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OUT LOUD Theatre

134 Mathewson Street

Providence, RI 02903

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OUT LOUD Theatre Presents THE YELLOW WALLPAPER: A 4-Part Immersive Experience: RITUAL | LIGHT | COLOR | ESCAPE Based on Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper

Directed by Kira Hawkridge
Featuring Siobhan LaPorte-Cauley, Ottavia De Luca, Sarah Leach, and Erika Rethorn

Running June 22 - July 9
Thursday - Sunday @ 8pm
134 Mathewson Street Providence, RI

THE YELLOW WALLPAPER is a 4-Part Series:

THURSDAYS - Part 1: Ritual (Featuring Siobhan LaPorte-Cauley)
FRIDAYS - Part 2: Light (Featuring Ottavia De Luca)
SATURDAYS - Part 3: Color (Featuring Sarah Leach)
SUNDAYS - Part 4: Escape (Featuring Erika Rethorn)

The purchase of this SINGLE TICKET will only grant access to the performance corrosponding with the date of reservation. ***ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SWITCH YOUR RESERVATION TO ANOTHER EVENING*** Questions? Contact us directly at outloudtheatre@gmail.com

Photography by Piquant Photo | Justine M. Johnson

Adapted by OUT LOUD Theatre
Based on The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Directed by Kira Hawkridge
Dramaturgy by David Nando Rodgers
Set Design by Sara Ossana
Set Design Assistance by Emily Shapiro
Lighting Design by Marc Tiberiis II
Costume Design by Kira Hawkridge
Costume Design Assistance by Stephanie Traversa
Photography by Piquant Photo | Justine M. Johnson
Stage Management by Justin Fortin
Production Management by Siobhan LaPorte-Cauley
Assistant Production Management by Katie O'Rourke

RITUAL (Featuring Siobhan LaPorte-Cauley as THE WOMAN)

The difference between the rituals that are prescribed to us verses the rituals that we find and choose for ourselves.

"RITUAL is about exploring the routines in our lives and mental health, both the routines we follow naturally and the routines we are expected to follow. What is deemed normal and healthy doesn't always feel natural or right. What happens when you break through society's prescribed cycle and find your own rhythm?" - Siobhan LaPorte-Cauley

LIGHT (Featuring Ottavia De Luca as THE WOMAN)

The pure juxtaposition of what exists in the light and what is born from the dark.

"I want to use light as a vehicle through which to explore what it feels like to be a captive in your own mind. A glimpse of light or a shadow can taunt you, can challenge you, can make you question, and can give you a moment - however fleeting - of clarity. For me the light is a visceral representation of everything the woman sees and feels. It's in her, but it's also just out of her reach." - Ottavia De Luca

COLOR (Featuring Sarah Leach as THE WOMAN)

The breaking down of what we perceive as the world around us ; an exploration of what the layers of our perception mean when experienced through our known and unknown senses ; a journey from solid to liquid.

"COLOR is only perception. What other ways do our senses fool us? What happens when we try to control our senses? Do they disappear completely? Or do we fall into sensory overload? The yellow wallpaper tells the story of a woman who starts to see haunting images in a sickly yellow pattern on the wall of her bedroom. My question in exploring this piece is, does she experience madness? Or is that just our perception of it?" - Sarah Leach

ESCAPE (Featuring Erika Rethorn as THE WOMAN)

The beauty and horror of the impossible as experienced through flights of fancy ; the creation and exploration of dreams.

"In exploring the mind and all of its capabilities this season, the element of "Escape" is worth diving in to, as we watch The Woman do all that she can to protect herself and her sanity. Within this process we have been amazed, and wonder at the way the mind will create realities to shield itself from painful circumstances. The Woman in this story is warned by her husband not to "give way to fancy". He begs her to stay calm, and rest. But, what happens when she explores a reality that no one else can see? Is there value in finding comfort in the imaginary? And what happens when all perception and dimensions collide, sealing the way back to "normal"? What if "normal" was never there?" - Erika Rethorn

For more information about OUT LOUD Theatre, please feel free to visit our website at www.outloudtheatre.org


Thursday June 22 @ 8pm (Part 1: RITUAL)
Friday June 23 @ 8pm (Part 2: LIGHT)
Saturday June 24 @ 8pm (Part 3: COLOR)
Sunday June 25 @ 8pm (Part 4: ESCAPE)

Thursday June 29 @ 8pm (Part 1: RITUAL)
Friday June 30 @ 8pm (Part 2: LIGHT)
Saturday July 1 @ 8pm (Part 3: COLOR)
Sunday July 2 @ 8pm (Part 4: ESCAPE)

Thursday July 6 @ 8pm (Part 1: RITUAL)
Friday July 7 @ 8pm (Part 2: LIGHT)
Saturday July 8 @ 8pm (Part 3: COLOR)
Sunday July 9 @ 8pm (Part 4: ESCAPE)


Questions? Contact us at outloudtheatre@gmail.com

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Date and Time


OUT LOUD Theatre

134 Mathewson Street

Providence, RI 02903

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