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The SODO Flea Market

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2910 1st Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98134

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Thank you for your interest in vending at the SODO Flea. We're excited to host your creations, designs and vintage collections! Please read through the information, guidelines & FAQ's in full before reserving your spot and be sure to email us with any questions (

SODO Flea is a gathering place for the best of Seattle's local businesses, makers, curators of vintage, decor, furniture, apparel, accessories, and food to sell their wares and grow their businesses. The monthly event takes place on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 10am-4pm at Rejuvenation. The market is made up of four "sections":

Decor + Furniture: will mostly be located in Rejuvenation’s back lot and Occidental Ave will play host to (mostly) vintage homewares and decor. You’ll find re-furbishers, re-upholsterers, woodworkers, metalworkers, and some great mid-century furniture. Some of which, will be sprinkled in the front of store on 1st ave.

Apparel + Accessories: will also mostly be located in the back near of rejevenations and on Occidental Ave. Here, you will find everything from vintage and handmade clothing, to shoes and jewlery. These show stopping vintage pieces and new handmade digs will be coming to you from some truly rad local designers.

Makers: will be located in the front of the store along 1st ave. in the 5'8' spots and behind Rejuvenations and on occidental ave. We will feature locally made products including stationary, jewelry, housewares, planters, pillows, and more fun handmade items from Seattle's talented locals.

FOOD: food carts/trucks will be located behind Rejuvenations on Occidental ave and smaller food purvelyors will be in front of store on 1st Ave and in Back lot of Rejuvenations.


BOOTH COST 10' X 10' SPACE = $75 5' x 8' = $50 10' x 15' Space = $110 Food Truck Booth = $150

You may reserve 2 spots (and potentially more with approval)

1. Please review the market category description at the bottom of the page to learn more about which area of the market you should select.

2. Your purchase of a reservation confirms you for a 5' x 8', 10' x 10', or a 10'x15' space. You will need to provide your own tent and any display materials you may need.


What am I required to do as a vendor?

  • You must be an approved vendor with the registration code/or approval from the market manager.
  • You are required to provide your own pop up tent if you desire one. (*unless we have noted we are providing one.) You must have bagged or brick weights for your tent poles (fire marshal requirement). In addition you will supply all items used to display products (i.e. racks and tables).
  • Your booth must be fully set-up and open for the duration of the market, 10-4pm.
  • We ask that you promote the market on your social channels and stores for those who have them. Please invite relevant people in the greater Seattle area to our Facebook event page, which will be created one month before the market date.
  • Load in may begin 2.5 hours prior to event, we will update you if this changes.
  • You must have a city of Seattle and state of WA business license and provide a copy showing the number, business name, address, phone number, and email address to us. Email us this information to as soon as you sign up.
  • Please note, by signing up to be a vendor at the SODO Flea Market you are agreeing to be added to our email list. This list will not be shared and will only be used to send out a market newsletter. If you would like to be removed from the list please let us know and we will remove you immediately.

What can/can’t I vend at the event?

We are excited about what you shared with us when you submitted your application. We plan our layout around our conversations with vendors! Please let us know if you are thinking about changing up your inventory. We ask that you do not vend anything that does not fall within our market categories:

Decor + Furniture: Re-furbishers, re-upholsterers, woodworkers, metalworkers and mid-century furniture

Apparel + Accessories: Vintage / handmade clothing, shoes and jewelry

Makers: Stationary, jewelry, housewares, planters, pillows, and more handmade items

Collaborators + Showcase: Inside Rejuvenation’s store you can find a collection of top local designers who have inspired collaborations on exclusive product lines within the store. There is also a guest showcase featuring artisans and workshops dedicated to progressing creative businesses.

Absolutely no fire arms or ammunition allowed.

If you have further questions please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Am I vending inside or outside?

Our market is primarily “open air,” and we believe that tented booths provide the best shopping experience for customers. Please come prepared to set-up shop in the PNW weather. (If you're using a tent, we reccomend you weigh it down due to strong winds.)

What are my load-in & Parking options for the event?

We ask that you are ready for the market 30 min prior to start (9:30). We will have you enter the north end of Occidential Ave off Forest Street and depart the south end of Occidential Ave. This will keep everyone moving in the same direction. Load in will start 2.5 hours prior (7:30 AM) and we encourage you to come early. For parking during the event, it is always preferred that you coordinate with someone who can take your vehicle offsite for the day (drop off/ pick up system). If you need to park your vehicle for the day we ask that you keep a 2 block radius open around the venue so our patrons can easily find parking. We will be in touch with any updates on vendor parking options.

Will there be dressing rooms available for people to try on clothing?

We will try to have one dressing room set up in the main tent, but feel free to bring your own if you have the space.

Is there electricity for my booths?

Plan on not having access to electrical outlets. If you need to show a customer an electrical item works, there will be a designated outlet inside Rejuvenation for temporary use.


Once I’ve purchased a spot reservation, can I cancel for a partial or full refund? Or, can another vendor cover my spot if I need to cancel?

There are NO refunds for cancellations within one month of the event, for any reason. The market is rain or shine, there are no refunds due to weather or other acts of “God.”

Please contact us about finding a vendor to cover your space if it is more than a month out before the event, we will likely have a wait list. If within the month we will try and find someone to fill the spot and can get you in the next one if room is available.

Our commitment to your reservation:

Vendors who have paid for multiple months in advance will be notified of any change in the market dates/location at least 30 days prior to change. (Highly unlikely). If changes are in conflict with the vendor, the SODO Flea will refund booth fees for the market in conflict.


What about WiFi for my credit card purchases?

Please plan to use your own wireless hotspots or data for running credit cards. We will send updates immediately if this ever changes.

I don’t have a tent, can I have no canopy?

Yes, just remember we will not refund due to weather.

Will the market be open air in the fall/winter?

Yes, Similar to what the Fremont Sunday Market does we plan to be open all year around.

Will there be food? Music? Adult Beverages?

Our goal is to bring foot in starting spring.

When is registration for the next market?

Registration will be available a few days after the last market if space is avaliable

Registration is avaliable for each market though so to secure your best spot we encourage you to register in advance markets. Since we are going to be operating every 2nd Saturday we will allow vendors of the current month to have priority on open spots for the next month.

I’m a food, Music, Artist, or Beverage vendor. Where do I sign-up?

We would love to have you a part of the market. Please reach out to use at for more information.

Where can I send additional questions I have?

Please first read the FAQ’s above and if not answered reach out to us at

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2910 1st Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98134

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