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Traditional Japanese Fermented Foods Series

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New Leaf Community Markets

150 San Mateo Road

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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With Eriko Yokoyama and Masumi Diaz

This class series will use a traditional culture called Koji. Koji is rice inoculated with the special and safe bacteria called Aspergillus oryzae. Koji has been the key ingredient to make miso, soy sauce, sake, mirin, rice vinegar, amazake, shochu, and shio- Koji. It’s a live food that is rich in enzymes that break down starches and proteins in food into sugars and amino acids and has many health benefits, including:

*Promotes beneficial healthy gut bacteria

*Full of beneficial enzymes.

*High in nutrients, including B vitamins, biotin and folic acid.

*Increases bioavailability of minerals.

*Contains short-chain fatty acids, which help improve immune system function.

This series breaks down as follows:

Class #1: Sunday, November 12: Shio-Koji

Shio- Koji is a fermented mixture of Koji and shio (sea salt) and water – as a substitute seasoning of salt and has significant health benefit as other fermented food. It can marinate meat, chicken and fish to tenderize and enhance umami; makes quick pickles; and can be added to both savory and sweet dishes. This class offers how to prepare shio- Koji and recipes including using on turkey- just in time for Thanksgiving!

Class #2: Sunday, Januyary 14: Miso

Miso is a delicious, high-protein seasoning that has been used everyday in the Japanese kitchen for 1300 years. Miso is made with cooked soybeans, Koji and sea salt, then fermented for about 6 months. The fermentation process restores beneficial probiotic that helps break down the amino acids in soybeans and make other foods easier to digest. In this class you’ll learn how to make 2 lb organic miso to take home, and learn the many different ways that miso is used. Since this is a simple but lengthy process, we will prepare for you in advance and explain how we did it.

Class #3: Sunday, January 28: Amazake

Ama-zake (meaning sweet sake) is a Japanese traditional sweet, non-alcoholic drink made with cooked rice (porridge) or cooked oatmeal, and rice Koji. Amazake is believed to be very nutritious. It contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Folic acid, Dietary fiber. Amazake can be eaten as a dessert, snack, and can be used as a natural sweetening agent in baby food, salad dressing, smoothies, etc. It is often considered a hangover cure in Japan. In this class, you will learn how to make and use amazake. You will also have an opportunity to taste variety of amazake.

About the instructors:

Health nut friends Eriko and Masumi started making Miso, Natto, Pickled plum and Sauerkrau together for the family more than a decade ago. They learned so many things over the years about fermented foods and recognized the importance and benefits of it for gastrointestinal health. Both Eriko and Masumi grew up with a probiotic-rich traditional Japanese diet in Japan. Eriko learned authentic French cooking at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and owned a restaurant for 13 years. And now Masumi and Eriko are passionate about sharing the fermented food classes with our community!

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New Leaf Community Markets

150 San Mateo Road

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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