The Power of C² - July 26-29, 2018 (Part 1) & January 17-20, 2019 (Part 2)

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Many hang-ups and problems in life start in the mind and are due to incomplete communication of self to others. The mind tends to be one of the biggest obstacles in a person’s life and is reflected in unfulfilled relating, poor communication of one’s needs and thoughts as well as confusion around life’s challenges.

Helping others get through the obstacles of their mind can be one of the most fulfilling work an individual can do.

In The Power of C² - Fundamentals, trainees will gain one of the best trainings they can find in the areas of communication, the essence of real relating, the inner works of the mind and the nature of the true individual. It is a fundamental training for life and fulfilment that is worth taking even if you are not intending to engage in helping others in a professional capacity as the skills are translatable for use at work and in your personal life.


1. What is The Power of C2 certification about?

“The Power of C² (Communication & Clearing) – Fundamentals” is a foundational training to help trainees begin to learn about the workings of the mind, gain skills at basic problem clearing and learn how to communicate more effectively. It is a training that provides proven methods that work and trainees will be personally guided in their growth and practice outside of this training.

The Fundamental level of the training comes in 2 parts with 75 hours of in-class instruction and a practicum between each part. The extensive practicum is designed to help trainees apply their skills learnt and gain valuable experience in working with clients outside of the training and give them time to absorb the theories learnt during the training.

Individuals who only want to attend the first part of the training may do so at 75% of the full course fee. However, it is highly recommended that all trainees complete the entire Fundamental level training so as to maximise their learning as well as attaining a practical toolbox to serve themselves and their clients.

The Fundamental level of training (Parts 1 & 2) is a pre-requisite for “The Power of – Intermediate”and “The Power of – Advanced” trainings.

2. Benefits of attending this training

- Learn to help yourself and others in getting through the obstacles of the mind

- Learn to forward stuck life, personal and work projects

- Increase ability in being responsible in work and life

- Acquire new skills in relating and communication that can be used at work, life and play

- Develop your capacity to relate to others

- Develop your ability to communicate with authenticity, rapport and clarity

- Learn to see beyond your own and others' neuroses and patterns

- Enhance your relationships, business and fulfilment in life

3. Who should attend the training?

- Individuals who want to explore a rewarding career in a helping capacity

- Individuals who want to grow their own capacity to relate and communicate with others

- Individuals who want to learn practical skills that they can apply to their work, career and relationships.

- Coaches, therapists, counsellors and other such helping professionals who would like additional tools to help their clients and enhance their practice

4. What you will learn at the training?

- The fundamentals of Mind Clearing

- Understanding & managing communication cycles

- Communication and relating principles and techniques

- Tools that help individuals get clear about current life problems

- Tools to help self and others move forward in a stuck life project

- Setting clients and self up for success

- Understanding good client care

- Basics of clearing guilt and withholds

- Basics of relationship clearing

5. What does the training include?

- 75 hours of Classroom instruction

- A structured practicum between the classroom instructions

- Structured checklist of requirements for trainees to complete their training

- Personalised and regular consultation with the instructor on the practicum

- Conference calls between classroom trainings to augment learning

- Course materials for the training

- Certificate upon completion of course requirements

6. What is the investment for the training?

The regular tuition for this programme is S$3,888. We are offering a special introductory rate of S$2,688 per person. This rate covers both parts of the training and is only valid for the July 2018 (Part 1) and January 2019 (Part 2) trainings. Payment plans are available upon request and application.

The course fees cover both parts of The Power of – Fundamentals classroom trainings, the consultation during the practicum and conference calls between the classroom trainings. It does not include food, accommodation and transportation costs related to the trainings.

Join us today! We look forward to you joining us at The Power of – Fundamentals Training and beginning or enhancing your journey in helping others and self lead better lives. Regardless of your level of training or expertise, The Power of – Fundamentals will add great value to the tools you currently have. Contact us today to register! Limited seats available to keep group tight for learning purposes.

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