Livecast - Artistic Freedom? Perspectives on Appreciation vs. Appropriation

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Livecast - Artistic Freedom? Perspectives on Appreciation vs. Appropriation

Livecast focusing on the subjects of cultural appreciation vs. appropriation from the perspective of the arts.

Door Arts of Resistance

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vr. 14 apr. 2023 20:00 - 21:30 CEST


Pakhuis de Zwijger 179 Piet Heinkade 1019 HC Amsterdam Netherlands

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  • 1 uur 30 minuten
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Artistic Freedom?: Perspectives on Appreciation vs. Appropriation

Cultural appreciation or cultural appropriation? What do these terms mean and how do you draw the line between the two? What can we do to put cultural appropriation on the agenda, fight against it, and eventually: prevent it. In this livecast, Arts of Resistance will dive deeper into the themes of cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation and reflect on this subject from different art disciplines. The livecast will consist of panel discussions, screening of short fragments (audio & video), Q&A with the audience and a music performance.



Note: the livecast will be held in English, but we will do what we can to make the workshop available and accessible for everyone, so please let us know if you don’t speak/understand English and we’ll see what we can do. Email us at

Important: Spots to this event are limited, please make sure you update us in time should anything change in your reservations.

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