Training in Method #7 Snaptesting ONLY for Graduates of BJ Fogg’s Boot Camp

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David Ngo (the smiling man in the middle of the picture) brings you . . .

Behavior Design Training in (Method #7) Snaptesting ONLY for Graduates of BJ Fogg’s Boot Camp

**The ticket price is PER TEAM (up to five people in the same organization)**

Where you stand now:

Hey Boot Camper! David Ngo here. So, you've systematically defined your behavior (steps 1 to 4) and designed your potential solution (steps 6 & 7). But, you haven't yet tested anything.

You didn't get to Snaptesting because BJ can't do everything in two days, so, we decided for me to do this piece for you. This way, you can round out the 7-Step Behavior Design process with testing the psychology behind an idea or behavior in 4 hours of work or less (Snaptesting).

I look forward to the opportunity to help complete your training in the seventh and last step in Behavior Design.

Method #7: Snaptesting training overview

A Snaptest is a quick quantitative test that helps your team determine if your team should invest more resources in an idea/behavior, or if the team should move on to solving a different behavior problem.

What to look forward to by training with me:

  • Learn what Snaptesting is (and what it isn't) through case studies and case reversals.

  • Learn how to Snaptest with your team (and apply it to your actual project).

  • Practice Snaptesting with your team by launching one test (and collect insights within 5 days).

  • One week later, together we'll review and co-design the next iteration of the Snaptest

What this means for your team specifically:

  • 1x 90-minute training (what, how, examples, and you apply to your project).

  • Your team designs and launches Snaptest #1 by yourselves (and collect insights within 5 days).

  • 1x 1-hour consulting (we'll review, troubleshoot and co-design Snaptest #2)

  • Your team launches Snaptest #2 (and collect even more insights within another 5 days).

  • After running two Snaptests (with 20 participants) in two weeks, you and your team will feel confident in your ability to design and run Behavior Design Snaptests on your own.

Additionally, you and your team will get:

  • Snaptesting Expert Guide by BJ and me (a special four-page tactical reference for your team)

  • Snaptesting Tracking Template (that I actually use with clients to make logistics easy)

  • Snaptesting Report Template (that I actually use with clients to present your insights effectively)

What industry people have said about Snaptesting with me:

The BD experiments that David then helped us to design were the most fun customer research I've ever done!- Eleanor (Pearson)

"The business case I put together was praised for the amount of evidence I was able to provide, and the behavior design workshop and the behavior design experiments were an important part of that." - Confidential

"I've got great news about Project X. We've got the go ahead for running a pilot early next year. We're about to start building the app! - Confidential

"Snaptesting allowed us to check our ideas and hypothesis. But it also gave us new ideas to implement on the V2 of the app we were working on. It is a great method to get new insights!" - Carine (health startup)

Some Details:


  • Snaptest Training is done virtually on Zoom Video privately with you and your team.

  • If an in-person onsite or an offsite is desired, then please contact me at:


  • After your purchase confirmation, we will find a mutual time that works best.

Policy for Transfers and Cancellations:

You may transfer your training at any time for an administration fee of $200.

If you need to cancel, we will refund what was paid minus the cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • 4 weeks+ notice = $200.00

  • Under 4 weeks notice = $500.00

  • Less than 10 days notice = $950.00

There are no refunds for cancellations that occur within 72 hours of the start of this Training.

You may transfer your registration to another person or cancel by contacting us at


Contact David Ngo here:

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