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Third Annual Maine Herbalist Gathering

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Many Hands Farm

269 Files Hill Road

Thorndike, ME 04986

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Connecting with other Herbalists....Community Building....Sharing Wisdom

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Bringing together Maine Herbalists to connect, strengthen our community, and enjoying sharing the wisdom of our collective experience.
Perhaps now more than ever the importance of the "old ways" is crucial for the healing, survival, and thriving of humanity and the Earth.
Let us come together...

collaborative workshops
hands-on skill sharing
facilitating conversation about next year's gathering
sharing food, song, and friendship

Registration will begin at 8:00 am on Saturday October 7th, 2017
The gathering will begin at 9 am

8:00am - 9:00am registration
9:00am-10:00am opening circle of connection and intention....the blessing of our altar (organic homemade snacks and herbal tea provided)
10:00 am-12:00 pm class/workshop (3 sessions)
12:00 pm- 1:30pm Organic Vegetarian and Vegan Lunch (provided)
1:00pm-2:00pm Fall Herb Walk or Class

2:00pm-4:30pm hands-on skill sharing workshops (3-4 sequential sessions) and 3 workshop sessions talk/ classes/discussions

3:30pm-4:30pm Community Learning/Class
4:30pm-6:00pm Community Discussions (organic homemade snacks with herbal tea provided) bring your intentions and ideas for next year's gathering.

6:00pm-6:30pm ....Closing Ceremony

Optional Potluck Dinner in our Main Building!........Bonfire/Singing/Music Bring your instruments!

Optional Next Day Gathering (free)

For those of you able to stay the night, you are welcome to tent or unroll your sleeping bag in our main building.

.....Let's continue the connection and conversation about future gatherings, drink tea together, do yoga, go for a walk, eat more food (potluck), and just enjoy each other!

*** ♥ For those of you coming from from further away, we have dorm/cabin spaces for up to 10 people and tenting is free and available as well. Please contact me at 207-568-3261 or email at dragonfly9indigo@gmail.com for more information. ♥ ***


In an attempt to increase accessibility we have opted to use a sliding scale ticketing model, please select the highest level you can afford. Our hope is that those who otherwise may not be able to attend, can do so a discounted rate.


We are unfortunately unable to accommodate wheelchairs at this time. The terrain is hilly in some areas. Please email dragonfly9indigo@gmail.com if you have specific questions about whether this venue would be accessible to you.

Hand Washing and Toilets

Many Hands Farm utilizes a greywater management system that can be easily disrupted without careful monitoring of wastewater and chemical contaminants.We will provide biodegradeable soaps, homemade natural sanitizing sprays, and

All toilet facilities are humanure composting systems. There are no flush toilets. Hand washing stations will be set up at each toilet/outhouse.


We are unable to offer children's programming at this years gathering. We encourage parents to look for childcare, since event programming will be focused on adults. Children accompaning adult attendees must be directly supervised at all times by the parent or guardian. We hope to offer activities for children at next year's gathering!


Many Hands Farm cannot allow additional animals to visit due to the nature of the gardens which comprise most of the grounds. Dogs specifically do not seem to recognize permaculture beds and have caused issues in the past. Service animals are okay as long as they are leashed.

Sugessted items to bring:

Tent and camping gear, sleeping bag/mat if you are staying the night

Headlamp or flashlight

Comfortable clothing for being outdoors (might be warm or cold) and rain gear if necessary

Tableware and reusable water bottle (we will have extras if you forget)

Items for trade / barter or items to sell if you have vendor space

Business cards and flyers

Yoga mat

Foldable camp chair or Crazy Creek

Items for our herbal community altar

List of classes and workshops

Workshop Descriptions
Morning Session (10am-12pm)

Plant Medicine for Activism and Emergency Situations

Lauren Pignatello-Traditional Herbalist

A talk about our plant allies for the field. Lauren spent 3 weeks working as an herbal/ first aid medic at Standing Rock. She was the herbalist in the tipi at the Rosebud Sicangu Camp during her time there. She will share her experiences and plant and homeopathic remedies for crisis , emergency first aid situations , activism in the street and field. Lauren uses many Native American herbal traditions passed on to her through a Passamaquoddy elder as well as European herbs and practices.

Leaky Gut Syndrome: Herbalist Approach for Resilient Gut Health

Steve Byers Clinical Herbalist

The incidence of food sensitivities, allergies, and auto­immune conditions have been increasing in our Western society. How do we understand what to eat anymore?
How do we learn to integratively treat root digestive issues that may stem from digestive system. In this class, we will address the current research on herbal medicine and food as it pertains to leaky gut, or intestinal permeability.

During this class we will discuss,the mechanisms and triggers involved in causing Leaky Gut Syndrome, ­the diseases associated with Leaky Gut Syndrome, testing options available, and herbal and dietary approaches to healing.

An Integrative Approach to Lyme Disease: Navigating the Options

Eleanor Baron.. Clinical Herbalist

Choices abound in treatment of Lyme and tickborne illness, and it's easy to be in information overload very quickly. Most people end up working with a team of practitioners and doing lots of research on their own; it can be difficult to sort it all out and find the right path forward. When are herbal protocols best? What about antibiotics? What about nutritional supplements? People with tickborne illness must wade through the bottomless world of often junky information in order to be their own advocate. We'll talk about how to know what's right for you, while resisting the urge to “do it all,” and how to find credible information to support your decisions. Herbal strategies that can work well with a conventional antibiotic protocol will be discussed, supporting the body's immune response and detoxification pathways, as well as keeping the digestive system healthy and strong.

