The Pagan Federation North West Annual Conference 2020

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Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club

Lightfoot Green Lane



United Kingdom

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POSTPONED UNTIL 17 JULY 2021- PFNW Annual Conference, open to all, 30 years of much loved Pagan summer gatherings in this venue.

About this event

Pagan Federation North West Conference 2020, postponed until 2021.

The annual Pagan Federation North West conference, which succeeding the annual Shared Earth Pagan Con in 2019 . The Pagan Federation North West are delighted to continue this tradition while honouring the long-term dedication of Shared Earth, and their well-loved event formula. We will meet in Grasshoppers with its bar, outside areas, parking, food, drinks and convivial spaces, with stalls selling all manner of Pagan products. Please join us for this special summer gathering. Early bird tickets £17 PF members, £20 non members, £20 and £25 on the door. Free child and carer places. Speakers may change due to unforseen circumstances.

Corona note - This event has been rescheduled from 18th July 2020 to 17th July 2021, due to the spread of COVID-19 . Hopefully we will see you all then for a happy healthy conference.

Key Note Speakers

Pete Jennings - Viking Warrior Cults.

Pete Jennings is one of Britian's most popular and respected Heathen authors, as well as a former president of the Pagan Federation. Today he will present his latest research on Viking warrior cults.

Philip Heselton & Moira Hodgkinson - Operation Cone of Power, how Witches repelled Hitler.

Philip Heselton is one of the foremost historians of Wicca, applying a forensic expertise to its early days that has dispelled myths, and uncovered important information about who, how and when the religion synthesized.

Moira Hodgkinson has been a practicing witch for thirty years, developing her spiritual and magical path through years of solitary and group work, building up the techniques and practices she now teaches. She was an eclectic witch for many years, and now belongs to a Wiccan coven.

Also featuring confirmed speakers so far

Jo Anderson - Defence Against the Dark Arts - Psychic Self Defence and how to Stay Safe on your Spiritual Journey.

Jo Anderson trained as a mental health nurse before going to university as a mature student. She recently completed a research M.A. in Early Buddhist philosophy and has worked for the last 15 years in social care for the elderly with dementia and challenging behaviour. Jo was initiated into an Alexandrian/Gardnerian coven in Blackpool in 1991 and has run a coven for over 20 years.

Waspie Jo Fitzpatrick - Ask A Librarian and Chill! Supporting the information literacy of contemporary Pagans

Contemporary Pagans and occultists often ‘stress’ over the authenticity and quality of information sources, particularly as the volume of information available is ever increasing. Waspie presents her model of Pagan information behaviour, which tackles issues such as maintaining the witch’s secret while remaining visible, the role of discovering information ‘accidentally’ in meaningful ways and other concepts that emerged from her masters thesis research in this area. The talk focuses on how practising Pagans and occultists can improve how they use common information sources, such as books and websites, so you can concentrate less on assessing quality and more on your religious practice.

Tim Stimson - The Realm of Faerie, in Art and Culture.

Celebrated artist and art expert Tim once lived in the Findhorn community in Scotland, working with Nature in harmony with elemental spirits. A respected Wiccan High Priest he also practices the Northern Tradition, and his own personal way of connecting to the Nature Spirits. Today he talks of the the realm of Faerie in Art and Culture, with some of his personal experience as well, including how dark, dangerous and sexual faeries can be.

Linda Sever

Linda is well known in the North West as a lecturer, film producer, author and Heathen who has run many events for the community and within academia. Her booked on Lancashire's sacred Landscape is much loved for its location of sites of ritual and early worship, as well as tales of fairies and ‘otherworldly’ creatures within the folklore and legend are spread throughout the county.

Confirmed Workshops

Debby Wadsworth - Poppets in theory and practice.

Debby is a third degree priestess initiated in 1984 who has been running covens for well over 30 years. Her latest coven is here in Lancashire which is still going. It is a combination of Alexandrian and Gardnerian Wicca, combining both sets of ritual and spirituality. She also teaches and runs rituals in Kaballah, and leads people to self exploration of their spiritual nature. She finds Kaballah and Wicca mesh quite easily and give depth to ritual. But it is the Craft side that many are interested in and so she presents today a method of making a poppet which is easy to do, and can have a myriad of uses. This is not the wax type which takes time and facilities to make, but rather a woollen one which can be thrown into a fire at the end of a ritual.

Kathy Rowan - Making a Pentacle

Is a Witch, Magician, Professional Astrologer, Reiki Master and a qualified teacher of adults. She used to be a burlesque performer and is currently doing a Fine Art Degree at Blackpool University Centre. She loves to teach and has been teaching for over twenty years.

This workshop is suitable for everyone and will give you the opportunity to take home something special that you have made at the end of the Conference. The energy and intention that you will put into your creation is a magical act, so we shall begin the workshop with a brief pathworking to invite the Lord and Lady to inspire us and guide our work.

Kimberley Morgan - Making Magic

Kimberley Morgan is a ritual magickan, and a High Priestess of both Gardnerian Wicca and an honorary Priestess for the Gwyddon tradition (a branch of traditional Welsh Witchcraft), and High Priestess of an open Pagan Magickal Group Cylch Arianrhod – The Circle of Arianrhod, a well respected Magickal order based in Wales. She is a publisher author and has given interviews on local and national TV and radio. If you would like to know more about Kimberley, you can contact her at or visit her on facebook, she would love to hear from you

Compere - Kevin Rowan-Drewitt

Kevin compered PaganCon for 10 years and we are delighted he is now compering this new event for the PFNW. Kevin is a Gardnerian witch, Tarot and Runes reader, Reiki Master and secretary of the Blackpool-based Northern Lights Astrological Society. A qualified adult education teacher, he has written 2 books on the stone circles of Cumbria that will be on sale on the day.

Evening Concert by Cernunnos Rising

Cernunnos Rising is the band headed by George Nicholas. George's career has been varied over the years. George was a Guinness world record holder for the world’s longest mural. He created the children’s toy concept “The Werebears” and created the cheeky Liverpool Scouse Mouse character and produced the syndicated cartoon strip, fun books and comics.

George founded the Art For Their Sake charity, that greatly improves environments for the sick, disabled, disadvantaged, and terminally ill. He supports the “Tree Bee Society C.I.C” housing many colonies of rescued bees on his land. He is also trying to establish a means of feeding the homeless by way of setting up street kitchens in the Merseyside area.

George has always been drawn to the magic and mystical elements of nature, and intuitively was fascinated by the interconnection and balance of all things therein. This has been the deep inspiration behind his poetry and songwriting, leading to his very own unique sound and style that reminds us of our own hunger to be connected fully with the sacredness of life and that we live in a great story that is taking us on an ever-unfolding journey.

The Pagan Federation North West

The Pagan Federation was founded in 1971. It is run entirely by volunteers. It provides services for Pagans in the UK and abroad, providing information about Paganism to the public and all interested bodies, educating the public about Pagan beliefs and traditions, providing access to Pagan celebrations, and providing pastoral care for Pagans in the community including those in hospitals and prisons. The Pagan Federation publishes a quarterly magazine, Pagan Dawn, that features articles, reviews, and research on both modern and historic Paganism. This conference covers costs to provide a convivial gathering of North West Pagans to meet, learn, share, shop, dance, sing and celebrate; The PF and wider North West community can be found on facebook

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Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club

Lightfoot Green Lane



United Kingdom

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