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Toshiba Dealer Review for Zultys Hosted Platform

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“……Toshiba Corporation has deemed it necessary to wind-down its global Telecommunications Systems business.”
Well, this was a complete surprise to us, and I’m sure a total shock to you. I’m also sure you are getting a message like this from every direction, so I’ll be brief and to the point. I’m not going to tell you about our award winning, fully functional, highly reliable, price competitive product, but I could. It is a great product and I hope you will want to learn about it soon. What I will tell you is we think we understand the position you are in today.

  • What do I do with these systems I have just sold? Do I install a brand new system knowing the manufacturer is getting out of the business?
  • What about all of my quotes? Do I have to start all over, un-sell and resell each prospect?
  • What are my existing customers thinking? They must be concerned about future support.
  • Oh, and my competitors are going to have a field day with this news, attacking my customer base.
  • Now I have to find a new product line, train my technicians, new demo system, spare parts.How much is this going to cost?
  • What will revenue look like this month, next month?

Sound like I’m hitting on the right issues? I’d like to help, and I’m not hiding the fact that this a great opportunity for Zultys, we would like to grow our business and adding quality resellers to our channel is a great benefit. But, I would like to help and earn the opportunity of becoming your partner. So, I’m going to make an offer to you. Zultys will;

  • Match your Toshiba cost on any deal you have closed (including Government and National Accounts pricing)
  • Match your cost on any quote you have outstanding
  • Provide no cost technical certification via web / video sessions (No travel, hotel, meals), and minimize the time your techs are out of the field
  • Provide all system configuration to match your pending installations / outstanding proposals
  • Assist directly with the re-sell efforts required by your end user and prospect
  • Provide remotely all system programming for all installations until you reach certification
  • And, we will provide you with the best phone system/unified communications system/collaboration system in the business.One you can sell for an on premise installation, or virtualized, or in your cloud, or in our cloud. Buy it, rent it wholesale, or fully hosted, it’s the same product no matter its configuration or how it goes to market.

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