Theta Healing Two Day Intensive in Sedona

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Join Nina Starsong in Sedona Arizona on Oct 21st and Oct 22nd for a two day Theta Healing Intensive and Workshop.

Where: A beautiful and private home in Sedona. Location will be disclosed to participants upon deposit.
When: October 21st and 22nd from 12-5 both days.
Cost: $333.00 ( Because this is a small group intensive, (10 People Max.) participants are able to receive these healings at a hugely discounted rate, as my one on one personal Theta healing sessions range from $125.00 to $150.00 per hour.
To reserve your spot for this 10 person intimate workshop please send a deposit of $150.00 via friends and family through PayPal to ninastarsong@yahoo.com.
Please feel free to contact Nina directly with any questions by email or cell @
Ninastarsong@yahoo.com or (512) 993-6871

Participants will receive both group, and some one on one coaching and healing.

The Theme for this particular Two Day Theta Intensive will be
uncovering and reclaiming your purpose and calling and feeling safe to express it in the world in a way that allows you to feel empowered, respected, honored, successful, and abundant.

Through this Theta healing Intensive you will uncover your own, as well as your inherited and ancestral karmic contracts, vows, beliefs, programs, imprints and past life traumatic memories. All of which are locking you into unhealthy patterns and are forbidding you from fully living an empowerd and abundant life fearlessly.

Collectively many of us have contracts and vows which forbid us from:
-Remembering our personal and spiritual gifts and how to use them in the best and highest way to serve.
-Remembering our purpose and our calling.
-Remembering why we chose to incarnate on planet Earth at this time.
-Remembering how to speak and communicate directly with the Creator of all that is.
Remembering how to communicate with our own guides, angels and light team.
Receiving success, honor, prestige, recognition, and respect.
Receiving and living an abundant life doing what we love to do.
Belieiving in ourselves, our inner wisdom, intuition, and inner guidance system.
Hearing our intuition and honoring our intuition.

Many of us are locked into:
-Spiritual Amnesia
-Reptilian Programming
-Fear Programs
-Trauma and Fight or Flight programs
-Personal Sabotage

Through the miraculous gift of Theta Healing we will locate, uncover and remove all of this and much, much more. We will receive programs and downloads to directly align us with our highest calling in the best and highest way possible.
Theta healing is different then other types of healing modalities because it works at the deepest level of our cells, genetics, DNA, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies and it cancels and clears our karma throughout all directions of time and space to create everlasting change.

Begin living the life of your dreams! The life that you were born to live through creators truth, perspective, wisdom and understanding of your highest calling as a Divine soul and instrument with a unique offering to the world.

You deserve to live a life full of and in alignment with:
Intuitive wisdom

Join me in this incredible two day Theta Healing Intensive that will not only change your life, but also change the lives of all those whom you will touch when you are free to step into and share your spiritual gifts and offerings with the world.

Testimonials from my many happy clients

-I am a long time Theta Healer and very demanding of what I expect, and I can say that Nina Starsong is the best Theta Healer I have ever experienced and whom I go to when I am unable to help myself. Because of her psychic gifts in addition to really understanding the power of theta healing, to instantly transform, she has been able to illuminate things so deeply hidden I couldn’t admit them to myself, and then heal me of them quickly.

I trust her. She knows how to dig for the root cause and eliminate it. She has training and natural talent to do this work. If she says she can help you, its to be counted on. And she understands and can implement all the possibilities that Theta Healing offers in being able to change your thinking, your programs, and what holds you back.

Jennifer Roven, Sedona

-After a very intense psychedelic journey last year,
I felt scattered in life, and was afraid I had become schizophrenic.
I had tried many modalities of healing for over a year to bring myself back to normal...energy healing, yoga Nidra, reiki, life coaching....Nothing worked....
I felt lost and was aware that other things were taking over my being, spirit, and soul.... I kept trying to come back into my body but couldn't and so as a result was beyond frightened and thought I had lost touch with reality forever. Upon meeting Nina, she immediately knew intuitively that my psychosis was due to a substance and she explained how Theta Healing could help me.

Through my session I felt myself ringing, and I was tingling all over, I felt entities leaving me exactly where my migraines and headaches had been and I was overwhelmed by a downpour of Holy energy reclaiming me...Bringing me home and rooting back into alignment with my mind, body, heart, and soul.
I am beyond grateful to Nina and Theta Healing, because I now have my life back.

