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Concourse is a open source CI/CD system with approximately 100 integrations, which allows developers to modernize the cloud-native software delivery. Being originally built specifically for Cloud Foundry, Concourse helps build pipelines to shorten the software delivery iteration cycle by automating testing, deployment and publishing processes.


  • DevOps engineers seeking a deep understanding of how to leverage modern CI/CD pipelines in software delivery process and get a better knowledge around Concourse architecture and its components.


By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and understand the benefits and what problems CI/CD can solve

  • Understand the Concourse architecture and its components

  • Manage Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines using Fly CLI

  • Install and create application pipelines using best practices

  • Use Concourse in operations, configuring it to your needs and integration with third-party servicesrn


Altoros recommends that all students have:

  • Basic knowledge of Linux:

    • SSH to a remote host

    • Copying files between a local machine and a remote Linux host

    • Editing files in Linux using vim, nano or Emacss

    • Basic command line operation

  • Experience with Docker:

    • Running applications inside Docker containers

    • What is a Docker container?

    • How are containers different from virtual machines?

    • What is a Docker image?

  • Workstation with:

    • SSH client (such as ssh or Putty)

    • A web browser (Chrome/Firefox)

    • Ability to download and install software

    • Internet connection

    • Public internet access on TCP ports 22, 80, 8080 and 443


Day 1

Introduction : Agenda for the training. General introduction for continuous integration and continuous delivery. What are the benefits of CI/CD.

Concourse Overview : Concourse overview. About Concourse, what is Concourse and why should you use it. Comparison with other CI tools, advantages and disadvantages

Fly CLI : Management activities using Fly CLI

Study Points & Workshop

  • Connecting to Concourse

  • Get information about pipelines

  • Get information about workers and volumes

Introduction to Concourse components : Terminology used with Concourse. Overview of various components; teams, pipelines, jobs, tasks, resources, builds, and workflow

Local Concourse Installation : Installing and creating application pipelines locally

Study Points & Workshop

  • Install Docker

  • Running Concourse using Docker

  • Alternative deployment methods

Hello World task : Introduction to creating simple task

Study Points & Workshop

  • Creating task manifests

  • Using fly to add and remove task

Task inputs : Processing files/folders inside Concourse tasks

Study Points & Workshop

  • Adding inputs

  • Using local inputs

  • Using remote inputs

Task scripts : Build, release, run scripting inside Concourse tasks

Study Points & Workshop

  • Adding task scripts

  • Accessing inputs with task scripts

  • Debugging and troubleshooting task scripts

Containers : Customising containers with Docker images

Study Points & Workshop

  • Review default containers

  • Creating a Dockerfile

  • Maintaining Docker images

  • Intercepting/hijacking containers

Resources : Retrieving and publishing content with Concourse resources

Study Points & Workshop

  • Adding a resource to a pipeline

Resource types : Available resource types with examples and exercises

Study Points & Workshop

  • Review core resources

  • Resource type standards

  • Adding a custom resource to a pipeline

Triggers and automation : How to trigger and automate your CI/CD pipelines

Study Points & Workshop

  • Understanding trigger behaviours

  • Adding triggers to a pipeline

  • Explore different trigger types

  • Triggering pipelines using fly

    Task outputs : Exporting files/folders from Concourse tasks

    Study Points & Workshop

    • Storing state using task outputs

    • Different output types

    • Common output use cases

        Task workflows : Passing artifacts between different tasks using inputs and outputs

        Study Points & Workshop

        • Adding multiple jobs to a pipeline

        • Passing task outputs into task inputs

        • Creating a application CI/CD workflow in a single pipeline

        Publishing applications and releases : Creating final releases of applications and external publishing

        Study Points & Workshop

        • Publishing applications from Concourse

        Parameters : Configuration and change management using parameters

        Study Points & Workshop

        • Customising deployment jobs and tasks with parameters

        Secret management : Securing secrets using credential management with Credhub

        Study Points & Workshop

        • Adding credentials

        • Accessing CredHub credentials with Concourse

        • Alternative credential management integrations

        Day 2

        Concourse with Git : Using Git with Concourse pipelines

        Study Points & Workshop

        • Adding a Git resource to a pipeline

        • Git resource configuration

        Concourse with Time : Scheduling jobs inside Concourse pipelines using the time resource

        Study Points & Workshop

        • Adding a time resource to a pipeline

        • Time resource configuration

        Concourse with Semantic Versioning : Adding application versioning to your CI/CD pipeline using the semver resource

