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The TranceFormation™ Online Money Breakthrough Programme

Trance Formations TM

Sunday, July 31, 2016 at 9:30 AM - Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 11:30 PM (BST)

The TranceFormation™ Online Money Breakthrough...

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Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
1-Day Money Breakthrough Video Webinar Workshop - Launch Price
Use this ticket to join me for the 1-Day Video Webinar Money Breakthrough Workshop. You can either join us live (date to be agreed with the pre-launch price attendees) or access the Replay Recording after the main event.
Ended £187.00 £12.94
1-Day Money Breakthrough VIDEO WEBINAR Workshop: Pre-Launch Price
Use this ticket to join me for the 1-Day Video Webinar Money Breakthrough Workshop. You can either join us live (date to be agreed with pre-launch price attendees) or access the Replay Recording after the main event.
Ended £137.00 £9.64
1-Day Money Breakthrough Video Webinar Workshop
Use this ticket to join me for the 1-Day Video Webinar Money Breakthrough Workshop. You can either join us live (date to be agreed with pre-launch price attendees) or access the Replay Recording after the main event.
Ended £247.00 £16.90
28-Day Money Breakthrough Programme eCoaching Version
This option includes the 28 Daily Money Breakthrough eCoaching Exercises, Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group, and copy of mp3 Coaching Calls if you have missed the Live Teleseminars.
Jan 12, 2020 £197.00 £13.60
Live Money Breakthrough Session
This option includes the 28 Daily Money Breakthrough eCoaching Exercises, Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group, and copy of mp3 Coaching Calls if you have missed the Live Teleseminars. It also includes a series of private 1-2-1 Money Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with Marilyn Devonish. Private Sessions are by appointment via phone of Skype.
Jan 12, 2020 £650.00 £43.49
Money Breakthrough Oracle Cards UK - Launch Price
UK and European orders for the new Money Breakthrough Oracle Cards which launched in Spring 2019.
Ended £35.00 £2.90
Money Breakthrough Oracle Cards INTERNATIONAL Pre-Order
International (outside of UK and Europe) orders for the new Money Breakthrough Oracle Cards which launched in Spring 2019.
Ended £35.00 £2.90
Money Breakthrough Cards UK: Beta Test Pre-launch Price
UK and European pre-orders for the new Money Breakthrough Oracle Cards due out in Spring 2019.
Ended £18.00 £1.78
Money Breakthrough Cards INTERNATIONAL : Beta Test Pre-launch Price
International (outside of Europe) pre-orders for the new Money Breakthrough Oracle Cards due out in Spring 2019.
Ended £26.00 £2.30
1-Day VIDEO WEBINAR Workshop + Pre-order Money Breakthrough Card Deck
Use this ticket to join me for the 1-Day Video Webinar Money Breakthrough Workshop + Pre-order the new Money Breakthrough Coaching Cards Deck. You can either join us live (date to be agreed with launch price attendees) or access the Replay Recording after the main event.
Ended £107.00 £7.66
EOI - I am interested in attending a 1-Day Money Breakthrough Workshop
This is to register your interest for a 1-Day in-person Workshop. Please note that it will be paid event, and I will notify you if/when dates have been agreed.
Aug 31, 2019 Free £0.00
Volunteer Teleseminar Ticket for SGR Programme
This ticket is for those volunteering for to test some of the eCoaching Exercises and Processes for the new Science of Getting Rich Programme. This ticket DOES NOT give you entry to either the SGR Programme or Money Breakthrough Programme or the associated ongoing private Facebook Groups.
Ended Free £0.00

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Event Details

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The Online Programme Starts: Whenever you are ready!






"Marilyn, Yes please feel free to use that quote which I will repeat here - Money has been flowing in my direction ever since I joined your money programme. Have just registered (for your new Science of Getting Rich Programme), yay. I paid using passive income received whilst sleeping, I kid you not!!  Bring it on!!  SUSAN FRITSCHE, LAWYER


You can read client feedback on the Money Breakthrough Card Oracle Readings at:


I received an e-mail from someone from my mailing list that volunteered to try out a couple of the exercises from this 28-Day Programme before I completed the launch:

"I have just completed my first round of the Money Breakthrough Exercise. Thank you for sending it to me.

