LAUNCH: The Black Sun Thursdays

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LAUNCH: The Black Sun Thursdays

Where the reality crosses its borders with the metaverse, to bring together our global community for a fun night of free gaming!

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The Arcade Hotel Amsterdam 106 Sarphatipark 1073 EC Amsterdam Netherlands

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  • 3 uren 30 minuten
  • eTicket voor mobiel

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new event: The Black Sun Thursdays (previously the ‘’Sip ’n Play’’).

With the metaverse being a highly-anticipated upcoming technology (that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact and engage with the digital world) - we couldn’t help but integrate this in our event by offering FREE NFT’S for attendees and live-streaming it in our own virtual space in the metaverse. This way, everyone from our global community can join the party!

Arcade Hall, PC game room, modern & retro consoles, board games, food, free drinks, many folks to expand your network with, FREE NFT’S and live music from our resident DJ’s - who are, of course, also DJ-ing in the metaverse…

DJ OF THE NIGHT: Macedonian DJ/Producer Marko Nikolovski, aka ME.N.U.In very short time, after winning the Amsterdam Festival for best Producer/DJ he succeeds to focus the spotlight on himself with his unique, energetic style inspired from the Amsterdam underground techno scene that he has been part of for the last 10 years. The turning point of his career was his debut at the legendary Awakenings festival. Playing alongside his idols, he proved he was already one of them. He is the kind of DJ that makes the audience ask: Who the hell is this guy?

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