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JUN 21

- with KEN CHI



As many of you know, that I have chosen to not use too much descriptions about the work that I facilitate, and it is because I know that most of the energetic work that happens really is beyond the mind, and is also about going beyond the mind into a deeper realtiy that carries Truth beyond what conditionings of family, society or of this world. Whatever descriptions that have been used or availble really just scratches the surface of the real Body, like trying to describe a piece of Art to someone not there to experience it will always filter the actual thing or experience, and even if you are standing in front of it, there will still be some filters until you realize your own oneness with the art.

This session is about connecting to your Being with the energetic support of Source and whatever it is that your Higher Self has in store for you, and I serve as a channel to bring in whatever energies that is needed through my own connection with Source and the Christ Consciousness. Many of us have been in a deep process of birthing ourselves towards a higher version of ourselves that we intuitively feel is more aligned to our own Truth, or to Truth, Oneness and Love, the momentum and energetic support that is now availble now allows us to further re-member and trust what has always been deeply buried as a seed that is now in its own journey of delicate unfolding.

I have recognized that my sessions have become more powerful and that I can bring through even more energies and dimensions to the sessions, and you too, have become more powerful in your Being in One.

See you soon,

With Love



Note: The call will be recorded so you may reconnect to the energies and the sound work at your convenience. It is recommended for you to be present at the suggested time. For those who cannot attend the call, you can still register and receive the video recording and has the same energy.

Registration with Eventbrite in link below ( Dial In Conference Number will be emailed to you upon registration)


Date : 21St JUNE 2018
Time: 9pm - 9:45pm (New York time).
Where: This is an online video conferenece call by registration only, the video is recorded and replay is available for the registered participants even if they cannot make it on the exact time.
Cost: $33 USD per person.

People's Experiences:

"Hello Ken...its been a few days since the Shakti Energy transmission, and though normally I would respond earlier, I felt like I needed to take a little time to allow the energy to integrate, and then give more feedback...my experience on Thursday was very intense, and one that brought brand new experiences to this life for me...I felt a strong Egyptian connection to the Goddess, and found myself making gestures with my hands that resembled that!! I felt a lot of activation for the first time in my spine which you had alluded to might happen...as well I felt a connection with other beings, that I can't quite explain, but know that they were with me and making it abundantly clear to me! I awoke the next morning having dreamt vividly, but not remembering my dreams! As well, I felt the best I've felt after a nights sleep in a very long time...bursting with energy...and then later on that day I did something I rarely ever do...I was guided to take a nap and slept for almost two hours, which is crazy to me! IAM left with the feeling and understanding that Thursdays date will be one for me to remember, as a pivotal turning point in my evolution here in this lifetime, with more juiciness to continue to follow...Namaste Brother" - Todd Patterson

"I met Ken in March of 2014. I was struggling with plenty of anger towards different facets of my life, and a couple of weeks before I really tried to release the emotion through physical and religious means but none could allow me to let it go and really breathe. Little did I know, my life had all been leading up to meeting Ken and opening up a whole different set of realities possible. A shift happened. When I met Kenthe Divine/ light energy that was
channeled through him to me was so strong unlike anything I could have ever imagined since literally shook me for 2 hours. When I opened my eyes, I forgot anger, sadness, and hate, and only love stayed. It was a release that I did not know was possible. The following months after and even to today have triggered events in my life that only my soul could have known. Ken is just light. Conveyor of truth. Example of love. For his purpose on this planet, I am grateful. Thank you! Sending love! " - Stephanie Gaerlan - NYC

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