I came up with a practical idea to increase my income and by following all the steps, my mindset definitely altered. The idea of keeping a £50 to trigger positive memories about success with money and inspire positive ideas was VERY powerful - what a reframe 

I will carry out the action steps this week and let you know the results" 


WOW!  That was based on just 2 of the 28 Daily eCoaching Exercises.


Below is the message from the first person to do my new Money Release & Attraction Programme where we are blasting through old stuff, baggage, limiting beliefs, fears, stress and anxiety and past patterns around money. The message read:


"Morning Marilyn, I had a super day yesterday, thank you so much. I feel so much more relaxed about money now. I am so tired though. You are so amazing. I have became a fan of yours now and would be recommending you to everyone. I want to do the photo reading now in May. lets hope that I will. If you do anything new, I want to be one of the first one to try. This is just amazing.thanks a million. Sending you lots of love and light.xx"


How cool is that?????? I am never 100% sure how my 'alchemic experiments' will turn out, (these have included the amazing Magic Programme, adding Huna and Belief Change work to my PhotoReading Classes, The TranceFormation Programme), however once again this one seems to be shaping up very nicely, even if I do say so myself.


Another participant of the Live Money Breakthrough Coaching Programme said:

"Hi Marilyn,

Little update on the finances, for the first time in 4 years both my business and personal bank accounts have + above 0 balances!!!!! It is major! I am really happy I reached this first milestone and I am sure it wouldn't have happened without your great support. 

Next milestones are to clear all debts and the make this positive balance climb to over £5K per month in business and in the personal one save for a deposit on an apartment in London (my main residence will remain X with my boyfriend, but a London solid base will give me peace of mind and a work base too).  

Just though I would share my happy news from today ;-)

Thank you,"

Clients who were talented but not fully using their gifts have gone on to speak on stages across the country, and gotten new paid commissions for the work that they love to do.

This 28-Day Money Breakthrough Programme is based on that live Breakthrough Coaching Format.  Some elements, such as the Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, and Time Line Therapy will not be included in the 28-Day home study portion as they are designed as individually tailored modules, however a selection of the exercises from the live personal Breakthrough Programme will be included. 

We will work not just on theorising about the past and current patterns, but on uncovering old beliefs, re-aligning values, appreciating what money really means, and changing and transforming your mindset so that you can go beyond the current limitations.



First of all, let me say what it is not.  It is not designed as a get rich quick programme or a programme to have money fall in your lap (however that has happened for participants in my Magic Programme).  It is designed as the first step in changing your relationship with money and the limiting beliefs or negative connotations that you might both consciously and unconsciously have around it.

Yes, many of my clients do go on to transform their finances and make and attract a lot more money however I can't guarantee exactly what will happen with you, particularly in a 28-Day online process where I am not so involved in assisting with the transitions, transformations, and changes. 

Designed to bring together a number of the cutting edge tools, techniques, therapies, and processes that I have specialised in over the past 13+ years, it is my most through process yet for focusing on the issue of money.



If you identify with any of the common frustrations around money then this Programme is definitely for you:

  • In a place of almost constant 'lack' when it comes to money
  • You are great at 'manifesting' everything besides money
  • Even when money comes in it goes out just as fast, often in larger amounts
  • You feel as though there there 'something' deep inside blocking your flow and abundance
  • Your relationship with money doesn't make you feel good
  • You are always struggling to keep up or 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'
  • The boom and bust seems like a never-ending pattern or internal programme

 If you have said 'Yes' to any of the above then this Programme is definitely for you.

One of the patterns that I noticed in myself, and saw reflected in many people around me was being able to make money and then something would happen, an unexpected bill or demand of some kind and 'poof' it was gone again, sometimes in even greater amounts. 



Designed in the same style and format as my hugely successful Magic & Gratitude Programme, and my new Limitless NeuroSucces Programme, the Money Breakthrough Programme is a 28-Day mind and emotion workout to shake off any unhelpful old money beliefs and paradigms.

This Programme is delivered via e-mail so you can take part from anywhere in the world as long as you have a smart phone or e-mail access.  An e-mail containing the Money Breakthrough Exercises will be delivered directly to your e-mail in-box every for 28-Days.

You will receive a different Money eCoaching Exercise daily for 28-days.  Those taking part in the Live Breakthrough version of this Programme will also go through the 6-Part TranceFormation™ Money Breakthrough Process which is further outlined below. 

