The Next Call:  Spiritual Counseling - Part 2
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The Next Call:  Spiritual Counseling - Part 2

The Next Call: Spiritual Counseling - Part 2

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1550 East 78th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55423

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The Next Call: Spiritual Counseling (Part 2)

Date: Dec 12

Place: Adler Graduate School

Time: 8:30am to 4pm (6.5 class hours)

Pre-Approved for Board of Social Work (BOSW) 6.5 CEUs


Given the current Medical Model of therapy, this is talked about as a “new” spirituality approach in counseling and therapy. Ironically, Spiritual concerns and counseling started with the Neanderthals, 70,000 – 100,000 years ago. Recent studies on the “spiritual brain” (Andrew Newberg) demonstrate just how old and pervasive the spiritual phenomenon is. This course is the equivalent of a one credit course. It includes 5 x 3 hour sessions to begin equipping therapists and counselors to do this compelling work.


While the work is grounded in Neuro History and the function of the “spiritual brain”, it also touches on spiritual dynamics and structures. Using input, exercises, readings, interactions, dialogue and demonstrations, the participants will use a “religious freedom” ethic to begin to integrate spirituality into their practice of counseling and therapy.


By the time participants leave this workshop they will be able to:
1. Review casework and structure for Spiritual Counseling work.
2. Outline and sketch a Schema of innate and spiritual elements.
3. Convert the SCHEMA into assessments and interventions for Spiritual Counseling
4. Throughout apply learning to aspects of casework

Course Outline:
8:30---Review of Session # 1
9:15---Review of casework and structure---with specific application to spirituality.
10:00--Input on INNATES and Spiritual Elements---and---integration within a SCHEMA.
12:45--Conversion of SCHEMA into assessments and interventions
1:45----Application with exercises and demonstration
3:15----Summary of the two Sessions learning and colleague closure


Personal Bio

Spirituality makes learners of us all. John M. Reardon who will lead this process, is first and foremost a very active learner. In the formal learning area, he brings a Major in Theology (St. Catherine’s College – St. Paul), a Masters Degree in Reformation History (University of Minnesota), and a Masters Degree in Adlerian Counseling Psychology (Adler Institute – Chicago) to this experience.


Informally, he brings his Celtic, Irish heritage, and lifelong Catholic spiritual practice to this exploration. He has taught Comparative Religion, functioned as a Youth Minister, Director of Religious Education, and as a pastoral minister.


Since November 1, 1984, he has conducted therapy with individuals, couples, and families; as well as consulting with all the major American institutions on matters of conflict resolution, leader development, high performance teaming, quality work process, and strategic planning.


Given all the above, Spirituality has remained the core and source of the greatest learning. John is honored to share this learning experience with you.

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Date and Time

CEU Partners

1550 East 78th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55423

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