Tranceport Festival

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Tranceport Festival

A hypnotic trance-inducing affirmation begins..

By Tri Vision Events

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April 14 · 1pm - April 16 · 1pm PDT


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  • 2 days
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-A new, co-creative boutique experience, centered in Art, Flow Arts & Cosplay, while showcasing the very best in underground TRANCE, PSYTRANCE & TECHNO!🎶🌵✨🪩

ART- Tranceport Festival is a mecca for artists of all styles, backgrounds, and talents. Since our event is based on a co-creative experience where everyone is a participant, dressing for the occasion is essential in bringing this magical, otherworldly atmosphere to life. This year we are going with a SCI-FI & FANTASY theme - any COSPLAY attire is welcome & highly encouraged! There will be a costume contest, flow meetups, and skills workshops TBA!

MUSIC- We have carefully curated our musical lineup with thoughtfulness and seek out those who love to experiment and have a true passion for what they do. While we enjoy all styles of electronic music, Tranceport Festival will explore and blur the lines between the many subgenres of trance and techno, with a splash of classics in the mix. Styles our artists will be showcasing are ~ TECHNO-TRANCE, TECH TRANCE, HARD TRANCE, PSYTRANCE, PSYTECH, HARD TECHNO, ACID, NEORAVE and so much more! If you like high-energy music that gets you moving on the dance floor, this is the festival for you!

Tri Vision Events is rooted in DIY, 90's rave counterculture and aims to revive the pillars of our scene - PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and RESPECT. Join us for this specially curated ARTISTIC & MUSICAL journey, into the Cosmos and Beyond!!✨

-Funktion-One Sound

-48 Hours of NON-STOP music

-One Stage, One Vibe, One Tribe!

-Live Art/Live Painters

-Flow Arts (Fire/LED Performances)

-Flow Meetups (Open to all Attendees)

-Sci-fi & Fantasy-themed event, any Cosplay welcomed & encouraged!

-Costume Contest




-PLUR Vibes!!🌈✨💕

-Mojave Desert Location (2 hrs from LA

-Leave No Trace♻️event

-Age 18+ w/ID



Tier 1 - Sold Out!

Tier 2 - Sold Out!

Final Tier - $80


***Location & Property Rules***

-TRANCEPORT FESTIVAL is a campout in the Mojave Desert. Bring everything you need to survive for 3 days, such as plenty of water and enough food. We are expecting nice weather in April with average temps in the high-70s to low-50s, but always be prepared for unpredictable desert weather.

-DIRECTIONS: We are doing this OLD SCHOOL Underground Rave Style! Location will be released the day of the event. Only share with those you know & trust! For those traveling out of town, the nearest city is Barstow, CA & approx. 2 hours from Los Angeles. Eventbrite ticket holders, check your email on the day of the event or go to our FB Event Page➡️

-Doors are open at 12pm-Friday, April 14th and the event will run until 1pm-Sunday, April 16th. Everyone will need to exit the venue by 2pm on Sunday, April 16th.

-For everyone’s Safety, Peace of Mind & Consideration for the Land - Please NO glass containers - NO open fires - NO pets - NO renegade sound systems. Age 18+ w/ ID only.

-This is a LEAVE NO TRACE♻️event, which means you are responsible for taking home your own trash and doing your best to leave your campsite as if you were never there. Be especially mindful of your MICROTRASH. Please do not toss cigarette butts or bottlecaps on the ground.

