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Nevsah is a respected global teacher dedicated to expanding human consciousness. She has impacted over 150,000 individuals through her workshops, lectures, trainings, worldwide. She is an expert in meditation, breathing and behavioural sciences with a 20 year track record. She is an author with 11 best selling books, the co-creator of The Silence Revolution Project, the founding president of Breath Coaching Federation and the vice president of The Graduate School of Behavioural Health Sciences. She is an expert on how humans behave and think and a gifted teacher on changing thinking and behavioural habits. She literally creates miracles in people’s lives.

The quality of our mind and self-awareness is the most essential aspect of sustaining wellbeing. This is based on the simple premise that without an integrated mind state, we are not able to accurately determine why we are not experiencing wellbeing. Furthermore, without our whole mind, we are not able to accurately determine what our needs are and respond to them effectively to restore our wellbeing. As meditators, it is so important that we have a deep understanding of the relationship between our mind, awareness, and the role they play in wellbeing.

Whether your are a beginner, advanced or even a teacher, this workshop is going to provide you with a deeper understanding of what wellbeing is and its relationship to the mind.

The objective of this workshop is to learn a new definition of wellbeing and come to better understand how wellbeing is generated through a process of self-awareness.

The greatest threat to our wellbeing is too much stress. Stress is often demonized as bad, however not all stress is bad. We are going to learn to distinguish the difference between healthy stress and unhealthy stress, how it impacts the mind and body, and how we use meditation to manage its impact on us.

We will learn a definition of meditation that is the most inclusive of all the different types of meditation techniques, which will help you achieve mastery and build confidence in continuing your daily meditations.

When you meditate daily;

-You will easily stay in the now,

-Be clear about the choices you make and the steps you take,

-Feel more relaxed, peaceful and free,

-Have more energy, youth and health,

-Become more connected with yourself and others,

-Be free from anxiety, fear, panic, worry.

-Sleep easier, deeper and feel more rested.

In this course we will cover;

-The Nature of The Mind

-Refinining well being

-The mechanics of Stress

-What is Meditation

-Benefits of Daily Meditation

-Vedic Meditation Technique

-How to use the being meditation method

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