        Study Points & Workshop

        • Adding a semver resource to a pipeline

        • Semver resource configuration

          Concourse with S3 file/artifact storage : Publishing binaries and artifacts using the S3 resource

          Study Points & Workshop

          • Adding a S3 resource to a pipeline

          • S3 resource configuration

              Concourse with a custom resource : Adding and using Azure Blobstore, an IaaS specific custom resources

              Study Points & Workshop

              • Adding ABs resource to a pipeline

              • ABs resource configuration

              Concourse with Cloud Foundry : Pushing applications directly to Cloud Foundry using the cf resource

              Study Points & Workshop

              • Adding a CF resource to a pipeline

              • CF resource configuration

                12-factor applications : What makes a cloud-native 12-factor application

                Study Points & Workshop

                • Code-review of 12-factor example application

                Build pipelines : Creating build pipelines

                Study Points & Workshop

                • Creating a build pipeline from scratch

                  Release pipelines : Creating release pipelines

                  Study Points & Workshop

                  • Creating a release pipelines from scratch

                  Deployment pipelines : Creating deployment pipelines

                  Study Points & Workshop

                  • Creating a deployment pipelines from scratch

                    Blue/Green deployments : Blue/Green deployments using Concourse pipelines

                    Study Points & Workshop

                    • Extending and creating a blue/green deployment pipeline

                    CI/CD Best practices : Tips, tricks and pitfalls when creating Concourse pipelines

                    Study Points & Workshop

                    • Test driven development exercises using fly execute

                      Day 3

                      Advanced task scripting : How to make resilient and extensible task scripts

                      Study Points & Workshop

                      • Creating application testing tasks to a Concourse pipeline

                      Creating custom containers with Docker : How to add and extend task capabilities by creating custom Docker containers for tasks

                      Study Points & Workshop

                      • Creating a custom container

                      • Using a custom container in Concourse

                      Creating custom resources : How to create custom resources for third-party CI/CD integrations including example third-party custom resources

                      Study Points & Workshop

                      • Creating a custom resource

                      • Using a custom resource in Concourse

                        Concourse component deep-dive : Deep-dive into the architecture and components that make up Concourse; ATC, TSA, DB, Garden, Containers, Volumes, Baggage Claim and Workers.

                        Concourse for Operators : Installing, operating and managing Concourse at scale on different infrastructures

                        Study Points & Workshop

                        • Installing Concourse on the Cloud using BOSH on Azure

                            Concourse Configuration : Concourse configuration options for logging, metrics, high availability and security

                            Study Points & Workshop

                            • Scaling Concourse

                            • Configuring Concourse to be highly available

                            Concourse Third-party Integrations : Supported third-party integrations; ASM, BBR, CredHub, OAuth, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Riemann, UAA, Vault and Yeller

                            Useful docs and resources : Various useful community docs and resources for help and troubleshooting

                            Extra Topics ( available only for private classes)

                            Monoliths and microservices

                            • Uses cases for microservices and when microservices shouldn't be used

                            Orchestration vs choreography

                            • Discussion, advantages, disadvantages and use cases


                            • Web app SSO, configuring TLS, HTTPS, PKI management

                            Service discovery

                            • Concepts and comparison of service discovery options including ZooKeeper, Eureka and Consul.

                            TDD - Test-Driven Development

                            • Unit-tests, component tests, integration tests and end-to-end tests. TDD theory.

                            XP - eXtreme Programming

                            • General concept, goals, rules and activities of the XP methodology

                            Metrics and monitoring

                            • Tools and services including examples

                            Payment info:

                            If you would like to get an invoice for your company to pay for this training, please email to training@altoros.com and provide us with the following info:

                            • Name of your Company/Division which you would like to be invoiced;
                            • Name of the person the invoice should be addressed to;
                            • Mailing address;
                            • Purchase order # to put on the invoice (if required by your company).

                            The tickets are limited, so hurry up to reserve your spot NOW!

                            ! Please note our classes are contingent upon having 7 attendees. If we don't have enough tickets sold, we will cancel the training and refund your money one week prior to the training.Thanks for the understanding.

                            This training is provided by Altoros, Cloud Foundry Summit approved training provider. Altoros has delivered training to VMware, SAP, EMC, Hospira, Siemens, Fidelity, and many others.

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                            Venue is being confirmed. Stay tuned!


                            United Kingdom

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