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Toi Magazine's "EntitleDID To Life" Conference & Gala Dinner

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$25 – $295

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Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

1333 Old Bayshore Highway

Burlingame, CA 94010

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Toi Magazine's "EntitleDID To Life" Conference and Gala Dinner is a personal development event specifically for those w/ DID or OSDD.

About this event


The effect of the stigma towards DID and OSDD can lead to shame, guilt, and the fear that you are broken; set up for failure in life. This conference is created to show your system otherwise by surrounding you with other systems on different paths of life that STILL made their dream career happen, healthy marriage, children, system communication, education, and the continuous journey of improving mental health possible. This event is to connect you to long-term recovery reosuces with specializing mental health professionals that ACTUALLY understand DID & OSDD.

You all ARE entitled to life.

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Where: SFO Hyatt Regency Hotel

Due to COVID-19, this event is currently being held on Nov. 6th & 7th 2020 virtually & in 2021 in-person as well as virtually. All tickets are transferred and honored for both of these dates (2020 & 2021).

New event date for 2021 in-person is September 17th & 18th of 2021.

San Francisco, California

Hyatt Regency SFO Airport

1333 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA 94010


Nearest Airport: SFO (Closest within 5 minutes) (FREE shuttle to and from SFO for those who are guests at the Hyatt hotel)

Second Closest: OAK(Within 45mins-1hr away from venue)

Transportation: Walking, Lyft, Uber, and other forms of rideshare including SF Ferry, etc. are great forms of transportation in San Francisco. Parking is on the venue property for a fee with the hotel.


September 17th & September 18th, 2021


Conference Day #1 Sept. 17th- 5:00pm-8:00pm (PST) (Virtual Attendees will be on-Zoom)

VIP Meet & Greet- Sept. 17th 8:45pm-10:30pm (PST) (Virtual Attendees will be on-Zoom)

Conference Day #2 Sept. 18th- 12:00pm-3:00pm (PST)(Virtual Attendees will be on-Zoom)

VIP Gala Dinner- Sept. 18th 7:00pm-11:00pm (PST) (Virtual Attendees will be on-Zoom)

Due to COVID-19, any/all event details are subject to change in an effort to keep our attendees health & safety into consideration, following CDC & local government agency's guidelines.


To accommodate guests that have or want to purchase an in-person ticket yet prefer to "stay-at-home", we have created monthly private group support workshops for you to enjoy, along with private giveaways, email advice/support, polls, quizzes, and more!! Additionally, you can download, save, and rewatch the entire event from the safety of your home. All info will be located in our ticket descriptions before purchase. Due to this accommodation, refunds will not be administered past 30 days of your original purchase date. Available if you are past this time frame is to enter our resale program via Eventbrite refund request.

Thank you for your understanding during these transitioning times!!

This Event Is For You If...

  • You have been diagnosed with DID, OSDD, or DPDR (Depersonalization/Derealization)and have felt shame & fear towards your diagnosis.
  • You have been diagnosed with DID, OSDD, or DPDR and feel a sense of isolation due to not having a community of friends who can relate to you & your system.
  • You suspect you may have DID, OSDD, or DPDR; You are a caregiver; You are interested in learning more about dissociation & dissociative disorders.
  • You are a student learning or a mental health professional who treats those with DID, OSDD, or DPDR. You would like to better understand your patients with DID & start realizing different issues they may be facing internally (system communication, etc.)
  • You fully embrace your system and/or those with DID or OSDD, and would like to celebrate that confidence/ proud acceptance in a setting that encourages community, non-judgement, and happiness.

Who Will Be There?

This Event Consists Of...

  • 2-Day Conference that covers the following topics: MUST BE 18 or OLDER (body), or a parent/guardian that is 18+ needs to be accompanied w/you & sign proper forms the day of the event.
  • NEW for ALL ATTENDEES WITH THIS TICKET!! Monthly Access to Zoom group support workshops (topics like "System Validation", "Grounding Tips", "Creating A Morning Routine", and more each month), daily emails from speakers & mh pros, & private giveaways for any individual ticket above $80. This is a GREAT option for anyone who wants the flexibility of staying at home for this event or attend in-person as these tickets allow you to choose either or for no extra cost. *This is NOT in replacement of therapy nor is this therapy group support. We highly recommend that if you need therapeutic services, to check out our sponsors, our licensed speakers, or within your area for extra support :)*

Sept. 17th My Diagnosis Story & Turning FEAR into a POSITIVE SAFE-PLACE for Yourself/Others

Various Systems will discuss their diagnosis story and the fear, shame, relief, or isolation they felt from getting their diagnosis. Mental health professionals will discuss the education behind DID/OSDD. To close out,systems speaking will also share with you how they turned their situation around & decided to be the change they did not initially see when bringing positive awareness to DID or OSDD. Mental health professionals will close out with advice on personal growth/education for systems.

