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[TRAINING] Cloud Foundry for Developers: NYC

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Venue is being confirmed. Stay tuned!

New York City

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Why this training?

This three-day course introduces application developers to the core principles of the microservices architecture, the Cloud Foundry architecture, CF components roles and limitations, common approaches to cloud-native development and best practices in using Cloud Foundry.

The participants will gain experience in troubleshooting techniques, app configuration and performance optimization in the cloud. This course is based on hands-on exercises and gives developers an extended overview of various tools, services and frameworks which become essential in Cloud Foundry.

Who should attend?

The Cloud Foundry training was developed for software engineers seeking a better understanding and knowledge of:

  • The Cloud Foundry platform and its components

  • How to use and manage apps with the platform

  • Applications life cycle in Cloud Foundry

  • The microservices toolset in a short period of time

Course objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of Cloud Foundry`s concepts

  • Use advanced troubleshooting techniques on Cloud Foundry

  • Build Java applications with Cloud Foundry.

  • Advanced apps configuration (service discovery, scaling apps, debugging, troubleshooting containerized services, etc.)

  • Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration basics with Concourse

  • Predict and avoid common issues and bottlenecks in microservices-oriented systems


Altoros recommends that all students have:

  • Previous experience with Java.

  • Experience with the Maven build tool and the Spring Boot framework

  • A basic understanding of the cloud computing concept

  • A basic knowledge of Linux:

    • Basic command line operations

    • Filtering command results using grep

    • Basic experience with git

  • A workstation with the following capabilities:

    • A web browser (Chrome/Firefox)

    • Internet connection

    • A firewall allowing outgoing connections on TCP ports 80 and 443

    • The hosts should have a Linux or Mac OS operating system or a Windows host with a Virtualbox environment installed

    • The following developer utilities should be installed:

      • Java

      • 8 Maven

      • a Git client

      • the Cloud Foundry CLI

  • It is preferable to have hosts with a Linux or Mac OS operating system or a Windows host with a Virtualbox environment installed.

Payment info:

  • If you would like to get an invoice for your company to pay for this training, please email to training@altoros.com and provide us with the following info:

    • Name of your Company/Division which you would like to be invoiced;
    • Name of the person the invoice should be addressed to;
    • Mailing address;
    • Purchase order # to put on the invoice (if required by your company).

    The tickets are limited, so hurry up to reserve your spot NOW!

    This training is provided by Altoros, Cloud Foundry Summit approved training provider. Altoros has delivered training to VMware, SAP, EMC, Hospira, Siemens, Fidelity, and many others.

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Date and Time


Venue is being confirmed. Stay tuned!

New York City

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