Having completed the testing phase this Summer, I am just putting the finishing touches to the Programme.  An example of one of the e-mail draft Exercises is below:

Money Breakthrough Draft Exercise 



Participants the joined this Programme in January have shared some of their experiences on our Private Money Breakthrough Facebook page and have given permission to share those insights:


On the Money Beliefs Exercise:
"I've just done the first exercise, very interesting! 15 negatives about money and one positive. ONE! oops!"


On the £50 Note Exercise (which always gets a reaction when done in detail):
"I had in my head all we needed to do was to keep it under my pillow and look at it. When you said to spend it when we became too attached to it I immediately felt really panicked. OMG! I want to save as many £50 notes as possible, not spend them . . . "


"I'm in denial at the moment. Which I love, I can feel the tug inside of me. The voice that says, 'let go' to the other says 'no way!"


"You're cool Marilyn, I love your sense of humor - but not at the moment! grrrr!"


"wahoo! a crisp fifty pound note is sitting in my purse and it feels really good - I too felt slightly alarmed when I read I had to spend it when I felt the need to hold on to it."


On expanding the meaning of money and abundance:
"I am here in the (London Silver) vaults surrounded by an abundance of wealth, capturing that energy vibe and sending it out to you all."


One being part of the Money Breakthrough Programme:
"Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and bringing so many good people and vibes together! Lifechanger you are!"


"Thanks For the certainly is giving me food for thought.


On the Imagineering and Dream Play aspect:
"Dream....someone asked me to be his coach and I told him I couldn't because I was coaching someone else ...someone who wasn't paying...then I learned he negotiated a fee with someone else and I woke up out of my dreams with the image of me smacking myself on my 3rd eye saying "I'm so angry with myself"...I actually woke up with that imagery it slapped me out of my sleep. 
I realised that it didn't even occur to me to set a price on my service when he asked me and I automatically assumed he wasn't going to pay. The learning for me is that even when the money comes to me my instinct is to doubt that it was meant for me."

On Money Relationships: 

"So, I said I'd share with you my experience of the talk with money, as if it was our partner. Well, in short it was deeply profound. It was so clear and strong it felt like money had been waiting for this opportunity to have a talk with me  . . . . ."


" . . . . . . these exercises are seriously taking me to another place. ...and I love it . . . . ."


This was just from Week 1 of the eCoaching Programme, so I can barely begin to imagine what the rest next 3 weeks will bring.



The Science of Getting Rich Book

Although a separate Programme to the 28-Day Money Breakthrough Programme, it is designed to work in synergy with the whole concept of breaking through the blockages in mindset when it comes to money, based on the principles which formed the basis of the groundbreaking movie The Secret.

Each participant will receive a hardcover copy of The Science of Getting Rich (as above) and have a couple of weeks to acquaint themselves with and read the book.  We will then do a series of live Teleseminar/Webinar calls to discuss the key themes of each chapter and what you have been learning and discovering, dates and times to be agreed with the participants.

All calls will be recorded and an mp3 made available to all participants.  There will also be a series of e-mails to help reinforce the learning.

It will be structured in a similar way to my Magic & Gratitude Programme which you can view here:



As you will also see from the examples from some of my previous programmes, the online 28-Day Programmes have been successful for previous participants regardless of their background and experience.  I know that some of the success stories from my The Magic Programme and Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop might sound outlandish; Being handed £10,000 cheques, effortless new jobs abroad, finding the long awaited love of their life, being headhunted to headline top industry events, being sent money in the post to be able to take some much needed time off, and the list goes on. 

 Keith with his £10,000 cheque

I always design my Programmes to ensure maximum success, particularly for those that I am working with on a one-to-one basis, so I expect the fabulous and jaw dropping results to continue.



The Money Breakthrough Programme went live in January 2015.  You can now join at anytime and it will start automatically upon booking by using the payment options above.  

The Live Breakthrough Programme and Private Coaching Sessions with Marilyn Devonish are available by appointment.



The forerunner to this 28-Day online Programme was the Live Breakthrough Process where we systematically worked through a series of processes and stages on a one-to-one basis. 

I did a  Skype session with one of my Money Breakthrough clients.  When we first met last year they were borrowing money to help make ends meet.

They casually said during our Breakthrough Coaching Call: "I've opened 2 new accounts, and when these new contracts come in I'll be rolling in it."

