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‘When a baby is born so is a mother’ Who takes care of her? Mother Circle is that tribe of support, we are starting this Tribe Online!

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It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a tribe to support a mother.

Mother Circle is that tribe.

Due to Corona virus we are starting this Tribe Online! From the comfort & safety of your home.

Becoming a mother invites you to grow and expand in ways you could not have imagined beforehand. It is a time of transformation that can be challenging yet also deeply fulfilling.

Why go through this on your own? Through the sharing offered by the Mother Circle we can explore, learn, laugh and cry as we all move forwards on our own path into motherhood. Finding recognition in each other and support can make your journey more joyful and light.

What is it?

Weekly Online gathering – 1 hour (when safe- we will start meeting in person)

We start with a grounding meditation to create space to feel yourself and connect to yourself, body & mind. Every week we explore a new theme- such as: Self care, Identity shift, Body image, Work, Relationships, Attachment wounds, Mom Guilt and much more.

You will have space to connect to yourself, meet other mothers, learn and experience that you are not on your own in your journey into motherhood.

This is an open and respectful group for mothers from all walks of life.

A space where respect and non-judging support are present.

For who?

For all mothers- including pregnant women. We are creating a village- for learning & sharing.

Facilitator- Aileen Kennedy

I’m a Holistic Mothers coach, Gz-Psychologist, Mindful Birthing & Parenting teacher and Doula. I’m is also the mother of two girls. I found the transition into motherhood such a huge shift on so many levels I felt directly called to support other women through this transformative time of life. I believe motherhood is an invitation for deep growth and becoming better at self-compassion.

How can I join? Sign up here on Eventbrite- maximum of 15

You need to sign up so you can receive the invite for Zoom- video platform, it's like a group conference call where we can see each-other. Your contribution is donation based.


Weekly on Wednesday morning 9:30-10:30


Online via Zoom

(when we can meet in person (yeay!: it will be: Blue Birds West- Jan Everstenstraat 4-8)


The group is in English


Get in touch: hello@aileenkennedy.nl

The Mother Circle is Donation Based

You can support The Mother Circle here:

Thank you for your support!


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Blue Birds West

8 Jan Evertsenstraat

1056 EC Amsterdam


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