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The VISION Workshop :: Honoring the Darkness, Welcoming the Light

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SisterFire Sanctuary is a sisterhood, a safe haven, a solace.

Part workshop, part sister circle — It's a gathering of amazing women, delicious food, beautiful connections and fun self-exploration.

Expect laughter, insights + ah-has, and newfound kindred spirits.

As one attendee put it, “At L'Erin's gatherings, people meet as perfect strangers, and depart as ever-evolving soul sisters.”

That soirée you've been dreaming about?

Welcome home.

The December SisterFire Sanctuary theme is: VISION.

We're gathering for Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year - to honor the darkness and welcome new light.

This is the time of grounding and hybernation, rooteness and rebirth, visioning and voyaging.

Connecting with your soul's vision so you can see beyond the darkness of winter, and get clearer and more aligned for the year ahead.

If you're a passionate, soulful woman, you might be overwhelmed and exhausted by the world is pulling you in a million directions — especially this time of year. It can be hard to get clear about your own vision — without getting distracted by everyone else's.

Using nature, ritual + ceremony and other sacred seasonal practices, you'll leave this gathering with practical ways to integrate your soul's vision into every day life, so that you can stop rushing, overdoing, stressing and start sharing your most sacred gifts with the world.

Together, we're going to slow down and take a sweet pause. We'll explore simple practices to help you live your vision — in 2018 and beyond.

At the end of our evening together, you will have:

  • A clear vision of what you want in 2018

  • Small, simple, daily practices that support your bigger vision
  • A self-care success plan to support you in making it happen

You'll discover a soulful, visionary approach to 2018, banishing confusion and overwhelm for good.

VISION includes:

In addition to the workshop, your ticket includes:

A delicious, nourishing DINNER specialty beverages and gourmet, local chocolates. All of the fuel you need to scheme, dream and create a clear vision for 2018 and beyond.


5:30 – Check-in, get acquainted and prepare yourself for the evening. Enjoy a healthy, delicous dinner, a warm beverage and gourmet, local chocolates. Do whatever you need to do in order to be present, well fed and hydrated before we officially begin at 6:00.

6:00 – The sanctuary opens with a brief welcome, guided meditation and warm-up exercises to get us all comfortable and cozy.

6:45 – We dive into the heart of the evening with writing, creativity and light movement. We'll explore your soul's vision for 2018 and beyond.

8:00 – We close our sacred space and go our separate ways, equipped with deep insights, sweet connections and personalized vision for 2018 and beyond.

*Subject to change.

This enlightening evening is all about YOU.

You won't find any stale, boring, empty self-help formulas here. We're not going to talk about mysterious methods that sound good but don't actually work.

Instead, you're going to spend the evening in a sacred community with other women dreamers and doers. Women, like you, who want to make a contribution without exhausting themselves. Women who want to feel nourished and supported, while being active in their families, communities and the world.

I will guide you through powerful processes that help you reconnect with your inner voice and while creating a customized self-care plan that works.


Come hydrated, well rested and ready for a wonderful evening of connection, self-care and visioning for 2018.

No need to dress up. Wear warm layers and whatever you feel most comfortable in. There will be some light movement, so just be sure your clothes are not too restricting.


Part of the challenge of hosting live events are the upfront costs and risk, which leads many hosts to push "early bird pricing". That's never really sat well with me because it favours people who already have the privilege of cash or credit to make quick purchasing decisions.

So here's my "Reasonable Pricing" approach*:

$75 for early commitment (thank you!). 10 tickets are available at this price and they're only available until 11:59 PM PST December 14th (or until they sell out).

$100 regular pricing. 20 tickets are available at this price until 11:59 PM PST December 20th.

There are no refunds, but your ticket is transferable to someone else before 11:59 PM PST December 18th or future SisterFire Sanctuary events if necessary.

If more than 20 people register, every participant will receive a $25 cash-back discount at the workshop.

How 'bout them apples?!

That means that later registrants will get the early bird pricing, and the early registrants will get a super special price! This also means if you bring a friend, it's more likely that you'll BOTH get $25 back!

*Shout out to Carmen Spagnola for this brilliant approach.

Your ticket includes:

  • 2.5 hours experiential guidance, insight and support

  • A delicious dinner, beverages and local chocolate.

  • Sacred community and sisterhood.

  • A special discount for L'Erin's January Seattle retreat.

Registration closes December 20.
Minimum 10 participants, maximum 30.

This gathering is curated and facilitated by L'Erin Alta, a spiritual teacher, workshop facilitator and retreat leader with over 17 years of experience. She comes with deep belly laughter, sacred ritual, an open heart and unconditional love — because self-care is way more fun when you’re laughing and loving and liberating instead of "forcing" yourself to relax. (Because who can actually relax that way? one.)

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