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The Science of Motivation (Online Learning Series)

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A healthy organisation must continually change, shift, and improve. This requires a level of motivation that goes deeper than the reward carrots. Continuous improvement demands a motivation at a level of personal value and igniting that personal value that transcends raw data. Sharing stories engage the opportunities for real change that keeps organisations competitive. Change is an on-going process, not an event, and it's how we shape the learning experiences to sustain that on-going process.

Barriers to storytelling include misconceptions on what it actually is, fear of actually doing it, and being unfamiliar with the concept overall. In reality, stories change motivation and values as well as provide much more accurate recall of the information learned. This isn't just opinion; our brains are simply wired for experiencing transformation through stories rather than fact sharing.

It's not enough to transmit knowledge; we must inspire!

  • Session 1 - Storytelling for Behavioural Change

  • Session 2 - Turning Data into Purpose

  • Session 3 - Designing Stories: Knowledge Acquisition vs Engaging Change

  • Session 4 - Amplifying Energy with our Listening

Registration Process

Registering with us ensures you a space in our next offering; once we achieve a range of 6-10 registrants, we will directly coordinate the best 4 or 5 week block for everybody to attend.

NOTE: Please disregard the start date and time as stated by this invitation because we will transfer all registrants into a new event for the block of time collaboratively determined.

What you can Expect!

  • Maximum 10 participants

  • Collaborative environment

  • Experimentation to practice between the weekly 1-hour sessions

  • Applicable practices from each session

  • An ability to systemically practice integrating motivation!

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