Sept. 18th Personal Growth For Your System

(How to establish better communication with your system, Relationships or Marriage after Trauma, Integration, Flashbacks, Body Memories, and more on these topics discussed by licensed mental health professionals & diagnosed systems.)

  • Cocktail Hour (Appetizers & Beverages) provided by one of the Top 10 Catering Companies in San Francisco (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, & Meat Options Available All "High Quality Seasonal, Locally Produced and Sustainably Farmed Ingredients from the San Francisco Bay Area."
  • Grounding Room for Littles & Anyone Who May Need to Relax (Always Accessible)
  • VIP Gala Dinner- Before you leave to go back home, celebrate with the speakers and newly-created friendships made through the conference to an elaborately beautiful venue in San Francisco(Hyatt Regency SFO), seated meal (high-quality food, sustainable & locally sourced, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat options available at your request), fun trivia games, motivational music, and live comedy from DID Mental Health Comedian Fragmented Psyche (Monarchy of Roses), all in an INCLUSIVE & inviting space full of people who relate & understand you. (NO alcohol will be at this event.)
  • VIP Meet & Greet with our speakers (photos, autographs, questions, etc.)with Multiplicity And Me, Labryinth System, The Entropy System, and other speakers!! Social Distancing is in place during this activity due to CDC compliance/guidelines.
  • E-Conference & E-Gala Live Stream Access- The full event will NOT be on YouTube. This event will be recorded live on Zoom Webinar for those who would like to experienced both days of encouragement & excitement with us. You will be able to re-watch the conference/gala through Zoom with this ticket or any other conference/gala ticket.

This Event is Proudly Sponsored By:

Trauma Recovery Institute

Brooklyn Minds

Svenson Psychoanalytic Therapy

Patrick Tobey of Equanimity CC


If you buy any e-ticket(livestream) and later decide to go to the in-person event, you can email us at entitledidconference@gmail.com BEFORE you purchase your new ticket and we will transfer the amount of your previous ticket onto the new ticket.


FOR STUDENTS: EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR STUDENTS LISTED. PLEASE EMAIL BEFORE. PURCHASE, entitledidconference@gmail.com to show us a current student ID, or any paper confirming that you are a current student.


CEUS are currently not offered at this event.


YOU MUST BE 18 or OLDER to attend this conference/gala dinner. If under 18, a parent/guardian 18 or older must accompany you & sign the proper forms before check-in at the venue on start date of event.

You must have a valid I.D., Real I.D. driver's license, or passport in order to enter the conference. The name on your ticket MUST match the name on your provided identification.

This is an inclusive friendly & diverse event. We do not encourage discrimination,violence, etc. of any kind, therefore, if we do have issues of this sort, you will be escorted out of the facility by security, not refunded for your tickets, and re-entry will not be allowed for the remaining time of the event.

At any time, the event schedule and/or speaker panel may change. With this, we do & will stay true to the mission of this event; connecting those with DID/OSDD to recovery resources and/or others who can relate to their story in some way. Broadening mental health professionals perspectives to understand DID & OSDD for what it is and not what the stigma says it is.

Due to COVID-19, and other global occurences, this event can change to virtual at any time. If this occurs, all tickets will be honored/transferred to the new date & virutal event. Our refund policy will be in effect as normal & refund alternatives will be offered for those who do not wish to continue. We will do our best to allow that virtual event to still be quite engaging and in the safety of your home.

By attending this event, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your system's actions. If there are any actions done(physical or verbal) that are a threat to anyone at the conference or gala dinner, you will be escorted by security, not refunded for your ticket(s), and re-entry will not be allowed for the remaining time of the event.

Trigger Warning: Any or the speeches, content, etc. at this event can be triggering, therefore, if you are someone who is easily triggered we do advise that you do not come to this event. You are fully responsible for your system's physical and emotional safety. All speakers,sponsors, security, staff, etc. are not responsible if our event, live entertainment, music, presentations, interactions, all content at the event is triggering. Additionally, speaker panel can change with or without notice. If you do not favor a certain speaker, you can leave the event space and roam throughout the premises of the event (grounding room, etc.)Please take the needed precaution of this before purchasing your tickets.

