The Power of Choice, Strength, & Credibility in the Financial Sector

The Power of Choice, Strength, & Credibility in the Financial Sector

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“Our mission is to leave NO family behind by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and a blueprint to a more secure financial future."

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If you are here reading this today, it's because you’re finally ready for a career in the Finance, Wealth Management, and Estate Planning industry and you’re wondering “How do I build my own agency successfully without going broke in the process?”


You’re an insurance agent who is tired of working for someone else’s brokerage and you want to learn how to build your own agency.

…if either of one those scenarios sound like you, then consider the following:

Learning how to build your financial consultant business on your own, while maintaining your current lifestyle, is very challenging. Most insurance agents don’t have the time or resources to build an agency that is profitable and self-sustaining. So having a mentor and a system that can teach you how to build an agency, even part time, is crucial to any entrepreneur looking to get ahead.

Did you know...?

  • 22% of Americans have less than $5K saved for retirement,
  • 15% have no retirement savings whatsoever, and
  • 58% of Americans said they would grade the adequacy of their retirement savings at a “C” or lower.

So, isn’t it time that you capitalized on your skills, knowledge, and the opportunity to help people create a better financial future by building an agency you can be proud of?

Come hang out with us, learn more about who we are and what we do. Come learn about how you can make your mark in the financial sector and create your own business.

Not only will you learn from what our top Financial Consultants are doing, but you will also learn:

  • How the Banks Really Work
  • The 3 Rules of Money
  • The Truth About 401Ks
  • About the PERCS we offer
  • How to set up your own pension

Go ahead... make the decision to join us. Come find out if we're a good fit for each other!*

We Look Forward to Seeing You Online!!

“To obtain financial freedom, one must be either be a business owner, an investor, or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis. — Unknown

|| Professional attire is the dress code. Please have your laptop cameras on, if at all possible - We'd love to meet you! ||


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Mandel R. Robinson Jr.

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