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F1 Boston (Indoors)

290 Wood Road

Braintree, MA 02184

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Pleasing, Make-Believing, Silencing,
Perfecting, Second-Guessing.

No. Longer. Work.

Maybe you've lost your way... your peace, your voice, your joy, your authentic expression in the world.

Maybe you've been thrown off course by a death of a loved one, or by life's myriad ways of breaking you down.

Maybe you've been wondering "What's my next step? Where do I fit in? How do I serve? There's got to be more to life than this!"

Maybe you're dying to experience a life that feels authentic and expressive...one that feels like...well, you.

Maybe you're tired of the endless mind chatter.

Maybe something feels OFF in your life...with your physical body, your relationships, or work that no longer serves you.

Maybe you're aching to trust yourself, and reestablish an identity that is Soul-full, rather than ego-full.

Maybe you've been wanting a sounding board...a community...a new perspective...a support system of truth.


HOME...Honoring One's Magnificent Essence.

What happens when you're "HOME"?

You feel the power and strength imprinted within you before you were born.

You more often live from your heart, being of service, connected to Source, feeling fulfilled.

You feel free to follow the map of your Soul. Free to follow your inner wisdom.

You are surrendered and unstoppable.

You take action that aligns with your passion, and YOUR beliefs.

You honor your scars…because you recognize that your vulnerability is your strength.

We all have layers of conditioning from parents, authority figures and religious teachings...telling you to play small, be nice, stay in line, be quiet and not rock the boat.

But...that conditioning is no longer serving you.

Life is asking you to LIVE OUT LOUD.

Life is asking you to break open...so you can break through.

To the Miracle Warrior in you.

You feel it.

You feel the restlessness…that’s the energy of HOME being activated.

Are you ready to take a stand for you?

It's time to come HOME...to your magnificent essence.

What is this experience going to be?

a 2 day powerful, transformative experiential weekend...where powerful healing happens, infused with hugs...and humor.

What can you expect?

This is an introductory weekend to Soul-full work. I'll be speaking, coaching and teaching from my heart's vibration...from stage. I'm not scripting this weekend...but rather allowing Spirit to guide me...for your highest and best. So, expect powerful conversations, coaching and interactive experiences that will move you, bring you into laughter, and tears...and healing.

My intention is to bring you home to yourself. To help you heal deeply. To help you come HOME to your Inner Braveheart. To help you hear the voice of God and Spirit. To help you get unstuck.

What to bring?

An open mind...your friends, family, business associates. Bring a journal, or notebook. And also bring a sweater, as the room temperature can vary.

Is this really free?

Yes...this is my gift to my tribe. Proceeds from your $35 donation for registration will be used as a donation to The American Red Cross.

Why now?

Your voice needs to be heard. Your presence seen. Your message birthed.

We are being called to step up our game. We are being called to BE the light here in the physical…to usher in heaven on earth.

There’s a shift in the global atmosphere….we are being called to stand in our truth.

It's time to come out of your spiritual closet.

It's time to access your greater power.

It's time to tune in to your greater wisdom.

It's time to unleash your innermost magnificent essence.

I don't know the future. I'm not here to tell you how things are going to end. I'm here to tell you how they're going to begin. I'm here to bring you HOME to yourself.

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Date and Time


F1 Boston (Indoors)

290 Wood Road

Braintree, MA 02184

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