The PF North West Annual Conference 2021, postponed until 6th February 2022

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17 JULY 2021- PFNW Annual Conference, open to all, 30 years of much loved Pagan summer gatherings, for the first time on line.

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Having missed our popular event in 2020 we are putting on an online conference in 2021 due to requests, and look forward to you joining in our fascinating range of talks and experiences from the comfort of your own home.

You need to download a free Zoom account to access the event, and will get the link on buying a ticket.Please check on the day for exact speakers' timings in case they change due to unforseen circumstnces.

See you soon!


Compere - Kevin Rowan Drewitt

Doors open 10.00 Kathy Rowan The Palaeolithic Venus of Hohle fels figurine

Kathy is a Professional Astrologer. She is also an experienced Witch, Magician, Teacher and Magical Artist who has recently graduated from Blackpool School of Art with a Degree in Fine Art. Her talk today focuses on the research she has done into the discovery, meaning and secrets of the oldest known example of figurative art - a tiny Paleolithic Goddess figurine created over 35,000 years ago, commonly known as the 'Venus of Hohle Fels'. Rufus Harrington Hermetic Magic

Rufus is a consultant cognitive behavioural therapist who has been involved in magic since he was a teenager. He learnt the Hermetic magical system of Madeleine Montalban in an Alexandrian coven, and has built on it over the years into his own system, which he combines withcontemporary psychology, and teaches in his Hermetic Magic Academy. Today he explains the systems and demonstrates the meditative technique.

12.00 Kevin Rowan-Drewitt Astrology of the Runes

Kevin is a Gardnerian witch, Tarot and Runes reader, Reiki Master and secretary of the Blackpool-based Northern Lights Astrological Society. A qualified adult education teacher, he has written 3 books on the stone circles of Cumbria and his latest book is The Astrology of the Runes. Kevin offers various astrological services such as birth chart interpretations and solar return readings as well as rune readings via phone, email, Skype or messenger or in person at his home in Blackpool. For details of any of these services please contact Kevin via email at Dr. Robert Anderson Plimer The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley

Dr. Robert Anderson Plimer brought up as a Familist and Rosicrucian, he holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in Classics and Philosophy. Bob is a lecturer and author of over 10 books on esoteric subjects. He is a practicing alchemist, magician and Typhonian. His main areas of research include: Magick, Alchemy, Hermeticism, Iconography, Hieroglyphics, Greek and Latin texts. He also runs the Phoenix Club - a monthly esoteric group at the Courtyard on the Isle of Wight. Bob also writes and produces esoteric lectures for Courtyard Alchemy and Black Lodge Publishing. At present, Bob is completing the final volume of his Typhonian trilogy based on original Egyptian sources which demonstrate the magical praxis of skrying. Books are available from:

In this short talk, Bob will be revisiting his book The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley Theatrum Astronomia Terrestris (available direct from Black Lodge Publishing), and in which he argues that Kelley’s primary concern was in that of Alchemy which related to a particular methodology involving the transformation of the 7 metals and the use of a particular materia prima. Bob will briefly explain some of the secrets behind Kelley’s alchemical process. Dee, on the other hand, had originally employed Talbot (Kelley) as a ‘skryer’, and where Dee’s own praxeis were not particularly concerned with physical alchemy, but on the contrary, they were based on the investigation of certain key magical and mystical insights into the corporeal structure of the Kosmos along with certain energeia or things that lie hidden until they can be magically activated and questioned. It would be through contacts provided by Von Rosenberg and in particular that of certain alchemical secrets that would bring both Dee and Kelley along with their families to Emperor Rudolph’s court in Bohemia and where things Linda Sever A drumming journey

Linda is well known in the Northwest as a lecturer, film producer, author and respected Heathen who has run many events for the community, and within academia. Her book on Lancashire's Sacred Landscape is much loved for its location of sites of ritual and early worship, as well as tales of fairies and ‘otherworldly’ creatures within the folklore and legend are spread throughout the county. We are privileged today to be taken on a drum journey by Linda. Melissa Harrington Discovering Hecate

Melissa is an Alexandrian Gardnerian Wiccan High Priestess, with many years’ experience in ceremonial magic and the academic research of Paganism, and a long-term member of the Pagan Federation Council. Today she talks of her personal experience of working with the Great Goddess Hecate, including sharing her own ritual texts. Carrie Kirkpatrick Hecate Rising

Carrie is a film producer and director who has worked for the BBC and many independent TV channels, with her own television company. She an author and highly respected Priestess who teaches Goddess empowerment through transformation and connecting to the Goddess. This film features a legendary London working group in Highgate Woods and discusses Pagan ritual performance. Lyn Baylis The Pagan Seminary

Lyn Baylis has been a Priestess for 45 years, first initiated into Traditional Craft in 1977 and then into Gardnarian Wicca in 1983. She believes that her Craft has made her who she is, stating that “ it is a way of living, not some antiquated set of guideline, but a vibrant and continually encompassing belief which allows one to grow in harmony with the natural order of things.”

She has been the Senior Lecturer on the LifeRites Foundation Course and a LifeRites Minister for over 20 years. A Prison Chaplain, Hospital and Hospice Chaplain, End of Life Transition Guide, and A Natural Death Educator who achieved third place in The National Good Funeral Awards for “Most significant contribution to the understanding of death” losing to: The Catholic Church and Rothchilds.

Over the years she has held senior roles in a number of Pagan Organisations and spoken about subjects as diverse as Rites of Passage for LBGTI+ Community and Home Funerals, and understanding Mental Health.

She has always been an advocate for diversity, actively promoting inclusion through talks at Pagan and Multi Spiritual Conferences across the country. As Chair of the Pagan Seminary she is committed to ensuring that all our Chaplains enjoy parity of esteem with other mainstream Chaplains and other Spiritual Leaders. That they can also receive the help and support that is so vital for them to continue to provide spiritual and pastoral care and counselling in all institutions where vulnerable people may find themselves.

In her spare time she writes about and makes country wines and is the author of Country Wines for Seasonal Festivals. Pete Jennings The Wild Hunt

Pete Jennings is one of Britain’s most popular and respected Heathen authors, as well as a former president of the Pagan Federation. Todaywe will hear his fascinating talk on the Wild Hunt, full of masses of information, and his own wonderful anecdotes.

The Pagan Federation Northwest

The Pagan Federation was founded in 1971. It is run entirely by volunteers. It provides services for Pagans in the UK and abroad, providing information about Paganism to the public and all interested bodies, educating the public about Pagan beliefs and traditions, providing access to Pagan celebrations, and providing pastoral care for Pagans in the community including those in hospitals and prisons. The Pagan Federation publishes a quarterly magazine, Pagan Dawn, that features articles, reviews, and research on both modern and historic Paganism. This annual conference covers costs to provide a convivial gathering of Northwest Pagans to meet, learn, share, shop, dance, sing and celebrate; the online one is low key this year, but we hope to have more time and experience to grow it over the years to become an annual event to complement the live meeting. The PF and wider Northwest community can be found on Facebook

Cover photograph copyright Suzanne Read.

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Organiser of The PF North West Annual Conference 2021, postponed until 6th February 2022

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