Midday Sessions (1pm-2pm)

Finding Sanctuary in the Natural World: Herbal Medicine for Mental Health

Cassandra Sears- Clinical Herbalist and Farmer

This modern world is often the farthest thing conducive for optimal health and vitality of the mind-body-spirit-- learn how communing with the natural world and incorporating herbal tonics like adaptogens, nervines (and even psychedelics!) can help you feel more connected and at- ease.

This class will be broken up into an overview of mental health issues/ stigmas, conditions like anxiety and depression that herbal protocols can be useful for, differentiation of energetics, and the plants and their specific usefulness as well as some detail about neurotransmitters and nutritional support.

Plant Walk

Lauren Cormier- Herbalist and Farmer/Gardener

A Plant Walk Through The Farm: Discussion of the Propagation and Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs in the Maine landscape. Through learning about plants in their origins, we can better understand how to introduce and encourage them into our gardens and surroundings. This walk will take a closer look at the plants themselves, how to propagate them, and the culture they need to optimize their potency for medicinal use.

Herb Walk & Discussion

Noelle Curtin- Herbalist, Gardener, and Owner of Vital Herbals

Join Noelle for an informative plant walk. Learn to identify 4 + abundant, common Maine plants. Learn how to utilize these plants for first aid, tea, eating, etc. Learn each plants’ benefits and nutritional value. You will leave feeling empowered with intimate knowledge of our wonderful plant landscape in the beautiful state of Maine! Noelle believes local plants are our best medicine.

Afternoon Sessions (2pm-4:30pm)

Herbal Protocols for Dental Health (2pm-3pm or 3:30pm)

Melanie Rose Scofield- Clinical Herbalist, Health Educator, and the Director and Founder of The Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions

In this 90 minute workshop Melanie will demonstrate her "tricks of the trade" for optimum dental health and hygiene. You will leave knowing how to heal receding gum lines, dental infections, and how to prevent and possibly heal cavities naturally with medicinal plant applications.

Introduction to Chinese Herbology (2pm-3:30pm)

Tobey Williamson-Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

We will discuss the seven sources of herbal medicines that make up the nearly 500 individual herbs in the Chinese Pharmacopeia. Chinese pattern diagnosis will be examined as it relates to prescribing single herbs and complex formulas. The basic qualities and properties for classifying herbs will be explained as they relate to the methods of treatment and the actions of herbs. This

Cannabis Demystified: A Gateway to Healing (2:30pm-3:30pm)

L.Jaye Bell- Herbalist, Farmer, and Owner of Aurora Botanicals

This workshop shares how to properly prepare Cannabis for use in your herbalist practice. With the legalization of Cannabis throughout Maine, people will be experimenting without proper wisdom of how to use the powerful effects of this ancient medicine.
Learn how to prepare and incorporate Cannabis into every day life. We'll discuss correct dosage for recipes, juicing, tea, salve
and tinctures. We'll also discuss how to combine Cannabis to enhance the healing magic of your favorite herbs.

How to Make Flower Essences (2:30pm-3:30pm)

Eryn Klemenz-Natural Historian, Singer/Songwriter,Certified Massage Practitioner

Come learn the gentle and profound effect of flower essences, and how easy it is to make them yourself. Many people are familiar with the Bach Rescue Remedy, but there are as many other options for essences as there are flowers! Supplies will be provided in class to make your own essence to bring home with you.

Functional Cocktails & Mocktails (2:30pm-3:30pm)

Cassandra Sears- Clinical Herbalist and Farmer

Learn how to make delicious cocktails that are tonic for your health! We will cover herbal actions appropriate for drink- crafting as well as preparations. Taste critically. The experimentation is limitless! In this class we will make a couple of classic cocktail variations with the beautiful wild plants growing around us.

****Community Teaching (3:30pm-4:30pm)****

Communicating with the Spirit of Plants and Trees

Ray Reitze-Maine Wilderness Guide

Let us all join with Ray Reitze as we learn to connect with the deep inner workings of Earth....the plants, the trees, and all that is around us. Through the process we will study edible, medicinal and utilitarian uses as we begin learning ways to connect and communicate with them.

****Community Discussions (4:30pm-6pm)****

Herbalists Creating A World We Love

with Gretchen Heilman Piper, August Sender, Deb Soule, Lauren Pignatello, and Claire O'Connor

A facilitated conversation with several Herbalists and lots of audience participation, sharing, and thinking to inspire and create a ripple of positive actions taken by Herbalist-Activists with the idea in mind being that we can create a world we want vs. react to the current political climate. What do we dream that community health care run by herbalists could look like? How can we connect more people to the healing plants? How can we truly be of service in our communities? How can we support each other vs. playing the capitalist game of scarcity and competition? How can we use herbal medicine as an agent of change and support those who are making change? How can we as herbalists step up and reaching out to marginalized populations and people in need? And other dreaming about a world where dandelions are cultivated in every lawn and elderberry is common in every “drug” store..

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Date and Time


Many Hands Farm

269 Files Hill Road

Thorndike, ME 04986

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