The Sunday Meditation and Blessing Circle is back in Oakton, Va.

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This event takes place in a private home in Oakton, Va. If you need the address, please register. You only need to register once to come to any event.

The Blessing Circle takes place every Sunday from 5:00pm to 7pm.

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The Blessing Circle in Oakton

The Blessing Circle, also called Deeksha, is a weekly event to share miracles and insights, ask questions and receive answers, meditate and give and receive blessings.

The Blessing Circle is free and open to all without regard to religion or spiritual path.

The purpose of the Deeksha Circle is to create a community who share a desire to live consciously which is described as

"Acceptance is letting everything come.

Forgiveness is letting everything go.

Love is letting everything be.

Wisdom is letting all things arise, flourish and release naturally.

Awareness is restful attentiveness, letting everything happen."

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