Tim Grant photography  exhibition

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Tim Grant photography exhibition

Tim Grant photos of LGBTI community events in the 1980-90's

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Centre for stories Hay Street Mall next to Kmart Hay Street Perth, WA 6000 Australia

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Join us for a wonderful screening of photos that captured the LGBTI social scene in Perth in the 1980-90s.

Tim Grant (aka pictim) was born in WA, spent his formative years growing up around Fremantle, and later worked travelling war torn countries documenting the fight against landmines.

While studying photography at Mount Lawley, Tim experimented and practiced his craft by capturing the local 80s culture around him. Times were different for a photographer then; nobody objected to being photographed in the street, and using film meant being very selective with the imagery. Plus, any sort of recording devices were strictly forbidden in the gay nightclub scene.

These images are a collection from special events: The Claredon Fete, Gay Olympics, Pride parades, Tim’s friends, artists and performers, and selective portraits of Drag Queens, punks and acquaintances.

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