-Trash bags will be provided at the gate. RESPECT the land, wildlife & each other, so that we may continue to put on events in the beautiful Mojave Desert. Thank you!💚

-To learn more about the principles of Leave No Trace➡️


***Artist Lineup!!!***

CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE (3 hr set) / Label Head: Pharmacy Music

DJ JORDAN - U.S. DEBUT (Germany) / HQ Noir, Autektone Records, Ithica Records, Black Snake Recordings, Gain Records

GANESH (Techno Set) / HTE, Outburst, FSOE, Dolma Rec / Label Head: HQ Recordings, HQ Noir, HQ Ascension

THEE-O (Trance Set) / re:love, Viva La Tech

TRICERADROPS / Pharmacy Music, BMSS Records

CLAWZ & CASSKA Presents Generation Chaos (special 3 hr NEORAVE set) / Rave Alert (Clawz) & DBMC (Casska)


dela MOON (Techno Set) / Moontribe Collective

BRAD MOONTRIBE / Moontribe Collective

CHADWICK MOONTRIBE / Moontribe Collective

chelsie241 / Moontribe Collective

DREW HOLLY / Wulfpack, Terrakroma, Black Square Recordings, Moontribe Collective



DJ DENISE (Trance Set)

MICHAEL LIU / Secret Psychedelica, Maharetta Records, Pisces Music

FOGGY RAY / Pharmacy Music, Let it Out Records

GIZMA / Antu Records

TEKTRIX / Pharmacy Music, Sculpted Sounds


gALEXii (Psytrance Set) / Super Trippy Hippie

CHRISTINA ASHLEE / HQ Recordings, DI.FM Resident DJ, Subatomic, Electronic Agenda

LOST IN TIME / HQ Recordings, A+R Ballistic/Rated Records


ATHENA (Techno Set) / Boogie Factory/SF

frankieGMZ (Techno Set) / Tri Vision Events Resident DJ

NATURAL HIGH (Techno/Hardgroove Set) / Tri Vision Events Resident DJ


***Flow Artists, LED/Fire Performers & Dancers!!!***

Flowed Out Dayze ~ Flow Arts Coordinator

Bright Sky

Brandon Ward


Flowing Flower

Julie Saucin




Esoterika Sol

Chancey Frank

Olivia Taylor

Courtney Fortner



Maya Blaze

Emily Deabreu ~ Lyra Performer

Vera Vanguard ~ Go-Go Dancer

Lil Demon ~ Go-Go Dancer


***Tranceport Festival 2023 Flow Meetups***

-DJ Sets/Meetup Times TBA

-We will be having open flow meetup circles for anyone that wants to show off their skills or learn new ones, practice, create, inspire, and connect with like-minded individuals!❤️‍🔥

-All props and styles are welcome! Bring your daytime flow toys, LED and fire props! POI, FANS, HOOPS, TRIADS, STAVES, WHIPS, WANDS, ORBITS, FLAGS, TORCHES, STAFFS, BATONS, SABERS, SPHERES, GLOVES, RINGS..AND SO ON!✨

*Martial Arts props with any type of blade are excluded from this list, and are not allowed.

*Anyone who intends to spin fire must check-in at the gate and practice safe fire-spinning techniques. The fire circle will be located away from the dancefloor at a safe distance, please be mindful of other attendees, fellow flow artists & dancers. Thank you!


***Live Artists/Painters***

Dylan Thomas Brooks

Annelise McKay


Richard A. Powell



Kalee B. Choiniere

Matthew Villa


Teddy Rhodes

Bruce Boyd

Jossimar Comodo

Suzy Adra

Naomi Duben

Charles XXV - Installation Artist



Maya Blaze

~Hoop Trance & Dance Workshop~

A follow-along hoop experience to help people access their own unique flow state!

Suzy Adra

~Painting as Tantric Practice~

Let’s see what happens when we use dance to harness the energy to paint. Paint supplies available but feel free to bring your own and join the experiment! No painting experience required.

Harm Reduction Workshops, Essentials & Free Water provided by Harm Reduction Circle!

Check them out here➡️



Exist The Alien

Stroke Family Creations


Earth Tribe Designs

Turtle's Magic Touch


Photography ~ Beau McGavin

Photography ~ Philly The Kid

Funktion-One Sound by Chino Sound

Shade Structure by Khorde Vision

Deco/Stage Design by Space Nature Tech



Check out our Tranceport Festival Playlist!!➡️


Questions & Volunteer inquiries➡️

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Tri Vision Events

$60 – $80