-Nina helped me to re-discover all of the true aspects of myself, my inherent gifts and many tangible ways in which I can start bringing my purpose into the physical realm. She did this in such a gentle, loving, sweet and fun way that had me smiling from cheek to cheek. I feel as though aspects of myself that were missing for most of my life have finally re-integrated back into my Being! I now have the clarity, direction and action steps towards living my purpose, which is a dream come true.
This was the most powerful, uplifting, energizing and supportive session I have ever received! I wholeheartedly encourage you to work with her. She is truly amazing and gifted in her healing service and comes from such a grounded, pure-hearted and compassionate space.
-Kristina Pescatore, Oregon

-We ran into Nina by chance as we were leaving Sedona. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised when Nina was able to pinpoint our marital issues and put us both into our place! Lol! Nina then informed me about Theta Healing. I was excited but a little hesitant as I wasn't sure what I was about to work through. Nina was very professional and sweet. I have suffered from migraine headaches my whole life and Nina was able to pinpoint the exact moment when they started and helped me to release the emotions behind them. As someone who suffered from excruciating headaches almost everyday, you can imagine my shock when I've had little to no headaches for the last week since my treatment. I'm very excited to dig deeper. Thank you Nina!!

Scottsdale, Arizona

-I booked a session with Nina to help me find closure with a person in my past. Our interactions created much pain and suffering for both of us and it felt like there were bigger energies at play that I could not wrap my finger around. She helped me find and release several "contracts" that I had with this person over many lifetimes. Working with her shifted my perspective and energy in a way that I was able to find completion with compassion. I felt so much energy return to me and it felt amazing to actually be able to wish this person well on their path. I'd recommend her work to anyone looking to experience more wholeness in life. ~ Lulu Bonner
Lulu Bonner ~ Founder, CEO

-Nina has an incredible way of articulating the things that I was not even able to articulate. The insights and patterns she was able to pick up on were so detailed and very deep within me that I had a hard time acknowledging them until she brought them into the light and gave me many many "aha moments". She helped me bring them to the light and do the work necessary to release all the patterns holding me back. A little hard to articulate such magic but what a difference I felt. I felt a huge energy released from my body and my mind-my shoulders..and I felt very clear after our session. I'm looking forward to doing much more work with Nina and I highly recommend her as a healer and Theta healer. She's very powerful and multi talented and there is no doubt in that. Thank you Nina!"

Maria CA

Receiving Theta healing therapy from Nina has been a life changing investment. I highly recommend her services, especially if you have patterns and experiences that keep presenting themselves irregardless of how much personal work you do. She combines her intuitive gifts with Theta Healing in a way that gets to the deep root and is extremely thorough. I am so grateful for her loving assistance in clearing lifetimes of ancestral and other patterns.

Turiya, Sedona

-Nina made my Theta Healing very comfortable and it was an amazing experience. She explained to me when I had questions and was just very in touch with what was going on with my healing. After my Theta Healing I felt like I couldn't hold onto a negative thought in my head. I am still feeling and learning new things about myself...I look forward to doing more Theta Healing work with her...She is amazing and has great energy.

-Nadina, San Diego

Nina Starsong is truly a gifted medium. I received a reading a year ago from her. She spoke of stuff , my closest friends don't know. She foretold & guided me through issues that had stumped me for years. And ,she showed great care and concern for me. She is a classy person and talented reader. I highly recommend her.
-Russel Walton, Iowa

Nina was referred to me by a friend who met her in Sedona. I had never worked with a Channeler before and didn’t know what to expect. Nina knew nothing about me but when I asked her questions, her answers were incredibly right on. I completed the call with her feeling grounded and in deep gratitude for what I heard. She didn’t candy coat anything, just reported the messages she received from the energetic source she taps into. I have less anxiety in all areas of my life ever since our session.
-Laurie Javier, Colorado

Nina, since our last Theta healing session,
I haven't had any shoulder or out of socket pain or feelings....I purposely thought about it one day and I didn't have any reaction..It feels like a cloudy veil has lifted..I just feel like my outlook on life is more positive. And I haven't been self-sabotaging!!! Wow!!!!

-Tessa Erb, Georgia

i am doing great since our Theta Healing session....thank you

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West Sedona

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