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The Subtle POWER Program - Portland

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Portland, OR

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What is the Subtle POWER program?

Leadership is the ability to produce valuable results with and through people. The Subtle POWER program is a 3-day intensive for  leaders who want to produce performance breakthroughs without force or manipulation. It is a transformational training in effective communcation, creativity, and the power of integrity. Anyone whose success depends on the performance of the people they work with will benefit from gaining Subtle POWER.

Does the Subtle POWER program produce business value?

The program’s method has a twenty year track record of upgrading human performance in Fortune 100, middle market, and small cap companies across multiple verticals, cultures, and continents. Applying Subtle POWER tools produces measurable increases in core business results (ROIC, EBITDA ratio, etc.) of 1.2X to 5X for our clients worldwide. People typically experience a 3X increase in the time they have available to accomplish valuable tasks. Over 94% of past participants have said that the program was their most valuable learning experience ever and produced excellent business value.

How is the Subtle POWER program different?

Traditional seminars on communication and leadership describe the habits, best practices, and attitudes of successful leaders. Only reading and talking about those things doesn’t give you the ability to do them or to live them. Just as you can’t learn to play a musical instrument by watching others perform, you can’t become an effective, masterful leader by knowing and understanding alone. Leadership is an ability enabled by certain skills, attitudes, and perspectives. It happens in live action between people in real life situations. To increase your ability to lead, you need to practice.

The Subtle POWER program is grounded in reality - physical results and the observable facts of the human condition. The program’s method is based in experiential action learning rather than the more traditional information transfer model of education. You can’t do this program “sitting on the sidelines,” observing, and taking notes. The value you receive is proportional to the degree you participate and apply what you learn. You will work on immediately relevant business issues in open group discussions, small groups, one-on-one discussions, presentations, role-playing, and readings. There will be little lecture/presentation as such.

Because it is a skill development program, not an ideology, Subtle POWER works across all cultures, age groups, and genders.  The program’s effects are permanent. You will find the learning to be naturally integrated into your daily experience long after the training is complete. You may lose some competence if you don’t practice, but the abilities and skills will always be available to you.

In the Subtle POWER program, you will learn:

Your leadership readiness qualifications and your areas of growth and development
The 6 fundamental archetypes of human relationships
The 5 modes of intention that drive all human behavior
The 6 dimensions of human being and what “being integrated” really means
The 3 types of leadership roles and their fields of action
The 5 phase, universal, creative process for manifesting intentions in reality
The 3 fundamentals of leadership in any culture and how to actually live them
The 6 ways of leading groups from the front of the room
The 12 stages of life and how to evolve rapidly from one to the next
Your life’s purpose and core values, and how to fulfill them in your life

Practical tools of communication, mindfulness, and leadership:

How to neutralize your brain’s automatic disabling reactions
How to use language to shift the groups you lead into Execution Mode
How to transform your most persistent problems into tasks to be accomplished
How to discern your own and other’s real intentions in conversation
How to cause committed action and clear accountability in yourself and others
How to clearly specify and objectively measure a person’s performance
How to create instant rapport and relationship with people
How to turn complainers into responsible adults taking action in 5 minutes

Enabling you to:

Live true to your purpose and core values through leading others to greatness
Create a team culture of creativity, accountability, and integrity in actual practice
Lead more effectively by discerning the patterns of how the world really works
Become an indispensable resource for your people’s success


Duration: Three consecutive days

Schedule: 9:00 AM to completion (usually before 6:00 PM) - Catered fifteen-minute coffee breaks occur in the morning and afternoon of each day. Participants are on their own for the 1-hour lunch break at midday, unless arranged otherwise.

Attendance: Because of the reality-based, experiential nature of the program, you must attend all days, sessions, and parts of the program to participate. No meetings or phone calls may occur while the program is in session.


“Gabriel taught me the timeless secrets of business success. The skills and tools enabled me to create extraordinary results with my people in less time. I use the skills every day at work and at home. I highly recommend LUMENT.”

Mike Kawasaki, GM, Next Generation of Test, Agilent Technologies

“What would become possible for your business if your team stopped pretending and manipulating each other? What if they stopped unnecessarily sharing their points of view in wasteful meetings and presentations? What if they stopped arguing unproductively with their colleagues? I actually know what happens from my own experience: people stop generating drama, waste, and fear; they start producing valuable business results. The Leadership, Creativity, and Power framework makes that possibility a practical reality.… In addition to causing breakthrough results at Medley, the approach has helped my colleagues and me produce dramatic improvements in our personal lives as well.

Seth Taube, Director, Medley Capital

“Gabriel Sakakeeny and his colleagues proved to be expert guides through corporate transformation and remarkable coaches to those who are ready to embrace a quality of leadership and accountability that is of extreme value in today’s business environment. I’ve had the pleasure of participating more than once in workshops designed to deliver breakthrough results led by Gabe and his team. My team and I benefited deeply from the experience and, in subsequent years, people have remarked upon the language of accountability that has become part of my day-to-day vocabulary and existence as a result.”

Debbora Ahlgren, CMO, Rudolph Technologies Inc.

“Gabe was the master program leader for the program that I attended. The training I received enabled our group to perform at higher levels of productivity and to become more results oriented. Gabe and his team are masterful change agents. The program was exceptional in creating effective action in individuals and teams. Most programs are forgotten within a few days or weeks. LUMENT’s program was hands down the best ever at maintaining action and implementation over the long-term, and it GETS RESULTS.”

Mark Kithkart, Vice President, AVRS Inc.

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Portland, OR

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