationships transitions, and how to bring a person into pure purpose.
Ideas to impact the societal level with your gifts and wisdom.
Gain the skills to create ideal, repeat, high dollar clientele.
How to not facilitate/practice as a wounded healer.
"Dangerous Tantra"
Learn how to incorporate hands on demonstrations into your educational offerings!
Consent, why it’s crucial to an ethical practice, and demonstrate tools you can teach your clients in-session that help them learn how to both listen to and voice their authentic needs and desires.
How to break through belief systems, first your own so you can see more clearly past your own filters and then how to help your clients and workshop attendees break through theirs.
Learn to see life using pleasure as your gauge.
the delicious land of Energetics
Lawrence Lanoff's "the 5 games" we are all playing in life..........
How to change lives AND get paid decently for it?
A learnable approach to the business of being a sex educator that would augment your strengths, make you more prolific with less stress, inspire your fans and clients, free up more time for you to relax and recharge, and help you make money without feeling “salesy,” pushy, or creepy?
3 crushing mistakes most sex educators are making that leave them frustrated, burnout and broke, and the successful business models and practices that will help you turn your calling into a life-long, successful career.

We will close out this incredible week of extraordinariness with an Energetic Sex Play Party to help integrate everything you have learned this week.

All of this for $3997
$3247 (save $750) if you the first to pay it all at once or $3497 for the next 2 or three payments of $1,500 down (Non refundable), $1,500, and the remaining $1,000 by September 15
SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE: RSVP : https://201811tifefhi.eventbrite.com/ (LIMITED TO 20 participants)

I arrived at the intensive a bit reserved, unsure why I was there, seeking...something. I was completely immersed in the deepest most passionate teachings of ten of the most extraordinary facilitators I have ever known. I found amongst my peer group similarly extraordinary individuals. I left the intensive with so much confidence, drive, so much ownership of myself. You know what Ewa? I am an extraordinary individual.
We all are.
You are. You deserve to know that without question, without limitation. And if you already have that locked down... you get to go even deeper. I was triggered, I was overwhelmed, I was expanded. A switch was flipped from off to on. I am on now.


Do it. Best investment I've made in to myself and the growth of my business. It empowered me to get clear about what my gifts are and how to share them. It inspired me to get creative and productive. I've made a fb biz page, designed biz cards and have been steadily plucking away at my website (that I've been "working" on for over a year) and I think most importantly it helped me work through some of my own shit. I've now come to realize we aren't really able to be at our best for our clients when we aren't continually working on ourselves. I originally saw this retreat as a "gift" to myself and now I see it as a well worth and necessary investment in myself as a person as well as a business woman. I came back with clarity of what I want in my relationships and life. And with the tools to get it. It has taught me how to be a better parent, lover and friend. Oh and super bonus- my orgasms have become even more intense and pleasurable.

I couldn't be happier and I am so thankful to Monique for having the wisdom to know exactly who to invite as teachers.


Knowledge is power and I feel like dynamite after the intensive. I've been to many retreats and workshops and this one is so packed full of useful applicable information the value is definitely there plus all of the networking opportunities with leaders in the field, different perspectives, practices you can incorporate into your own work, the confidence and tools you will gain etc. a priority in any facilitator's continuing education!


Well I learned how to be my best self now and that I can be a teacher and learned about my limiting beliefs and how to change the ones that weren't serving me into something better, and a lot more, it really opened my eyes to the possibilities
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Island of Hawai'i


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