Ticket Procedure, ID, Refunds, & Re-Sale:

ALL of our tickets are not for re-sale(As of June 15th, tickets can be re-sold on your own means/platform). We can also transfer tickets to a different person of your choice if you prefer, cancel your ticket w/o refund if preferred and out of extended 30 days after purchase refund policy, or donate your ticket to someone else who wants to attend virtually or in-person).

(Policy Previously Held From Jan 1st-June 14th,2020:

0-7 Days= Full Refund (excluding transaction fees)

8-14 Days= Partial Refund or Ticket Transfer

15+ Days= No Refund/Refund Alternatives Available)

Refund Policy: Refund Policy Update as of June 15th, 2020

0-30 Days After Purchase= Full Refund

31+ Days After Purchase= No Refund; Refund alternatives are listed above, as well as the option to cancel your ticket w/o funding.

The name on your ticket MUST have the exact name of your Identification card. We also ask that you keep your badge on during the entire event to ensure the safety of others.

Service Animals:

We do abide by the ADA, therefore service animals are allowed. We do ask that your service animal is under your control (the handler) by either voice control, harness, tether, or leash

Videography & Photography, & Audio Recordings:

By attending this conference you are agreeing to consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded(due to livestream; recording of event). Your entry constitutes your consent to such photography, filming and/or recording and to any use, in any and all media throughout the universe in perpetuity, of your appearance, & voice and any purpose whatsoever in connection with this event.

You understand that all photography, filming and/or recording will be done in reliance on this consent given by you by entering this conference/gala dinner.

If you do not agree to the foregoing, please do not attend the conference or gala dinner (or email us for more details as we will be live-streaming the event, re-posting photos/video/audio, and publishing media content in Toi Magazine, and more. )

By purchasing a ticket to this event, you are agreeing to all terms & conditions listed above.

This Event is Proudly Sponsored By:

Trauma Recovery Institute

Brooklyn Minds

Svenson Psychoanalytic Therapy

Patrick Tobey of Equanimity CC

		Toi Magazine's "EntitleDID To Life"  Conference & Gala Dinner image

The Trauma Recovery Institute (TRI) was founded and is operated by Colin A. Ross, M.D. (www.rossinst.com). Danielle West, MA, LPC is the Clinical Director of TRI (www.traumadetox.com).

TRI successfully treats psychological disorders such as PTSD, C-PTSD, BPD, OSDD, & DID (dissociative disorders).

"Dr. Ross's publications cover a wide range of topics. His clinical books focus on trauma and dissociation.

Dr. Ross's Trauma Model Therapy treatment results have been published in a series of treatment outcome studies in peer-reviewed journals, providing evidence for the efficacy of Trauma Model Therapy. Published treatment outcomes have involved large series of cases, with original research data and statistical analyses, including a paper in the American Journal of Psychiatry. He has served as President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, and is the author of over 230 papers and 34 books.

Danielle West, MA, LPC is a psychotherapist and a passionate advocate for a mental health paradigm shift. Danielle aims to create an effective structure and safe environment for trauma survivors, as well as coordinating workshops and state-of-the-art trainings for mental health care professionals.

Danielle is an EMDR Consultant In Training mentored by the only Shapiro-certified provider in Texas, Dr. Christie Sprowls, PsyD. In 2020, she will begin offering consultation to practitioners in the advanced use of EMDR, as well as writing, researching, and speaking publicly about the problems in current mental health practice.

Danielle has been working with trauma and dissociation for decades, experientially and academically."

		Toi Magazine's "EntitleDID To Life"  Conference & Gala Dinner image

About Brooklyn Minds-

"Brooklyn Minds is a team-based, tech-enabled comprehensive mental health practice offering services for individuals and families across the lifespan. Formed in 2016 by Carlene MacMillan, M.D., a Harvard trained adult and child psychiatrist, and Owen Muir, M.D., a University of Rochester trained adult and child psychiatrist, we have grown to a collaborative group of practitioners including psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, case managers, and technicians.

We specialize in higher complexity and higher acuity cases and our team based-treatment has resulted in decreased utilization of psychiatric emergency room, inpatient and residential levels of care. We have a continuum of care from standard outpatient care all the way up to around the clock in-home mental health companion services. We are known for our expertise in Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT), an evidence-based therapy for personality disorders that has been shown to reduce suicidal ideation and self-harm, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), which is FDA cleared for Major Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and for being one of the first practices in the NYC Region to offer esketamine."

We found Bklyn minds to be a great match for EntitleIDD To Life to the accessibility of their services(taking insurance & private pay) along with the quality. This AMAZING center has experience with those w/ traumatic backgrounds, dissociative disorders, & common co-morbid disorders.

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Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

1333 Old Bayshore Highway

Burlingame, CA 94010

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