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Realty One Group American

42820 Albrae Street

Fremont, CA 94538

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Refund Policy

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Define, Establish Your Authority And Dominate Your Real Estate Market…One Neighborhood At A Time.

Master the Art of Becoming The Realtor® Of Choice.

Realtors® have been around for a little over a century and today the real estate market is hotter than ever.

Just like you would only want a specialist to work on your exotic car or a highly qualified surgeon to work on you, buyer and sellers are becoming very selective about who they want to work with on what may be their biggest investment in the foreseeable future. They can’t afford to take a chance on a newbie in a low inventory and multiple offer environment.

Whether they say it or not, they all want an expert:

  • someone who knows the area
  • is trust worthy
  • knows the market
  • knows the agents and works wells with them
  • understands the nuances of the business
  • has a list of buyers if they are a seller
  • has a list of sellers if they are a buyer
  • and most importantly someone who is the dominant player in their neighborhood and can get the job done.

Like it works in any other business, if you are perceived as a specialist, you too can influence buyers and sellers to be magnetically attracted to you and work exclusively with you – all this translates to some serious profits!

The marketing secrets shared at Neighborhood Expert Event will show you how to dominate your market area building by building, so, whether you are a new to the industry, have recently moved to the area, have no database, no local family and friends, have an unlimited budget or very limited money for marketing…you can become the Agent of Choice to your target market by becoming the Neighborhood Expert…all within 90 days.

But first you must define the target market…a step that most agents with mediocre incomes skip. Even before you start prospecting, you must clearly define the criteria and the audience you want to work with.

Most will either dump a bunch of flyers around a undefined area, mail postcards erratically, post random unrelated social media articles, invest in bench ads, billboards, radio or send out unsolicited emails to people they hope to convert which typically results in recipients calling their mailers junk mail or hitting the unsubscribe button.

In order to be effective with your limited time and budget and get rewarded extremely well for your services, you must work with highly motivated and qualified individuals that are ready to work with you today.

Remember if garbage goes into the database only garbage comes out of the database.

The idea of “put everyone in your phone book into your database, spam everyone announcing that you are now in the real estate business and the world will beat a path to your door” sounds great in theory but is fairly impractical. This is for a variety of reasons:

  • You don’t want to work with the people you already know
  • People that know you, don’t trust your ability as a Realtor® just yet
  • People know you and would want to do business with you but they are not looking for a place to buy or sell right this minute.

All this makes a strong case that you should only be looking to work with highly motivated people that are predisposed to doing business with you in the immediate future.

The Neighborhood Expert Workshop will show you how to refine your criteria and reach your defined audience so you can build a database full of highly motivated prospects and keep out the time draining vampires.

Once you have carefully and clearly defined the criteria for your target market and audience, can you start prospecting productively.

Once a prsopect has the privielege of making it into your database based on your criteria, you must intend to turn each and every one of them into a client. These are carefully selected gems that are highly motivated and qualified and worthy of your time and follow up.

They won't even consider working with another agent. Based on the audience and target market you define, I will show you precisely how to do just that over the course of two hours.

This seminar turns prospecting on its head and will transform your approach to lead generation and prospecting.

By utilizing the valuable techniques presented within, your authority, market knowledge and most importantly, profits, will skyrocket.

At this two hour event, you’ll discover how to:

  • Quickly identify neighborhoods, their names and boundaries so that you understand the areas and dynamics at play.
  • Identify the fastest moving neighborhoods and pick 1 neighborhood to work on so that you can focus your energy only on areas that give you the highest odds of success.
  • Define the prospect criteria for your database based on the fastest moving neighborhoods so you control what comes in and only bring in highly motivated, “ready to do business now” prospects…not looky-loos who may or may not become motivated.
  • Pick the best marketing techniques and strategies based on your database criteria and the target demographic so that you get results…fast!
  • Master the “Top Four Success Factors” of prosperous area specialists
  • Make big money by becoming the neighborhood expert

You will leave the workshop armed with an execution plan to turn yourself into the Neighborhood Expert. We will customize this to work with your goals and make it happen.

Turn a directionless business into a predictable moneymaking machine…GUARANTEED

I don’t sell anything without a guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the course and the content that you have received, let the staff know and I will gladly refund your money.

Invest in The Neighborhood Expert Seminar. Attend the 2 hour event, establish a well-defined, reachable target market, swipe and deploy the provided marketing materials for your business.

If you’re not absolutely overwhelmed with the neighborhood expert building and marketing strategies I’m arming you with in this bootcamp, then no worries. Just let us know and we’ll gladly refund your money.

No hassles and no hard feelings. We won’t “blacklist” you or send a hit man to your home.

Think about it: clarity your entire business, including your target market and audience is being setup for you in two hours! These things take people months if not years to figure out. Don’t be the agent who took the test, got their license and did nothing with it. Be the one who discovered the short cuts in this seminar that resulted in a HUGE profit-windfall in your business.

Are You Ready For A Life With More Wealth, Prosperity And Abundance?

Attendance is limited, so if you know there is a certain neighborhood that you want to be the dominant force and expert in, don’t put off registering or another agent may end up with your desired territory.


Scott Tayeb


The bottom line is: THIS IS a valuable, useful information filled, practical Seminar in and of itself. And I CAN guarantee you this…NOT ATTENDING this event virtually guarantees that you will face the same stress of erratic marketing, dealing with unmotivated buyers and sellers who want a piece of your commission or don't see the value you bring to the table and an unpredictable business tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

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Date and Time


Realty One Group American

42820 Albrae Street

Fremont, CA 94538

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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