How cool is that, and what a massive difference a few months of sorting out your mind set and emotional stuff can make.  


Having tested a number of options with the launch Programme this summer, what I have found to be the optimum approaches are outlined below:

OPTION 1 is my traditional Breakthrough Session, 6-Hours, back to back, no messing, all in one sitting, job done.

OPTION 2 is a series of 3 x 2-hour sessions.

OPTION 3 is a series of 6 x 1-hour sessions. 

Timings for the Sessions will be agreed on an individual basis.  Options 2 and 3 seemed to be preferable, allowing people time to process and incubate in between sessions. 



In a nutshell, the TranceFormation™ Money Programme is a 6-Part Process which includes the following: 

  1. Past Life Regression to uncover any old patterns, past lives, or genealogical 'stories'
  2. Time Line Therapy to clear old emotions, worries, and frustrations around money
  3. Access Consciousness to address current beliefs, judgements, and limitations
  4. Opening The Heart (OTH) session to release internal resistance 
  5. Future Life Progression to envision a different future and gather resources
  6. Energy Intention Creation Process to put new 'untainted' goals and outcomes into the future

Looking at the things that I do with clients on a more ad-hoc basis, this is designed as a step-by-step process for systematic and lasting transformation and change from the inside out.  

The beta test version also means that you get to test out everything whilst I do the final evaluation of what to included and what to leave out as I move forwards.



The 28-Day eCoaching Programme is also included free of charge in order to help cement the new beliefs and reinforce a different way of thinking and being with money. 

Like my Life TranceFormation™ Programme this Live Breakthrough Process is an alchemic mix of the best strategies that I have both learnt and developed for my clients over the past 14 years.  

I will also be combining ideas and strategies from the business world which has been a signature part of my life since completing my Business Degree and the 35 years in industry that have followed (I also suspect that several additional cool things will be added to the mix as we test and play!)

I have also thought of a couple of possible Bonus Sessions, so those taking part in this first round of the Programme can access those free of charge should I decide to include them.



Clients who have taken my regular programmes and Breakthrough Sessions have focused on and achieved greater incomes: "My revenue is up 300% since working with you Marilyn!"  

There are often also other lovely side effects: One client wanted to find their soul mate (I hope to be dusting off a few hats soon as there are some lovely hooks ups that have come to pass).  Others have wanted to up new areas and opportunities for their business (see the video of one of these amazing stories below).  Others have improved their health and well being, released negative thinking and the moods that have held them back, and created and started living the lives they have always dreamed of.  

For client testimonials you can visit:

The  Money Release & Attraction TranceFormation™ Programme is the first time that I've put everything together in such a  comprehensive way so I await with interest to see exactly how it will unfold for you.  



Basically because I am seeing the same patterns and struggled being experienced year in, year out.   

The TranceFormation™ Money Breakthrough Programme is my way of seeing what can be done to change this once and for all.

The 28-Day Programme is designed as Step 1 and is about helping to become aware of and break down, and release some of the old mindsets and limitations the often exist around money and start to create a new thought, feeling and relationship with it.

Step 2 is the Live Breakthrough version of the Programme where you examine what is really going on for you and start working on getting to the heart of the matter by systematically going through the processes that I find myself using most often when working with clients on issues around money.

Step 3 is the Millionaire Mentor Day with myself, Marilyn Devonish and my mentor Sukhi Wahiwala.  Sukhi is a self made multimillionaire having made his first million at the age of xxxx  You will find details about the Millionaire Mentor Programme here



I think I have pretty much covered the overall Programme and what is involved however if you do have any further questions or queries you can e-mail Marilyn Devonish at:  and put 'Money Generation TranceFormation Programme' in the subject line.



If you are not already too late to grab one of the Pre-Launch places and get started in the first round, just select the relevant option from the list above.  It's as simple as that!

You will then receive a Pre-Session Questionnaire which explores your beliefs about money and relationship with it.

Dates and session times will be agreed on an individual basis and can include some evening and weekend work. 



The access my FREE Resources page where you can download an mp3 recordings, videos, teleseminars, and workbooks go to:



This Programme does not guarantee financial results and in no way purports to offer financial advice.

Have questions about The TranceFormation™ Online Money Breakthrough Programme? Contact Trance Formations TM

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